Testimonies for pulling of gold teeth at Auschwitz

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Testimonies for pulling of gold teeth at Auschwitz

Postby friedrichjansson » 8 years 3 months ago (Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:38 pm)

The extraction of gold teeth is one of the standard features of the holocaust story, both at Auschwitz and to some extent at the Reinhardt camps. How practical would this have been?

All of the sonderkommando witnesses in Gideon Grief's We Wept Without Tears describe the pulling of gold teeth, both in the crematoria and at the bunkers. Leon Cohen claims to have specialized in this task. Here is a passage from his testimony (We Wept Without Tears p. 301):

So you had only half an hour to pull out the gold teeth.
No, less. Only ten minutes.
How many corpses are you talking about?
Let’s see. I have to count . . . Sixty to seventy-five corpses in ten minutes.
How could you pull out teeth from so many bodies so quickly?
It’s definitely possible. You pry the body’s mouth open, look in, and if there aren’t any gold teeth you go onto the next body, and so on. Sometimes it went very fast.
Please tell me exactly how you did your work.
The bodies were prostrate on the floor. First I had to open their mouths. I had to use force to accomplish that. The mouths were tightly closed, so I had to force them open with the pliers. Whenever I noticed a gold tooth, I pulled it out with the second pair of pliers. I used dentist’s pliers to do this. The moment I noticed a gold tooth, I ripped it out with the pliers. We also pulled out false teeth.

So he could deal with one corpse every ten seconds. For every corpse he had to break open the jaw; when there were gold teeth he had to extract them. It's not quite clear to me how pliers are used to open a clenched jaw. Maybe they serve as an impact tool.

Cyanide is noted for producing a firmly locked jaw, which can even happen for still living victims of cyanide poisoning. Some sources for this fact:

Concise Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3rd ed. / RK Sharma, 2011, p. 315
[in cases of cyanide poisoning] Rigor mortis sets in early and lasts longer.

Poisons: Their Effects and Detection by Alexander Blyth, 1906, p. 211
[in poisoning with HCN] "the jaws are so firmly closed that nothing will part them"

Medical Jurisprudence: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by R.A. Witthaus and Tracy C. Becker, volume 4, 1911, p. 815
"Rigor mortis usually sets in early and persists sometimes for days, particularly in the lower jaw."

Nyiszli gives the following account of tooth pulling (Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account, pp. 87-88)

At any rate, the dead were next sent to the “tooth-pulling” kommando, which was stationed in front of the ovens. Consisting of eight men, this kommando equipped its members with two tools, or, if you like, two instruments. In one hand a lever, and in the other a pair of pliers for extracting the teeth. The dead lay on their backs; the kommando pried open the contracted jaw with his lever; then, with his pliers, he extracted, or broke off, all gold teeth, as well as any gold bridgework and fillings. All members of the kommando were fine stomatologists and dental surgeons. When Dr. Mengele had called for candidates capable of performing the delicate work of stomatology and dental surgery, they had volunteered in good faith, firmly believing they would be allowed
to exercise their profession in the camp. Exactly as I had done.
The gold teeth were collected in buckets filled with an acid which burned off all pieces of bone and flesh.

In episode 20 of The World At War at 44:45, Dov Paisikowic mentions the tooth pulling, but in his version there's only one man pulling teeth.

What other sources are there for this story? Do any sonderkommando witnesses not mention it? I tend to think that it's kind of an embarrassment to the orthodoxy - they would like to discard it and the story of human hair used to keep submariners warm along with the human soap and lampshades and the books bound in human skin. It's a bit too reminiscent of the "corpse factory" of WWI. But to discard it would be to declare most (all?) of the sonderkommando witnesses liars and fabricators, and at that point the entire orthodoxy would collapse.

