Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

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Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 8 years 11 months ago (Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:33 am)


Vincent Reynouard, born in 1969, is a French historian specializing in the Second World War and more particularly in the tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane, an urban battle between a German Waffen-SS unit and the French Resistance in 1944 where many civilians died in what was claimed as a deliberate massacre by certain French but denied by various Germans.

Political commitment

Vincent Reynouard was an activist with the "French and European Nationalist Party" ( PNFE) and is at present the main leader of the Fighting Movement of Saint Michael. He defines himself as a "Catholic, National Socialist and Revisionist."

Professional life

Vincent Reynouard studied in Caen, Normandy, and graduated as a chemical engineer with a diploma from the ISMRA (Higher Institute of Materials and Radiation), called since 2002 ENSICAEN.

He was hired by the French Ministry of Education, becoming a professor of mathematics in professional secondary schools. However, he fired for purely political reasons in 1997 by the Education Minister, François Bayrou, after the discovery of revisionist texts on the hard disk of the computer which he used in his secondary school. Since that political firing Vincent Reynouard survives on his writings as a historian. (He now has a wife and seven children.) He has become known for the lengthy revisionist magazine Sans Concession [ = "No Concession"].

A historian facing constant repression

While he was still a universitystudent, Vincent Reynouard founded an association, ANEC [ = Norman Association for the Awakening of Citizens] the purpose of which was the distribution of historical brochures that were unavailable through the "conventional" distribution networks.

Vincent Reynouard is himself the author of several dozen brochures on diverse subjects. Most deal with World War II. At present, he directs the French-speaking branch of VHO (Institute for an Objective Historic Version), which publishes in French, German, English, Dutch and other languages.

The writings and promotions by the historian Vincent Reynouard resulted in several serious prosecutions and convictions:

On October 8th, 1992, the Court of Appeals of Caen condemned him to one month in prison (with reprieve) and a fine of 5000 francs [ = $850] for "contesting the existence of one or several crimes against humanity," Vincent Reynouard having, according to the "Court of Cassation," committed the offense of "sending to 24 pupils of a secondary school, prize-winners of the competition 'Resistance and Deportation,' anonymous letters to which was annexed photocopies of papers disputing the existence of gas chambers in Germany during the Second World War."

In June 2004, the Court of Appeals of Limoges condemned him to 24 months in prison over his writings on the tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane, claiming he had defended war crimes by creating and distributing a videocassette entitled "50 years of Official lies." The Court of Cassation revoked this judgment, ruling Reynouard had not defended but rather contested the existence of a war crime, which is not punishable by law.

On November 8th, 2007, he was sentenced to one year in prison and a 10,000 euro fine [ = $13,000] by the Magistrate's Court of Saverne (Lower Rhine) for "contesting crimes against humanity." Reynouard had written and distributed the brochure "The Holocaust -- What They Hide from You." Reynouard appealed the sentence.

On June 25, 2008, the Court of Appeals in Colmar (Alsace, France) condemned Vincent Reynouard to one year of imprisonment and the payment of the cost of placing an advertisement with extracts from this judgment in the Official Journal of the French Republic, as well as in the prominent newspaper Le Monde, the Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace and Alsace. Raphaël Nisard, lawyer of the LICRA [ = "League Against Racism and Antisemitism"], declared: " It is an extraordinary result which satisfies LICRA completely."

On June 19th, 2008, a Court of Appeals of Brussels, in neighboring Belgium (to which Reynouard had fled with his family) condemned him for the publication of a revisionist publication to one year of imprisonment and 25,000 euros in fines.

The Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990 prohibits the diffusion of historical revisionism on pain of imprisonment and fine.

On the grounds of this law, Vincent Reynouard, aged 41 and a father of eight, was in 2007 sentenced to one year in prison without probation and ordered to pay about €70,000 for having written a 16-page pamphlet entitled Holocauste ? Ce que l'on vous cache...("Holocaust? What They hide from you...").At the request of the French authorities, who had issued a "European arrest warrant" for him, he was arrested by the Belgian police last July in Brussels, where he lived with his family, then jailed in Belgium for over fifty days before being extradited to France.

And throughout the Western world the mainstream media ignore the fact that in France an honest man, father of eight children, is serving a year in prison and must pay €70,000 because he authored a piece of writing of sixteen pages. Having been imprisoned during 9 months, he was liberated on April 5th, 2011.


The Underlying Reasons for Big Brother's Present Triumph

[...] In 1945, those who had defeated the Axis also changed the consciousness of the so-called civilised world.

