"show me alleged gas chamber"

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Re: "show me alleged gas chamber"

Postby Cloud » 8 years 1 month ago (Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:42 pm)

Zyklon-B is introduced by trained SS through the openings in the roof, wait for their death, ventilate, clearing.

If you any specific questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Could you go into a little more detail about this training process? What were all the steps involved in instruction? Who were the instructors, and what made them competent enough to train others? How could an instructor assess the trainee's proficiency to see if he had mastered the essentials of Zyklon B and could handle it competently? Which trainees, if any, were rejected due to incompetence? If there were failures, what specifically did these persons fail to do correctly? Lastly, from where did the instructors receive their own training?

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Re: "show me alleged gas chamber"

Postby Dresden » 8 years 1 month ago (Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:40 pm)

SKcz said:

"This is completely wrong and refuted by "facts" from holocaust narrative, delousing wing (Gaskammer) of BW 5a and 5b has some 120m² according to plan"

Occam's Razor said:

"Now take a look at the plans. The gas chamber has a dimension of 10.90 x 9.70 meters. That's 105.73 sqm. Large enough to gas several hundred persons. I think we can be sure that these gas chambers had gas-tight doors. And note that the plan explicitly says Gaskammer. Yet no one has ever claimed that these buildings were used for homicidal purposes! Well, except for Bild-Zeitung and Benjamin Netanyahu. But no eyewitnesses and not a single historian.

I thought BW 5b was claimed to be a homicidal gas chamber; I thought that was the purpose of installing fake shower heads after the war.
So, "they" installed fake shower heads after the war, and noone ever claimed it was a homicidal gas chamber, except Bild-Zeitung and Bibi!
Well, that's news to me, Razor.....but I believe you.

SKcz said:

"If it could be proven that gas tight door was actually installed, then I will admit that room was/or was planned as a gas chamber, but not homicidal as you trying to claim"

Ok, I thought you were implying that you would instantly turn into a Holohoaxter if it could be proved that Leichenkeller 1 was equipped with a gastight door.....my mistake! :oops:

Ok, folks.....let's move along.....there's nothing to see here!
Maybe, just maybe, they believe what they are telling you about the 'holocaust', but maybe, just maybe, their contempt for your intelligence and your character is beyond anything you could ever have imagined. -- Bradley Smith

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Re: "show me alleged gas chamber"

Postby Hektor » 8 years 1 month ago (Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:56 am)

Hans wrote:
SKcz wrote:Hans, i challenge you, can you show me alleged gas chamber used for alleged extermination as you suggested in your opening comment and show me how this device worked Please, start your own thread and show me this device used for liquidation as you claimed.


Actually I did not claim anything about gas chambers in my opening comment. Anyway, here is a gas chamber, for instance. Here is the same now with chimneys erected at the gas openings. Here and here are some aerial shots of the same gas chamber and of its ruin, respectively.
No, it isn't a gas chamber. It is cremation facility with subsurface morgues attached to it.
It's of course theoretical possible to kill people inside a morgue, but if one would do this within the descriptive frame of the orthodox narrative, one would run into numerous practical problems. There would be logistical problems moving the corpses for instance, which is why no technically knowledgeable person would place the killing facility into the basement, while the cremation is done on surface level. There are lots of other problems with this assertion, too. And from this one will get convergent proof against the claim that this were indeed homicidal gas chambers.

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Re: "show me alleged gas chamber"

Postby Lohengrin » 8 years 1 month ago (Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:37 pm)

Hans: “If you any specific questions, do not hesitate to ask”

Yes, I hesitate, because serious members of this forum rightfully do no longer answer “Hans” or “ask” him questions: as his postings show, he believes in the most impossible and weird “Holocaust”-Miracles ad absurdum and ad infinitum, he habitually does not answer important questions/problems, repeats refuted nonsense endlessly, gives worthless links and “evidence” (Olère, c.s.), dodging facts, etc.

