'holocaust' poster museum torched, but by whom?

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'holocaust' poster museum torched, but by whom?

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Nov 21, 2003 9:06 pm)

First, read the story about the event as told from a typical judeo-supremacist position, complete with absurd assertions about the so called 'holocaust' which Revisionist have thoroughly debunked.

Then read the follow-up as the story is put under a magnifying glass.

Comments invited.

- Hannover

Arson destroys Indiana Holocaust museum
By Joanne Laurier
20 November 2003

A museum dedicated to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust in Terre Haute, Indiana, was set on fire and its contents destroyed Tuesday. The Candles Museum was torched after a wall of the building was spray-painted with an homage to Timothy McVeigh, the right-wing terrorist who was convicted in 1995 for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. McVeigh was executed at the federal prison near Terre Haute in 2001. The fire caused an estimated $15,000 in damage.

Founded in 1995 by Holocaust survivors Eva and Michael Kor, the museum derives its name, Candles, from an acronym: Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Experiments Survivors. Eva Kor, orphaned at Auschwitz, was one of 180 children rescued from the concentration camp at the end of World War II. During her incarceration Eva and her twin sister Miriam were the subjects of barbaric experimentation by the notorious Nazi, Dr. Joseph Mengele, who particularly valued twin children as his guinea pigs.

Currently Kor is the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit brought against the giant German pharmaceutical company Bayer in federal court in Terre Haute. Kor is claiming that Bayer, assisted by Mengele and the Nazis, injected inmates with toxic chemicals and germs in order to test the company’s experimental drugs.

A WSWS reporter spoke with Mary Wright, the museum’s education director:

At this point, the fire has been designated as an arson. Someone wrote
‘Remember Timmy McVeigh’ on the outside wall. As a teacher, I find this very peculiar, because he has always been referred to in the media as ‘Timothy.’ It was as if the arsonist or arsonists personally knew him. A brick was thrown through the front door followed by a fire accelerant that was very hot. In less than 10 minutes from the first call received by the fire department at 12:02 a.m., there were 10-foot-high flames shooting up through the ceiling. The fire was hot enough to melt the millions of pennies that kids had collected to benefit the museum. There were 11 jars of pennies to symbolize the 11 million victims of the Holocaust.

We lost everything. We did not have a lot of artifacts, but we had pictures and posters. We called our exhibition ‘History on the Walls’ because there were posters, pictures and maps to present the history of the Holocaust to students.

In the eight-and-a-half years that we’ve been here, there has never been an obscene phone call or a threatening letter. We see and speak to 5,000 to 8,000 people a year. Last year 2,300 students came to the museum between January and May students from all over Indiana and Illinois. It is a unique museum because when you come you always speak to a Holocaust survivor.

The KKK started in Indiana and the organization’s first president was from Indiana. This area has always had trouble with diversity, but it was not rampant and the museum never had problems.

We are going on the assumption that it was someone from the Aryan Nation or another such organization. Somebody assumed that if our base of operation was attacked, we would be stopped. This incident has crushed our dreams, but not our determination to help understand hatred and prejudice that everyone deserves the right to be respected. If this had happened during the day, the person sitting at the front desk would have been killed although we had enough exits to evacuate everyone else.

Terre Haute was the museum’s home because Eva’s husband Michael was
liberated in 1945 from the Magdeburg concentration camp, which was part of Buchenwald, by a colonel from Terre Haute.

To make our community a better place is a passion with all of us at the
museum. This incident is not going to stop us we are going to stay and repair or rebuild.

Did Jewish supremacists set the Holocaust museum ablaze?
by Mark Franklin
[email protected]

While the above question may seem initially implausible and doubtful, we must take into consideration with whom we're dealing. Numerous incidents in the past attest to Jews participating in crimes, then trying to pin the blame on the Old Right in an effort to elicit sympathy for both themselves and their

Even during the early beginnings of the Civil Rights movement, people such as Carl Braden were involved in firebombing a black man's home (with his help) in an effort to gain sympathy. In this particular case, the plot was uncovered, and some were sent to prison. Nevertheless, the late-Carl Braden's wife, Ann Braden, still goes around as if she was some great heroine to the Civil Rights movement, giving lectures at universities, though the Congressional Record attests to her husband's past activities. (She says their problems with law enforcement were more related to the Jewish communist tendencies, warranting the conviction for sedition, strictly ignoring the involvement in the firebombing.)