After having crushed their enemy, plundered his territory, demolished his cities and raped his women, they declared to the whole planet :

" We have fought against a barbaric regime to the point of its complete destruction, and have the right to call it account. But we need not demonstrate that it was barbaric ( the fact being common knowledge ), nor answer for any of our own violations of international law ( since, in defending civilisation against absolute Evil, all is permitted ). "

Today the consequences of that change are quite plain to see : Big Brother, showing no evidence for his claims, accuses entire countries, drags their names through the mud, heaps insults upon them, starves them, tears up the UN Charter, attacks them, bombs them, poisons them and, in doing so, meets with no real political resistance, for people's minds are conditioned by " Nuremberg ".

[...] We go on struggling, alone if necessary, for as Maurice Bardèche wrote, already in 1948 : with the verdict of Nuremberg, " it's not just the Germans, it's all of us that are dispossessed ".

Until objectivity in History is re-established, nothing effective can even be tried against the New World Order. And action towards that goal is needed now, for Big Brother, at his end, is wasting no time...

source : Vincent Reynouard, " We carry On ", in the review SANS CONCESSION N°35, December 2007.
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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD - Revisionist Arguments in 30 minutes

Postby EtienneSC » 8 years 11 months ago (Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:13 am)

This would get a lot of downloads from the Barnes Review site:

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby friedrichjansson » 8 years 10 months ago (Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:16 pm)

Thanks for the translation! One minor point: at 7:50 the subtitle "In 1945, he returned home and writted his book" should read "In 1945, he returned home and wrote his book."

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby Balsamo » 8 years 10 months ago (Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:14 pm)

Let's start by saying that the subtitles are well done...congratulations to the author.

Before the earth fall on me, i want to insist that i am not going to argue with the message of this video. But it illustrates well some points i was trying to make in other occasion. The method.
What do we have here ? A video clip of 30 min pretending to resume the whole debate.
Of course, it has to start with the 6.000.000 even though he quotes the IMT saying this number does not matter.
Then the offensive begins :
We have to wait until the 80's until a "serious study" on the jewish population is done ! Vincent does not mention the author of this study of course, we just have to believe in his power point presentation that present very serious estimations :
16.000.000 jews in 1939 (sources ???), 14.000.000 in 1945 (sources ????)...2000.000 victims! One immediatly feel all the seriousness of this estimation, the authors have spent a lifetime consulting demographic data all over the world.
This study is so elaborate that it has found out the cause of death of all those victims... I really would like to know the methods here, and really enjoyed the 700.000 natural death which is presented as normal.

Then we have the usual good witness, in this case Andre Rogerie and Herman Langbein who are said to describe Auschwitz as paradise. Of course, Vincent won't specify that none of then are Jewish, nor would he insists on how poor Andre - whose crime was to attempt to join the resistence - came to weight only 40 kg. And of course, except the quotes used in the clip, one won't specify the other testimonies that are in his book.
The magic witness that tells the truth describing the camp, but lies when telling how woman and children were put naked into trucks.
As for Langbein, as he was made "Righteous among the nations", i would suspect that other parts of his book to be less in favor of Vincent arguments.
Still, the important thing is that none of them were Jew !
Langbein said babies were born at Auschwitz ? great and so what ? the Soviets are said to have found 1000 of them ? (any sources ?) What happened to the 2000 other thousands.
And here comes the fake gas chamber of Auschwitz one.
I don't understand, why still use it when it was proven by revisionists to be rebuild and fake ?

the rest is the usual technical issues that have been discussed, and as my point is not to insist on the content, but on the method, i 'll leave it there.

So my question is . does that seem a SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY TO YOU ?
If this video were in favor of the Holocaust, Claude Lanzmann would have been proud of it. Jesus !

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby mincuo » 8 years 10 months ago (Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:55 pm)

There are many points of Balsamo on which I agree.
But let me put to him a question (valid not only from a revisionist point of view but even from a classic point of view). Isn't true that the Holocaust was
released in a very much worse, fake, tendentious, magic, absurd form than this to the common people?
In relative terms, compared to what normally I saw, year after year, day after day, in TV, newspapers, movies etc...with their psycho-Holocaust, horror-Holocaust, sex-Holocaust, reality show-Holocaust, sadomaso-Holocaust, magic-Holocaust this video could appear even "scientific".
There is a communication problem. If you are too much scientific you are boring and you don't get attention, but much of this problem is the so low level created to the people by the official propaganda, so one needs to make a not too much big jump if he wants to be seen. The goal of a movie is to stimulate a study (IMHO even a classical work, to say Hilberg or Pressac or Van Pelt etc..., but at least history, not the same stories for children).
Be patient with my poor English.
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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby ginger » 8 years 10 months ago (Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:45 pm)

I liked this film - brief enough and intelligent. It should be available on YouTube.