But, for the sake of this “discussion”, the information of others and the “validity” of Hans’ postings, I have the following questions for him on “gas chambers”.

Let’s not, as is usual in this case, begin in the middle of the book, but at the beginning:

1. On building of the “gas chambers”
a. Is it possible that the Germans made “chimneys for Zyklon-B” on the “gas chamber” in Winter (Jan/Febr, see photos), whereas Krema’s II and III were finished in March, and according to Pressac, Van Pelt, et al., they “rebuild” them as “gas chambers” after completion?
b. Can you explain why – during this “rebuild” – not one of the necessary installations for mass-murder was installed or equipped (heating, circulation, etc.)?
c. Can Hans explain why those “chimneys” are placed more or less congruent on the roof at Krema II, and very incongruent on Krema III?
Is this because they were falsely drawn in on these photographs?
d. Can he explain the totally irregular placing of the so-called “holes” in the remains of the roof of Krema II, otherwise than that those visible (3) “holes” are roughly made afterwards and/or normal debris of an explosion?
e. Was Walter Schreiber voluntarily a perjurer in his 90th year on his deathbed?

2. On “gas chambers”
a. Is it correct that Van Pelt, Pressac, etc. stated that the 4 Birkenau Krema’s were not designed for “mass gassings”?
b. If this is correct, then it follows that all later “explanations” about some “mass murder capacity” of those Krema’s are pure and simple totally BS?
c. Is it correct that Van Pelt, in his Auschwitz, 1270 until Now, stated: "Crematoria IV and V were the first buildings especially build for mass-murder, designed with gas chambers, a corpse house and an incineration room, in a logical sequence”?
d. If yes, why does these “especially built ‘gas chambers’ for mass-murder” didn’t have any form of ventilation? Why not the slightest kind of circulation? Why no Zyklon-B chimneys? Why was there absolutely no undressing space? Why 2 doors plus 5 windows in those “gas chambers”, etc., etc.
e. If Van Pelt is not totally insane, German architects and engineers were?
f. Why do you call clumsy Holocaust cartoonist and plagiarist David Olère a “witness”?
g. Is there one (1) autopsy report, of only one of 4 million gassed victims? (Hundreds of autopsies were performed after the liberation of the camps.)
h. If not, is there one (1) name of a person (with proof), who died from “gassing”?
i. Why not?
j. Why are only Jews “witnesses” about “gassings”? The Red Cross stated that not one of the survivors of the camps spoke to her about “gassings”).

3. On Logistics
a. Is it correct that according to Holocaust “historians” after Spring 1944 daily 12-20.000 Jews arrived at Auschwitz (let’s be modest and say 15.000/day)?
b. Can Hans explain why ALL known photo’s of the “selection process" at the ramp in Auschwitz, show us two rows of people: 1 for men only, and one for women and children only?
c. Can he tell us which of these rows was destined for “gassing”, as the Holocaust propaganda told us?
d. If it was the row with women and children, how is that possible, because the row with men are 6 times longer than the row with women and children. The Jewish Holocaust Version tells us opposite: that the number of “gassed” Jews was 6 times higher than the number chosen for labour! Can Hans explain this?
e. Is it thus an outright LIE to speak of “selections for the gas chamber on the ramp”, because this was a simple preparation for separate bathing/delousing and separate housing in baracks?
f. From where came all working Jewesses in Birkenau, if they all were “selected” (all in one row) on the ramp for “immediate gassing”?
g. Is it correct that almost all of the people (let’s say 80%) went “straight to the gas chamber”?
h. Makes that an average of 12.000 gassings per day?
i. Does that mean, with a total of 46 muffles for Auschwitz, that the daily pro ratio share for Krema II alone was 15/46 x 12.000 = nearly 4.000 corpses to be gassed/cremated each day?
j. Is it also correct that there was only one rout to get “gassed” bodies (let’s say 2.000 after each “gassing”) to the above oven room?
k. Is it correct that the only rout was using one (1) very small open elevator (2,4 m2) with maximum load and size for approximately 8 bodies?
l. If so, is it a fact that there was, apart from the “gas chamber” and “undressing room”, no space to store those just “gassed” 2.000 bodies?
m. Is it correct, that the little elevator after only the first daily ‘gassing”, had to go 2.000/8 = 250 times up and down?
n. Is it reasonable to suppose that 1 elevator cycle, loading eight corpses, transporting it to the first floor, unloading the corpses and descending, takes plm. 6 minutes, so transporting half of a daily gassing-quota takes 1500 min = 25 hours (continuously)?
o. What about the other 2.000 "gassed" that day???? That would require another 25 hours elevator time!
p. As there was absolutely no room to store 2.000 bodies during 6 days (cremation time) outside the “gas chamber”, where were all those bodies to stored? .. as there was no place anywhere on the cellar floor (see ground plan Krema’s II, III)?
q. Is this picture of absolute chaos and nonsense, what Holocaust propaganda calls: “Systematic destruction of the Jews”?
r. Is there any (1) serious study from “Holocaust scholars” dealing with the logistics of this so-called “systematic mass-gassings”, the backbone of the whole “gassing” story?

