Blue staining - why there is none

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Re: Blue staining - why there is none

Postby Hannover » 9 years 3 months ago (Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:00 pm)

It would logically follow that the AHGC were equipped with an extremely efficient ventilation system to prevent anyone in their vicinity from being poisoned or killed.

Funny, that one. Just one of the many Achilles heals of the retarded claims about German homicidal gas chambers. Any ventilation system would necessarily wipe out anyone in the vicinity.

Not to mention the claim that the cyanide in granular form, Zyklon-B, was lowered into the "gas chambers" and then pulled back out after just a few minutes. A simple inquiry into the properties of the pesticide, Zyklon-B, will quickly reveal that the cyanide took many hours to completely leave the carrier material in the Zyklon-B formula. This would also be a source of death for anyone in the area.

And how many Jews in the claimed next batch, who are said to have been waiting immediately outside the "gas chamber", would be fooled into thinking they were about to get showers (which is what the absurd story states) while they watched SS men lowering activated cyanide from the Zyklon-B into the "gas chambers". The alleged Jews would either be dead before their 'shower', which all the other inmates could observe, or the Jews would run in absolute panic, hence the alleged trickery is foiled.

Then there was a single 4 ft. X 9 ft. hand drawn elevator which was supposedly capable of lifting up to 2000 Jews to the cremation ovens above within a few minutes before the next batch of Jews were let in for 'showers'. On & on.

What an ridiculous story Jewish supremacists have created and are now unable to defend when pressed. So what do they resort to? They insist upon imprisoning people for Thought Crimes.

Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurdity of the 'holocaust' storyline is the message.

This is just too easy.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Blue staining - why there is none

Postby Hektor » 9 years 2 months ago (Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:33 am)

greyswindir wrote:It seems like AHUGECAT has disappeared. I wonder why?

Because nothing what you guys are saying has ANYTHING to do with what I am saying. Hannover for example posted 3 articles that had nothing absolutely NOTHING to do with what I claim.

That is simply not true. But perhaps we are missing a specific point you are trying to make that may have gotten neglected. Just describe the claim you made in short and it can be discussed.

Ray Barren wrote:
astro3 wrote:No-one should accept ‘AHUGECAT’’s argument (which he gets from Richard Green) that 300 ppm HCN gas is adequate for swift, lethal gassing: Fred Leuchter pointed out that the US cyanide gas chambers required 10,000 ppm of HCN to be assuredly lethal.

This is a distortion of Dr. Green's work. Scientific literature (such as reports from DuPont) does declare that 300ppmv is quickly lethal to humans. Dr. Green does not say though that 300 ppmv was used in the gas chambers....
And astro3 didn't say that Green did say so. While Green may not say so straightforwardly, Ahugecat speculates that the 300ppm figure would be sufficient.
Then you have the fact that you only need 300 PPM of cyanide to actually kill people, compared to 72,000 to kill lice in a room. 300 PPM would be enough because the concentration is a fraction of the air that is cyanide gas, and the physical quantity of cyanide needed to reach 300 PPM depends upon the quantity of air, but the concentration is not affected.

And that's where the Holocaustians make a category mistake in their line of argument. The 300ppm DuPont figure isn't an instruction for killing people, which they verified through experiments (If I am wrong, please show me). That figure is meant to orientate people in terms of health and safety that need to take precautions. Any figure used in an instruction to kill would be many times such a figure to achieve overkill.

Other problems would be the release of gaseous HCN from the Zyklon B and it's distribution in the facility. All issues Holocaustians like to ignore.

Ray Barren wrote:Rudolf also bases his entire argument on no introduction holes being used for the gas chambers in Kremas II and III. ....

Not true either. While that is part of the arguments, there are many others as well and this gives as a more or less clear picture. As for the Holocaustians, I haven't seen them coming up with anything convincing in the line of such introduction holes to exist, just excuses, why they can't be found today(i.e. van Pelt).

A point I find not sufficiently discussed is the alleged presence of Cyanide compounds in the morgues and the subsequent claim of absence for living quarters that are said to be fumigated. If I recall it correctly for the morgues this were tiny amounts I found dubious to be really measurable. And it's also not clear what the samples in the allegedly fumigated living quarters did consist of. One may want to take a closer look at the Cracow Report regarding this.
Actually I deem it likely that the morgues were sporadically fumigated, since they were used to store victims of typhus in them that still could have carried lice or their eggs.

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