One part bothered me. About 22 minutes into the film, it talked about the camps like Treblinka as being a place to "park" the jews until after the war. The Soviets revealed that the camps were filled with women, children and old men who could not work, and that there was an epidemic of typhus. Assuming this was true, one can only wonder if many people survived the camps. It would be a tragic story even without the gas chambers.

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 8 years 1 week ago (Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:04 pm)

Jews add “Book of Shoah” the Bible

The Holocaust is becoming a religion

by Vincent Reynouard

The press announced that Jews have added a “Book of Shoah” to the Bible

This is not a new article but the religious status of the Shoah is even more pronounced today than at the time this piece was written. Moreover, the project has not been abandoned. (Shoabloger)


On 30 March 2004, the national Belgian daily “La Libre Belgique” featured a front page headline: “A book about the Holocaust in the Jewish Bible? “. Two weeks later, the newspaper Le Figaro repeated the story. [1]

The reader could learn that a new Megillat (in Hebrew – a scroll which contains a manuscript, often a sacred text), the “Melligat Hashoah”, had been crafted at the liberal synagogue in Brighton (England). It would now be offered to different Jewish communities around the world, not only “to be copied and integrated into the liturgy of 27 Nisan“ (Holocaust Day) [2][/COLOR], but also to “take place in the ‘holy ark’ in synagogues generally, alongside scrolls of the Torah[3].

It was therefore a question of adding to the twenty-four books that make up the Jewish Bible a twenty-fifth dealing with the Holocaust. Recall that the latest addition to the holy book dates back to 1500 years ago when between 400 and 600 rabbis had decided to include the Book of Esther. This shows the importance of the event.

A several years old project

Although presented as a kind of scoop, this case is not new. The Melligat Hashoah was presented for the first time on 7 November 2002 (64th anniversary of the “Kristallnacht”) to the Jewish community in Toronto. The first reading took place in synagogues in 2003, April 29, on the “Day of Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust” [5].

It all began in 1995

It all began in 1995. Worried by the the rise of “denial”, a “Holocaust survivor” living in Toronto, Alex Eisen, felt he had to create a liturgy for April 29[color=#0000ff] “to make sure that the tragedy would not be forgotten “
[6]. At that time, there had already been four annual, 24 hours long, ceremonies of public reading of the names deported Jews, organized on the date of 27 Nisan. This initiative marked a beginning of ritualization of the Holocaust. But the goal of A. Eisen was greater: it was to raise the alleged “Holocaust” to the status of revealed truth, “truth” solemnly recalled every year.

The Jews oppose the project

Apprised of the project, the Chief Rabbi of Israel Meir Lau, rejected on the grounds of religious orthodoxy [7]. We can add that for many Jews, the commemoration of the Holocaust should remain in the non-religious sphere. In 2000, the president of a local branch of the “Sons and Daughters of Survivors of the Holocaust,” Ruth Littner Shaw wrote that “Yom Hashoah” should not “have the character of a religious holiday “[8] and should remain a simple commemoration.

Rabbis and theologians support the project

This first setback did not discourage A. Eisen. For their part, the rabbis and theologians believed that in order to persist (especially after the death of the last “survivors”), Yom Hashoah had to develop “a set of rituals and to become less secular”. [9]

According to Rabbi David Golinkin, current president of Schecter Institute, an institution that is responsible for religious education:

Judaism retains the memory of historical events only when they are rooted in religious rituals [...]. The lighting of six torches by survivors in the courtyard of Yad Vashem is a meaningful ritual, but will it continue when there will be no more survivors? [10]

These words are similar to those of Rabbi Daniel Fahri who said:

In Judaism, the work on the preservation of the past is consists of liturgy, study and ritual. However, with regard to the Holocaust, almost nothing has been done so far to develop a ritualized memory. Beyond the celebration of Yom Hashoah, any initiative is welcome as long as it is based on the long tradition of our rituals and our liturgy which have constituted our identity throughout millennia. [11]

In addition, it is undeniable that since the war many Jews have fallen into atheism on the grounds that if God Almighty exist, he would never have let his people get slaughtered. One example is the former Liberal Rabbi Richard Rubenstein, author of a 1966 study entitled “After Auschwitz” who became an atheist. Rabbi David Meyer confessed that for Jews, the Holocaust is a “reason to doubt God and His righteousness” [12]. Furthermore, he stated:

[...] Today, the issues related to the Holocaust hamper our faith. Why practice the commandments if God did not saved us during the Holocaust? [13]

Consequently the proposed development of a religious ritual seemed to be necessary not only to transmit the memory, but also as an attempt to reconcile the Holocaust with the Jewish religion.

