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code yellow
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Postby code yellow » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Dec 09, 2003 10:49 am)

Hebden wrote:
code yellow wrote:Millions of German civillians and unarmed soilders died, postwar. You will find much well documented information concearning this subject in books by Alfred DeZeyas and James baque.The treatment was beyond inhumane,not to mention Russian atrocities against postwar Germans as well as the Nanking massacre.

Do you own a copy of Other Losses, by Mr. Bacque? We haven't read it, but we've seen a book, Eisenhower And The German POWs - Facts Against Falsehood, which attempts to pull it to pieces.

If you have the book handy, perhaps you could share with us its documentary evidence and we can respond in turn.

Our gut feeling is that Mr. Bacque's book will have to be dropped from the Revisionist canon.
:D Yes,I have a copy of the book.I am interested in what you guys have to say about it,but I will post a thread on a sepparte specific post on the subject.I would hate to think I read and beleaved all this stuff all this time and it was bogus.Sorry Mr. Moderator,I just wanted to answer his question,but I will move this topic to another post specificaly on this topic.

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Postby Guptalicious » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Dec 09, 2003 12:54 pm)

I don't know if Holocaust education is "mandatory" however I do know that all of my nieces and nephews have had units on the Holocaust, usually half a dozen times before they graduate high school.

This involves almost yearly viewings of "Escape from Sobibor" and similar tripe.

Since it is all being done under the guise of anti-racism, it's hard to criticize: "Who, me? But I'm not in favor of racism!" AND SO ON!

I don't know what to make of it but I don't like it.

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Postby Scott » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Dec 09, 2003 1:05 pm)

The Holocaust is nice and convenient to teach in American schools because it points fingers at someone else!

If in the obligatory anti-racism curricula we were discussing slavery then you would always get the, "well, my ancestors fought for the South and they did not own slaves." Nevermind that much of the lynching was not done in the South either. But with the Holocaust it can be everything and nothing. Nazi mad scientists or brown-shirted bullies. Dictators and demons. Witches and warlocks. Accordingly, the Germans were not Nazis either.


Oh, and why is it so important to teach against racism in school? Well, for the same reason that it is important to promote free trade; it reduces a cultural barrier to the global expansion of financial markets and the exploitation of cheap labor.


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Postby mscfs2 » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Apr 18, 2004 2:12 pm)

The question was mandatory Holocaust teaching in public schools.

"Holocaust education is mandatory in public schools in six states -- New Jersey, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois and New York -- and strongly recommended in 10 more. "

The above is copied and pasted from cnn.com/education and I consider them to be a pretty reliable source. The url is:

http://cnnstudentnews.cnn.com/2002/fyi/ ... aust.reut/

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Postby rrohde » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon Apr 19, 2004 11:33 am)

My 12-year-old had to read "Anne Frank's Diary" in back in Elementry School... Seem's they're starting them kids at a young age with this stuff in the USA.

In Middleschool, a visit from a Texan "Holocau$t" Survivor as keynote-speaker was given to 8 graders where the gentleman a) gladly answers all questions and b) shamelessly plugs his book(s) so you (as parent) have to buy it ouf of pitty for his "alleged" survivor stories...

Amazing, that those people are allowed to have an audience of young and impressionable children at all!

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Valued contributor
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Postby Scott » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon Apr 19, 2004 6:38 pm)

"The kids are very interested, especially when they learn about the failure of the United States to do anything to help the Jews in Europe. When they hear that, they get pretty angry," she said.
That is what it is all about, Interventionism. Americans are taught the need for Interventionism in every quagmire imaginable, of which Iraq is only the latest example.


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