To continue logistics with the cremation process:
Is it correct that 1 muffle can cremate 1 body in 1 hour time? (The British Cremation Society says 45 kg/hr max with nowadays installations.). (Please not the nonsense again of 3-8 bodies per muffle because that's as well impossible as irrelevant.)
b. If yes, it means that to cremate the daily quantity for Krema II (4.000 persons) average weight 45 kg, 4.000 cremation hours are needed. But, with 15 muffles and (lets be kind to the exterminationists) 20 operational hours per day (Van Pelt says 12), only maximum 300 cremations per day were possible.
But . . ., but, Hans, what to do? From day one, 3.700 “gassed” could not be cremated, and . . ., and . . . the following day, there were another 4.000 to be “gassed”, and, Oy Vey, the next day another 4.000, and the day thereafter another . . ., and another . . . Can you give (with proof) a solution for this cumulative problem?
c. So, the logistics of only 1 Krema brings after 1 week the following situation:
7 x 4.000 = 28.000 people “gassed”;
2.100 bodies cremated
= 25.900 bodies not cremated.
Were those 25.900 bodies (together with 50.000 of the Krema’s III, IV, and V) incinerated in “pits”?
d. If yes, are there any “witnesses” who have seen daily transports of thousands of bodies?
e. Is there a “drawing” by David Olère of one of those daily > 10.000 bodies transported from the “Gas chambers” (Krema’s) through the Camp, to those miraculous “pits”?
f. Are there any other witness from those enormous daily transports?
g. If not, where did those tens of thousands bodies go?
h. Are there any aerial photographs of those daily mass-transports and incinerations?
i. If not, why not?
j. Was it not much better for the Germans to shut down those clumsy Krema’s, if altogether 92,5% of the “gassed” bodies were to be incinerated in “pits”?
k. And, can you (or any other believer) explain how to deal with the growing and growing numbers of thousands and thousands people waiting for days/weeks to be "gassed" and cremated, for there was absolutely no place for them and/or their dead bodies in or around the Krema’s?
l. Was this only one of countless “Holocaust Miracles”, or is it only the Jewish Holocaust Version Myth?

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Re: "show me alleged gas chamber"

Postby Hektor » 7 years 7 months ago (Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:58 pm)

Hans wrote:.
The basement was equipped with a gas tight door and was designated as gassing cellar, which demonstrates that the basement was a gas chamber and rebutts your claim it was an ordinary morgue. Testimonial evidence of SS personell like Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höß, camp leader Hans Aumeier, SS officer Josef Erber or SS private Pery Broad shows that it was used to gas people. ....

No, it wasn't! Not even in the often quoted letter used to insinuated it was. Holocaustians really need to read the documents carefully they introduce as evidence for their point of view. It all to often even contradicts the narrative they try to spin.

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