1999: Rabbinical Assembly endorses the project

In 1997 a small prayer book which included a special service for 27 Nisan was published. But A. Eisen was still not satisfied. Two years later, he met Rabbi D. Golinkin and requested its approval by the Rabbinical Assembly, which includes 1,600 Conservative rabbis. [14] Not surprisingly, it gave its approval to the project. D. Golinkin then set up an academic committee to prepare a draft text (Id.). Professor Avigdor Shinan (son of survivors [15]) was chosen to compose the modern Hebrew Megillat and Rabbi Jules Harlow to produce an English translation. [16] For his part, A. Eisen gathered $280 000 in Toronto alone to support the project. [17]

The Shoah Scroll composed

Six months later, the scroll was composed. Six chapters long, it places great emphasis on “testimonials”. There is that of a Christian journalist who tells what he saw in the Warsaw ghetto, that of a woman deported to a camp and that of a young Jewish boy forced to pull out gold teeth of victims on the way to crematoria (including his own brother). Nothing in it, therefore, is either new nor solid (but how could it be otherwise?). The fifth chapter is a eulogy of those who died during the “Holocaust.” The sixth (and last) refers to the rebuilding of Jewish life after the war it commemorates particularly those who migrated to Israel.

2002: the “inspired” Scroll is presented for the first time

November 7, 2002, during the first presentation of the Megillah (see document), A. Shinan stated that the text was written “through him, not by him“:
I sat at my computer, and after six hours, the first draft appeared [...]. It was as if someone lead my hands and my head. [18]

A. Shinan undoubtedly wanted to make it appear that the Megillah was “inspired” by God and thus “revealed”, like the other books of the Bible.

But even for Jews fanatical about “Remembrance”, there are limits to ridicule. Asked in 2004 by La “Libre Belgique”, the British rabbi who is busy spreading this new text, David Meyer, clearly stated:

As for the direct divine inspiration, Judaism believes that it has not taken place since the destruction of the First Temple and the last of the prophets. [19]

However, the reasons he gives for the introduction of the Megillah in the Bible are interesting. He says:

[...] Many Jews are “inspired” by the Holocaust in the way they think about their faith and religious practice. Thus, because of the depth of suffering, the Holocaust is an event that “inspires” the present and the future of Judaism and, as such, the “Megillat Hashoah” can probably claim to be an “inspired” text [Ibid., col. C].

God alone is no longer sufficient, He needs to be combined with the Holocaust

For Rabbi Meyer, therefore, God is no longer the only source of inspiration, there is one other: the Holocaust. We deduce that, since Auschwitz, God alone is no longer sufficient and consequently the Jewish religion must be centered not on him only, but on the couple God+Shoah.

Some will accuse me of exaggerating. They are wrong. Interviewed, Rabbi Meyer clearly stated that since the Shoah “which overwrites Judaism” [Ibid., P. 19, col. E], the Bible was insufficient to nourish the religious reflection:

It is difficult to relate to biblical texts that speak of suffering to understand the Holocaust. [...] In the Bible, suffering is never unjustified; it happens “because we did something.” But faced with the Holocaust, the vast majority of rabbis and Jewish thinkers today are not prepared to contemplate the six million dead, a million and a half children, and say “Because of their sins” [... ]. So we need a text where Jews can express their doubts in relation to this suffering. But such a text does not exist in the Bible. Should we not then create it? [20]

The good rabbi went even further by saying that this creation was necessary to “restore vitality to all other biblical texts
[...] Whenever I read a biblical passage – the sacrifice of Abraham, the prophetic books and the book of Job … – I wonder how to apply this with the ever-present Holocaust in my mind! But the addition of a specific book would become the focus of the reflection on the Holocaust and thereby restore vitality to all the other biblical texts [Ibid., P. 19, col. E.].

