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wild coyote
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Between the lines on the Third Reich Forum

Postby wild coyote » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Dec 05, 2003 11:18 pm)

A note on holocaust denial

Original can be found here: Italics are mine.

This is just a reminder that free speech and holocaust denial is not tolerated here, as you all should know by now.

Three main reasons (excuses) for the decision not to allow holocaust denial here are:
1. Holocaust denial is an insult to those that suffered and died However telling lies about German war veterans by falsely accusing them of gory and despicable crimes is perfectly acceptable. BTW it's anyone’s guess how many times an 80 year old holocaust survivor will frequent a website like, the Third Reich Forum, we certainly don’t want them to be insulted do we?

2. Allowing holocaust denial will scare away many of the regular posters, both those that find it generally offensive and those that do not in any way wish to be connected with such crap. Therefore we choose to scare away regular posters and potential posters who are Holocaust Revisionists.

I've seen it happen in many forums, more deniers & neonazis begin frequenting the forum and less of those that are non-deniers because the “non-deniers” are incapable of presenting evidence and logic to refute revisionist’s arguments. or not interested in that discussion at all will frequent the forum, eventually bringing down the forum, The Third Reich Forum is dedicated to discussing wholesome issues such as the theory that Rudolf Hess liked to ware drag and had a homosexual relationship with Hitler We've even seen it begin to happen in this very forum at a time when I was too relaxed in enforcing the rules.

3. Allowing holocaust denial and dissenting opinion would make it (even) harder to make people understand that this is an apolitical forum, not a pro-nazi or denier forum.

And as I've stated many times before, There shell be no intellectual freedom on the Holocaust issue, this decision is not open for discussion.
/Marcus 88

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sat Dec 06, 2003 3:25 am)

The anti-science True Believers from that lightweight site have been pasted so bad by Revisionists that it's no wonder they won't debate, they get their heads handed to them each time they try.

They're good at talking about medals & uniforms, but not so good when it comes to debating the so called 'holocau$t'.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

code yellow
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Postby code yellow » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon Dec 08, 2003 10:15 am)

:D I just made a post on another thread mentioning this same site.Iwas banned from it for stating,"The Germans were no more guilty and the allied forces no more innocent of war crimes."After that,I had 7 posters at a time,in several threads attacking me at once with the usual schoolyard chants.Where's the tolerance?P.S.,honestly,I think if there were an attrocity totem pole for WW2,I think the Germans would be somewhere around the bottom for commiting attrocities,and possibly somewhere near the top for being attrocity victims.

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Postby 8x57 » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Dec 12, 2003 2:52 pm)

Plenty of damage can be done, even with the Gag Rule against Holocaust denial.

Some posts that have worked for me on "banned" boards are:

"Jews Advocated Extermiantion of the German People" with quotations from and references to "Germany Must Perish" by Theodore Kauffman and "What to do with Germany" by Louis Nizer, both Jews who specifically adovcated extermianting the entire German population by forced sterilization during WWII. You can also quote Jewish leaders who organized the March 1933 anti-German worldwide economic boycott for the express purpose of "starving" Germany into submission. This post and the Kaufmann and Nizer citations absolutely drives them crazy! Be prepared to be called every name in the book over this one.

"Zionist Economic Bailout Saved German Economy" based on the Transfer Agreement between Zionist groups and the German Governement in the 1930's whereby German Jews would be allowed to migrate to Palestine and be given credit against the purchase of German exports to that region. This agreement was totally at odds with the worldwide anti-German boycott organized by factions of the international Jewish "community" beginning in March 1933. There was great dissention within the Jewish "community" becuase the ADL and other Zionist groups of that time did not support the anti-German boycott. In fact, most rank and file German jews opposed the Jewish boycott too. They new they would be on the front lines to receive retribution. A good book on this area is "The Transfer Agreement" by Edwin Black.

"Salute to Holocaust Survivior Elie Wiesel", with a brief summary of how as a concentration camp inmate he chose to evacuate with the retreating German army rather than await "liberation" by the Russians, how his life was saved by German doctors, and how he has grown wealthy promoting the cause of inciting hatred against the people who saved his life when he was dealthly ill and saved him from captivity by the Russians. These facts are in Wiesel's own autobiography and are not reasonbly subject to dispute. You can wrap up with how he gets $25,000.00 per speaking engagment...and explain that teaching tolerance is tough job but someone has to do it.

As above, be prepared to be called every name in the book when you post this one. This one can also be sued for Holocaust survivor Abe Foxman together with detailed salary information from David Irving's web site; Dr. Tsvi Naussbaum (the little Ghetto boy whose famous picture with his hands raised was captioned as "little boy headed for gas chambers" in Holocau$t fundraising literature until he came forward in 1982, revealed he had survivied the war after being nursed by German doctor, came to USA, went to Medical school and spent the post war decades as an ear, nose and throat specialist in New York state. According to the May 1982 New York Times that carried this story, Dr. Naussbaum was shocked that his fellow tribesmen did not greet his survival with relief and rejoicing. They were furious because they can no longer use his famous photograph and for fund raising purposes after it became widely known that he survivied and was not "exterminated"!)

Don't for get a "Salute to the Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance" with a deatiled discussino of how Wiesenthal survivied WWII captivity, went on to become welathy and how he receives $75,000 per year for the use of his name by the Center in California. Detailed financial inforamtoin of the center and the six figure salaries of its administrators is available on the David Irving site. As before, be prepared to be called every name in the book for this one.

The "Salute to the Holocau$t Survivors" series makes them madder than anything else. Just don't get too carried away with sarcasm. Keep it dry, unemotional and factual. ("Just the facts mam").

None of these constitute Holocau$t Denial and are within the posting guidelines of most boards, which is not to say they will be permitted to remain. ENJOY!

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