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Postby Hektor » 1 month 2 weeks ago (Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:43 pm)

Dresden wrote:Review said:

"All historians are re-visionist, who re-view and re-vise history :wink: "

Not all historians are Holocaust Revisionists.
This thread is about Jewish Holocaust Revisionists.
This Forum is not about history in general, but about the Holocaust specifically.

On a side note:

Almost every historian of WWII in the world right now is a liar and a coward; they can't possibly be as stupid as they pretend to be.

"There is no single, eternal, and immutable "truth" about past events and their meaning"

Oh, yes there's called the Holocaust.

There is or was a single, eternal, immutable, objective reality in the past. The point is there are several challenges to reconstruct and describe it correctly for a number of reason. Some of those are, plain and simple:
- A persons point of view is naturally subjective to get a fair view of the bigger picture is intellectually challenging.
- We have to rely on other people for the knowledge and information we have.
- Limited facts are available.
- Human knowledge and information storage capacity are limited.
- We are naturally biased, due to our own biographies and life experiences.
- There is systematic promotion of certain narratives by lobby groups, while certain facts are ignored or even suppressed.
- Most historians and academic researchers are bound into a power structure. They may deny it, but it's clear can't say or do what they want. If they deviate from a paradigm, it will have repercussions for them.

Of course there is still a difference between someone that uses make-up-as-you-go arguments and someone that really tries to find all available facts, studies them and tries to recreate a fair picture of past events. But it's also a difference in degree. That's why it's important to have a number of Points of View available.

As for another Jewish Revisionist I bring you - Henry Herskovitz:
Henry Herskovitz is a member of Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG), an group whose aims and objectives include calling on Elie Weisel to apologize for his statement calling on Jews to “set apart a zone of hate -- healthy virile hate” for Germans, to open the discussion of the history of “interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945” and to repeal all Holocaust denial laws, to end German reparation payments to Israel and Jewish survivors of Holocaust, to discuss the possible repayment of reparations back to Germany, and to “ begin discussions about the role of Jews in the suffering inflicted on Germans since 1945 and, if appropriate, to make arrangements for apology, reparation and compensation."

Henry Herskovitz is an outspoken anti-Zionist and historical revisionist,. Henry Herskovitz shares the views of Ernst Zundel, a German publisher known for promoting Holocaust revisionism and author of the "Hitler we Loved and Why" who was jailed for "spreading false news" but the conviction was later overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada when the law criminalizing reporting false news was ruled unconstitutional. Following his visit, Henry Herskovitz wrote, "Ernst Zundel, the reputed anti-Semitic devil, did not merely shake hands with me; he held mine in his. Eight years later the memory remains strong." On his blog, Henry Herskovitz published a test to distinguish “a peace and justice activist” from a “Zionist pretender”.


"Has the world indeed been duped into believing that the National Socialist government of Germany were the all-time perpetrators of ultimate evil in the world, or has the fabric of the standard Holocaust narrative been ripped substantially by Hilberg’s admission, now thirty years old?" - Henry Herskovitz

"Haven’t the German people – seventy years after the real or alleged crimes of WWII – suffered sufficiently?" … "the German people get tossed under the wheels of the Jewish Power bus." - Henry Herskovitz

"Jews know hatred, and they also know manipulation. How to conceal the obvious hatred their religion and culture promote, while in true Orwellian fashion accuse others of what they do best.- Henry Herskovitz

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Postby Mortimer » 1 week 2 days ago (Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:04 am)

I came across a website which is believe it or not called "Jews for Hitler". At first I thought it was a parody like something out of the pages of Mad Magazine but apparently they are genuine. They have a documentary called The Holocaust - Shifting the Blame.

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