In short, without the liturgy of the Shoah, the Bible has no vitality. In other words, God is now inseparable from the “Holocaust” and together they form an Entity. It is therefore understandable that for David Golinkin this Megillat has a “historical significance“. [21]

The Scroll will be written by a scribe on parchment

But Rabbi Meyer, this was not enough:

While bringing innovations aimed at integrating Yom Hashoah as a major commemoration in our liturgical calendar, and while offering content of remarkable depth, it seems that the format and the current support of the Megillat Hashoah are not sufficient in view of the role that such a text should play in the future of Judaism.
Megillat Hashoah the – booklet of mere sixty pages – should it not rather be a real manuscript, written by a scribe on a parchment, thus complying with the scribal rules of our ancestral tradition? In order to commemorate the past, it seems necessary to integrate it with our tradition, with date and liturgy, using the “tools” of this tradition so that the events of the past can be really rooted in our religious life. [22]

That is why Rabbi Meyer fashioned a real Megillat:

The “Megillat Hashoah” the Shoah Scroll, is a parchment manuscript with 12 columns in Hebrew and comes wrapped around a wooden shaft. This scroll was written by a scribe, Marc Michaels, following the traditional rules which include the calligraphy, the tools even the ethics of conduct of the scribe. [23]

A scroll that will be used extensively

Not only in the synagogues…

If the Megillat gets accepted, not only Jewish believers can hope to return to the faith some of their own atheists, but also the belief in the Holocaust will be cast in concrete forever, because it becomes inseparable from God. Note also that the good rabbi wants to see this new roller used very widely:

We would like it to be used not only in synagogues, but throughout the world, in community centers and schools. We also want it to be used by the Jews of all persuasions – whether Reformed, Orthodox or secular. We believe that Yom Hashoah should be observed by all Jews everywhere. [24]

The Orthodox reject to Scroll …

The question is whether this Megillat will indeed be accepted as the twenty-fifth book. Unsurprisingly, Orthodox Jews have rejected it immediately, as did some “liberal” Jews.

…but show no inclination for revisionism

But it would be wrong to see in it a tendency to revisionism. Daniel Farhi expresses the thinking of almost all Jews when he says confidently:
Thanks to the work of historians and witnesses of the disaster, the historicity of the Holocaust is now indisputable. [25]

With or without the Scroll, the Remembrance is already ritualized

Their rejection of Megillat Hashoah has another reason: they believe that the “Holocaust” is already celebrated sufficiently and thus not likely to be forgotten. Asked by “La Libre Belgique”, the Chief Rabbi of Brussels said:

To convey and transmit its memory, it is not necessary, in the Jewish tradition, to add a book. The 27th of Nisan is the ‘official’ date of the commemoration of the Holocaust. Then, at the discretion of the Hebrew calendar, many key moments in the liturgy are there to remind of the Holocaust. At each celebration, the feast of Passover pilgrimage, Shavuot and Sukkot, the ceremony of “Yiskor” is held in its memory. There, the Torah in hand, we recall the memory of the six million dead in the Nazi camps. Also on Yom Kippur, one of the most powerful moments of the liturgy is devoted to the evocation of the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Finally, the date of the 9th of Av commemorates the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. A day of fasting, prayers and lamentations of Jeremiah. Over time, this day became the paradigm of all the disasters that have befallen the Jewish people: the Inquisition, autodafes, crusades … and of course the Holocaust. We can rest assured that it will not be forgotten and is already an integral part of our liturgy.

Besides, a French Jew, Pierre Haiat, wrote recently a haggadah on the Holocaust:

His wish was to ritualize the memory of the Holocaust even more through a story that is modeled on that of the Passover haggadah and is accompanied by a seder. During the seder, the symbolic foods are eaten, and it is done reading the story of the terrible hardships suffered by [the] “ancestors”, punctuated by the texts of the literature of the Holocaust, and songs in Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish, inspired by this martyrdom. [26]

In short: with or without Megillat Hashoah, the “Holocaust” is in final phase of ritualization ([url=""]see photo[/url]: on 27th January the students at a school in London light six candles representing the “six millions” ).

The Holocaust has become a religion

It is a fact that for Jews, any discussions about the reality of the Holocaust are completely irrelevant. In their minds, the revisionists are heretics, that is to say people who “have no share in the Hereafter” [27]. Note also that in its final exhortation, Megillat Hashoah commands the believer: “Do not try to understand. Learn to live without an answer “. [28] Nothing has changed since 1979 and the famous “do not ask how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible since it took place.” [29]. That is why the revisionist argument have never made a slightest impression on the followers of the “Holocaust”. Because they oppose their religion.

The original including references: Les juifs ajoutent un livre sur la Shoah à la Bible

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 8 years 1 week ago (Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:10 pm)

“Extermination” of the Jews … attention to the meaning of the word

On 30 November 1940, the organ of the French league for national revival, social support and European collaboration, “l’Appel”, published a study entitled: “Should we exterminate the Jews? “(See the document) .