Laird Wilcox, a researcher out of the University of Kansas, went to great lengths documenting such "fake" crimes in his book "Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America" ( http://www.lairdwilcox.com ). It seems there is big money in becoming a victim (or achieving "victimization status," as Mr. Wilcox calls it). This is a book that all informed people should own, as it lists hundreds of such crimes.

Mr. Wilcox's book is described as a "thoroughly documented and extensively footnoted study of false and fabricated racist, anti-gay, and anti-Semitic 'hate crimes,' actually perpetrated by the 'victims' themselves to gain sympathy, advance a political agenda, or for monetary gain."

Russ Kick, a writer in Outposts (1995), described Mr. Wilcox's book as thus:
Hoo boy, talk about a powderkeg! This explosive book examines a subject nobody wants to talk about - people who fake hate crimes, such as physical attacks and the destruction or defacing of property that are alleged to be motivated by the victim’s race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Phil Stanford, writing in the The (Portland) Oregonian of 13 January 1993, had this to say about Mr. Wilcox's book:

[It] contains one documented example after another of extremists of all political stripes - but mostly from groups generally considered societal victims - who have been caught attempting to fabricate 'hate crimes.'"

There is genuine substance to Mr. Wilcox's claims, which brings us back to an incident that just occurred: There was an arson at a Jewish Holocaust museum in Indiana.

As you might imagine in today's tough times, many businesses are suffering. While the facts surrounding the incident remain unknown at this time, this particular business might have been suffering too. However, now it has certainly garnered attention, since someone set fire to it and wrote a message about "Timmy" McVeigh (who was reportedly a racist and was involved in a bombing).

Likewise, we might expect, after the insurance claims are made (and how well was it insured?), that this institution will be used as a "rallying cry" among Jewish supremacists and as a focal point to raise funds.

It seems that one of the people involved in creating the Holocaust museum in question is not new to what many perceive as wild stories. Eva Kor, one of the founders, was allegedly used as a "guinea pig" by a Dr. Mengele. Of course, if this Dr. Mengele was such an evil character, as she alleges, how she failed to live through these "experiments" and through Nazi Germany, one can only speculate. (We are to believe that her short little legs and superhuman strength enabled her to escape a hideous fate and live to the very end of the war and beyond?)

Obviously, to many people who are honestly skeptical, her claims seem like the stories out of the same kettle in which UFOs, Nazi lampshades made out of human skin, soap made out of human fat, and the flat-earth are born.

Of course, the evil experimentation that she endured must have been so harsh that she is alive and in good health even today -- about 60 years after the fact (plus however many years old she was at the time of these "alleged" experiments)? But this is the general background of the people who own the museum -- if a yarn was only so long.

Evidently, Mrs. Kor is also in the middle of a major lawsuit in her area against the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer. If someone was trying to elict sympathy, trying to portray themselves as victims, this would seem like the way to do it. Many inquistive people are beginning to wonder a question that might seem rather odd: Did Mrs. Kor have anything to do with the fire? Of course, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no investigation into this matter, though it seems that there is now some obvious sympathy generated that may help her case, not to suggest that it was started by her or anyone with whom she
knew directly for such a purpose.

No, there are no eyewitnesses--nothing right now that could convict Mrs. Kor or even remotely implicate her in the matter. As far as much of the Internet community know, she is entirely "innocent" of any wrongdoing. I'm sure she bakes a nice batch of cookies too.

But even if we assume Mrs. Kor's innocence unquestionably, could there be other Jews involved in a lawsuit against Bayer or who want to be portrayed as victims? Could other Jews want attention so that their organizations might reap the accompanying funds through the careful orchestration of setting the Holocaust Museum afire? Could there be other motives by some Jewish supremacists to achieve "victimization status"?

The Holocaust Museum was set on fire - this fact we know for certain from numerous reports circulating the Internet.

But we must ask - who really started it? Was it really someone who liked "Timmy" McVeigh? The usual suspects might not hold true here. It might not be who we think it is.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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