How not to defend the Holocaust

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How not to defend the Holocaust

Postby Petschau » 7 years 11 months ago (Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:15 am)

In a conspiracy forum called Godlike Productions, I came upon this thread while doing a search for "Holocaust".
A poster who goes by the name "Historian" challenged the board's poster's to defend the use of survivor testimonies as proof of gas chambers.
It is pretty comical how they stumble over each other to answer his simple questions. ... 950362/pg1

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Re: How not to defend the Holocaust

Postby jheitwler » 7 years 10 months ago (Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:52 am)

Ha! That's pretty funny and pretty typical. "Tons of survivor testimony.....look it up.....I won't do your homework for you...Nazi tard.....Tons of survivors......" The quality of answers you get when you ask simple questions like that is the reason JREF shut down any discussion of the Holocaust. Nick Terry might be able to baffle 'em with his b*******t for a little while but it soon becomes obvious that he and every other defender of the faith are doing a better job at destroying the historical consensus than any of the revisionists.
"First of all there is the fact that if we assume the Holocaust to have happened more or less as told, all the evidence becomes intelligible, while if we assume it was a hoax, most of the evidence does not make any sense." - Robert Jan Van Pelt

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