The League was founded by Peter Costantini, a supporter of full cooperation with the Reich and known anti-Semite. We therefore expect to find, in this interview, a positive response. There is none of this. Asked about his goals, the Secretary General of the Institute for the Study of Jewish Affairs, Captain Sezille, said:

Look, we want to eliminate the Jews of French life: pursue the repeal of the decree of the Convention which on September 27, 1791 granted them the status of citizen, without accepting any departure from these principles; change of religion should not justify the preservation of French nationality. Our anti-Semitism is not religious but racial.

Commonsensically, the investigator asked:

Yes, these are then your immediate goals. But is it enough? There is no complete solution to the Jewish question if you, getting rid of the Jews, do not know what you want to do with them.

To which captain Sezille answered:

We have the right not to care. We not here to secure the future of the Jews. Let me say ,in passing, that I condemn the sensitivity or rather sentimentality that lends its attention to some inconvenience for the Jews and forgets the disasters that have befallen our country because of these people. Moreover, we believe that the British and Americans, who love them so much, will welcome them with joy. Strictly speaking, captain Sezille adds with a smile, as they are Mongols [reference to the Khazars], I would see them in Siberia.

For his part, Louis-Ferdinand Céline refused to answer on the grounds that he had written three books on the subject and that there was now “enough harping on the Jewish question.


Petain and Hitler

The investigator therefore turned to Xavier Vallat, then Commissioner General for Jewish Questions, who explained:

I think we should make some exceptions in the principle of total elimination of the Jew from this country. To deal with the problem too radically, without nuance, one would run the risk of making doing the Jews a service [...]. A responsible government must not govern against its goals.

I thought we should to acknowledge merit and exceptional service.

But I have made no exceptions in the administration, where the danger is greatest. It is completely clean now. In the professions, I set the “numerus clausus” is, I think it, a wise compromise between the need to remove the Jewish peril and the usefulness of not giving the ban an appearance of persecution.

Moreover, all these solutions, by necessity, can not be definitive. People are surprised that we have not yet cleared the national soil of all Jews who encumber us, especially as among the Jews that we have in France, 55 per cent came here within the last thirty years and are not exactly “ours.” I’ve encouraged them to try to return to their country of origin. But how? Many came from Germany, but Germany would not take them back. Returning to the East, Romania, Russia, America? How?

Until the German victory, the question of transfer inevitably suspended.

Nobody here was talking of killing Jews. If it was a question of extermination, it was understood in the first sense, “ex terminus”:

(sending) beyond the border. The “final solution” was always considered as expulsion, mostly in the East. This is precisely what Reich did since 1942. Not unlike French anti-Semites in 1940, the Germans in 1942 never considered killing Jews in a systematic way. Their anti-Semitism was not “genocidal”; it has indeed never been …

Original french text:

« Extermination » des juifs… attention au sens du mot

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 8 years 1 week ago (Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:15 pm)

Six Million – Beware of summary analyzes

Vincent Reynouard, june 2012

The main argument against the revisionist is to say: “If the Jews were not killed, what became of them in 1945?”

Those who use it, usually point to maps published in popular articles or textbooks, where for each country, one can read two numbers: the Jews counted before 1939 and those who remained in 1945 (see this type of document). To this, the revisionists reply that a Jew absent after the war had not necessarily been murdered and was perhaps not even dead.

Emigration, displacement or change of identity can explain many “disappearances “…

80% of Burmese Jews “disappeared” in 1945

An obvious case is that of Burma, occupied by the Japanese between 1940 and 1945. At the beginning of the century, there were about 2500 in the country. Knowing that no crisis had occurred, which could lead to a high rate of emigration, we can assume that in 1939 the population was close to that number. However, after 1945, only 500 Jews were still living in Burma. Should we conclude that the 2000 missing (80% of total) were murdered? No. Fax de Jérusalem et du monde juif tells us that at the beginning of the occupation, the Jews migrated to India and that “Only 500 returned to Burma after the war” [See: Fax de Jérusalem et du monde juif , No. 367, October 26, 2007, p. 13, col. C. : Click here].

Evidence of a significant decline in a population after a war is not necessarily evidence of an organized massacre.

Poland: Many “survivors” remain unknown

The case of Poland is even more interesting. In another issue Fax de Jérusalem et du monde juif tells explains:

In 1945, the number of Jews in Poland was less than 280,000. Most chose to emigrate to Israel or the United States immediately after the war or during anti-Semitic campaigns of the Communist regime in the 50s or even in 1968 [1].

This estimate is consistent with the number of Jews who came from Poland to Israel between 1945 and 1956: 278 000 [See Israël, histoire d’un peuple (Les Éditions Nationale, Jérusalem, 1958 ), map reproduced at the beginning of Chapter 2: click here.]. However, the authors continue:

But many [Polish] Jews who successfully survived by concealing their identities have decided not to change anything in order to protect their children. It was often the case in part-Catholic part-Jewish families or of those who were atheists. The new Polish Jews also want other Jews [...] to stop considering their country as a vast cemetery: “The other Jews must see that there is a reality of Jewish life in Poland,” says Anna Janot-Szymanska, whose sister runs the Jewish Cultural Centre. [2]

This text shows that:

1) In “numerous Jews” of Poland who survived, even after 1945 were no longer officially Jews. All those have therefore “disappeared”, but so far not died. They were right there, alive and well, in Poland;

2) The number was sufficient to maintain a “reality of Jewish life” in Poland.

It would be interesting to know how numerous were these “survivors.”

No serious investigation

I would add that if today fanatics of “Memory” speak of 280,000 Jews in Poland after the war, it is not on the basis of serious statistical research, but because a number very close to it arrived in Israel between 1945 and 1956.

In his work, R. Hilberg devotes nearly four pages to those “murdered” in Poland. [3] But he cites no studies that have been carried out in the field after the war. To reach 3 million people, he relies first of all on the famous “Report Korherr” (German statistician who, in 1942, had been commissioned by Himmler to study the movements of Jewish population in occupied Europe) starting from the principle that, in this internal document, the term “evacuation” was a euphemism for “extermination.”

Then, on the basis of reports of activities found in the archives of the RSHA, he invokes the “open-air shootings” which would account, according to him, for 600,000 victims (p. 1040). 600,000 victims shot and buried, it leaves traces. At least they should … But R. Hilberg does not care. Not one of his references mentions a report of excavations held after the war.

He concludes that in Poland “the number of survivors and deaths from causes unrelated to the Holocaust could not exceed 400,000″ (p. 1041). Subsequently, it was easy to say: 278 000 emigrants after 1945, that means 280,000 survivors (+ 120 000 deaths for reasons other than the “Holocaust”) …


[1] See Fax de Jérusalem et du monde juif , No. 370, January 25, 2008, p. 13, col. B.
[2] See Fax de Jérusalem et du monde juif , No. 370, January 25, 2008, p. 13, col. B and C.
[3] See The destruction of the European Jews (ed. Fayard, 1988), p. From 1037 to 1041.


« 6 millions » ? Méfions-nous des analyses sommaires

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby borjastick » 8 years 1 week ago (Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:29 pm)

And in my own country, England, during the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century millions of Catholics 'disappeared' presumed exterminated. Oh no wait a minute the Catholic church and religion were dismantled and made illegal by the King... Thus almost overnight they changed allegiance to the new Church of England.

At the same time being jewish in Spain and France was a dodgy business and so many came to England, pretended to be Christian observers but held judaism to their bosom in private.
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 7 years 4 months ago (Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:18 am)

Vincent Reynouard

The Truth about Auschwitz

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 7 years 4 months ago (Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:07 am)

Group honouring Canada's war vets now battling French extremists

Police were deployed in the city of Caen last month – just in case – when French youths gathered to lay paper poppies in homage to a Regina Rifles scout who was killed there in 1944.

The local Caen association that organized the ceremony is dedicated to honouring Canada for its role in Normandy. But it is also involved in a legal battle with a notorious French far-right extremist who is using its images in Internet videos denying the Holocaust.

“I wonder what the Canadians who died in France would think,” says Christophe Collet, the French high-school teacher who organized the Caen ceremony. “They liberated France, and 70 years later Nazi ideology is still around.”

A French neo-Nazi ideologue, Vincent Reynouard, has targeted Mr. Collet for his volunteer work at the head of a group that educates youths about Canada’s contribution to the Allied invasion. This association, Westlake Brothers Souvenir, is named after three Toronto brothers – George, Tommy and Albert – who died in combat in June, 1944, a rare occurrence even by world war standards.

For Mr. Reynouard, who has inundated YouTube with more than 120 videos, Mr. Collet typifies what he describes as France’s “state religion” – a cult-like belief, he argues, banning critical thinking about the Holocaust. In one recent 19-minute video, he accuses Mr. Collet of being “intolerant” and “fanatical.”

In an older, 44-minute video, Mr. Reynouard criticizes Mr. Collet’s commemorations for failing to take into account the French civilians who died in the Allied invasion. More controversially, Mr. Reynouard adds there is “no proof” that the gas chambers ever existed.

Mr. Collet stumbled upon this second video when surfing the Net to see what other youth groups were doing ahead of the 70th anniversary of D-Day in June. He said he was shocked to see what came up when he searched for the French terms devoir de mémoire (duty to remember) and jeunesse (youth). “I couldn’t believe it,” he recalls. “The first thing that came up was Nazi propaganda.”

Mr. Collet, who teaches French and geography in a vocational high school, was also distressed to see that Mr. Reynouard had used – he says “hijacked” – some of his association’s images. Most of the footage shows students, some of them tearful, touring the D-Day beaches where so many died, along with other war sites.

Dismissing the notion that taking Mr. Reynouard to court would only publicize his revisionist views, Mr. Collet has decided to take legal action. “What the association is trying to do is to educate young people about the true meaning of citizenship,” he explains. “We can’t say ‘this is Nazi propaganda’ and then turn around and say ‘it’s not so bad.’”

A legal battle was not what Mr. Collet expected in 2006 when he founded Westlake Brothers Souvenir with the aim of paying tribute to the Canadian soldiers who fought and died in his city. “Canada is often overlooked in D-Day commemorations,” he remarks. “A lot is said about the role of the U.S., about the British [but] much less about Canada.”

Westlake Brothers Souvenir last month lodged a complaint in Caen against Mr. Reynouard for alleged denial of crimes against humanity, an offence under French law often referred to as négationnisme. The group filed a second complaint (also in Caen) for illegal use of its images. Six other entities, including a rural municipality and a village, Trévières and Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse, where Canadian troops fought against German forces, are co-plaintiffs.

If Mr. Collet wins in court, Mr. Reynouard could eventually be sent to prison. A French court already convicted him for négationnisme in 2007, and he went to prison in 2010 to serve his one-year sentence.

Although he is a marginal figure, Reynouard’s incarceration attracted some international attention. Hundreds signed a petition to press for his release and the repeal of the French law banning the denial of crimes against humanity. Signatories included U.S. linguist Noam Chomsky and French comedian Dieudonné, notorious for popularizing the quenelle gesture, often described as an inverted Nazi salute.

Mr. Reynouard, a mathematics teacher who was sacked by the French Education Ministry for his views in 1997, has also sparked controversy in Belgium. The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism last month asked Google Belgium and YouTube to withdraw “many” of Mr. Reynouard’s videos from the Internet, arguing they violate Belgian law and YouTube’s “community guidelines” on hate speech. “We’d like to see his clips deleted purely and simply,” explains Joël Rubinfeld, president of the LCBA, the League’s French acronym.

Although Mr. Reynouard’s whereabouts are unknown, it is believed he is living in hiding, in either France or Belgium, with fundamentalist Catholic sympathizers. In one of his recent videos, he declares that he is ready to return to prison, confident his “sacrifice” will not be in vain. “Future generations will know who was the honest man and who were the pathetic liars,” he claims.

Despite the looming court case, Westlake Brothers Souvenir is keen to continue its regular activities. It is set to hold a candlelight vigil on April 12 at the Canadian military cemetery in Bény-sur-Mer, the final resting place of 2,049 people, including the Westlakes and eight other sets of siblings. ... e17727761/

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 7 years 4 months ago (Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:14 pm)

Vincent Reynouard

Argument # 2

The dishonesty of the official historians (I)

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 6 years 6 months ago (Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:00 pm)

In this fascinating video, fearless French revisionist Vincent Reynouard shows us what a real hole looks like in a roof at Auschwitz, then demonstrates that the famous "Zyklon B introduction holes" of the Birkenau "gas chambers" are indeed nowhere to be found. No holes, no Holocaust.

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Re: Vincent REYNOUARD: The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Postby phdnm » 6 years 6 months ago (Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:52 pm)

Vincent Reynouard on The Massacre at Charlie Hebdo: The Unsuspected Reason

With deepest sympathy for the families of the victims, and all respect for the fallen . . . French revisionist Vincent Reynouard responds to the recent massacre in Paris in light of his own experience of repression at the hands of "Charlie Hebdo" itself. Is freedom of expression only for some, or is it guaranteed to all? And why is it so important for the hostile elites in power today to quash all revisionist discussion of the National Socialist period? Vincent Reynouard presents the "unsuspected reason."

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