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Re: Testimonies for pulling of gold teeth at Auschwitz

Postby Mkk » 8 years 3 months ago (Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:53 pm)

It gets worse: In Uwe Boll's Auschwitz film the Sonderkommando are seen pulling out all of the teeth (it isn't apparent they are just gold ones) of a man.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L08fBPDn ... re=related

Seems we don't have a proper thread about this film, probably a good idea! Prepare yourself...
"Truth is hate for those who hate the truth"- Auchwitz lies, p.13

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Re: Testimonies for pulling of gold teeth at Auschwitz

Postby Hannover » 8 years 3 months ago (Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:30 pm)

These from another thread.

- Hannover

Hannover wrote:Here's an example of not only the gold teeth canard, but also the corrupt nature of the Nuremberg proceedings.

The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter

Translation of Document R-135

By Carlos Porter


Page 1]

[Note the peculiarities of the certification, which is apparently uniform for all Nuremberg documents. We have deleted it on the other documents posted on this site, but it is very strange: it is not the original certification of the same documentation for the Nuremberg trial, and the "original document" has disappeared.]


Date: [handwritten] 19 July 1948 [Note that the certification is dated well after the first Nuremberg Trial, which ended with the hangings on 16 October 1946. What version of this document did they introduce into evidence 17 times in that same trial at Nuremberg?]

I certify that [handwritten] Document Number R-135 was introduced into evidence as Exhibit Number USA-289 in the Trial by the International Tribunal of Hermann GOERING, et al, which commenced on 20 November 1945, and that the attached photostat [i..e, the original has disappeared] is a true and correct copy of the original [i.e., the original has disappeared].
[handwritten] Fred Niebergall

Chief, Document Control Branch

Page 2]


I hereby certify that the annexed document [handwritten] R-135 No. [handwritten] is a photostat [i.e., it is not an original document] submitted in evidence by the United States Prosecution under this number. The original document has been withdrawn [i.e., it has disappeared] in accordance with Rule 10 of the International Military Tribunal, and to the best of my knowledge and belief is to be held at the National Archives, Washington D.C.
[handwritten] Paul Joosten
Nuremberg, 15 July, 1948 [Again, dated well after the trial.]
General Secretary International Military Tribunal

Page 1 of document R-135 ]

The General Commissar for White Ruthenia Minsk, 5 June 1943
Gauleiter/Ba. Tgb. Nr. [Journal number] 428/43 g.

To the Reichsminister for the occupied Eastern territories
Berlin through the Reichscommissar for the East
Riga Regarding: results until present of the police operation "Cottbus" for the period from 22.6 to 3.7.1943

SS-Brigadeführer, Police Major General v. Gottberg reports that operation "Cottbus" has produced the following results in the above mentioned period:

Enemy deaths 4500
Deaths among suspected partisans 5000
German deaths 59
German wounded 367
Deaths among foreign population 22
Wounded among foreign population 120
Captured partisan gang members 250
Enemy camps destroyed 57
Enemy bunkers destroyed 261
Male labourers arrested 2062
Female labourers arrested 450
Large enemy ships sunk 4
Rafts sunk 22

The following were captured:

1 aircraft, 12 towed gliders, 10 15 cm guns, 2 anti-tank guns, 9 grenade launchers, 23 sub-machine guns, 28 machine guns, 28 machine pistols, 492 rifles, 1,028 grenades and bombs, 1,100 mines, 31,300 rounds of rifle ammunition, 7,300 rounds of pistol ammunition, 1,200 kg explosives, 2 complete radio stations with transmitter, 1 propaganda unit [Bildstelle], 30
parachutes, 67 drays, 530 horses, 1 field kitchen, 430 sleds, large quantities of medications and propaganda material.

The operation affects the area of the General district of White Ruthenia in the area or Borissow. At the same time, it involves the two districts of Begomie and Pleschtschamizy. At the present time, the police troops, together with the army, have advanced to Lake Palik

Page 2]

and have reached the entire front of Beresina. Combat is continuing in the rear areas of the Army. The above mentioned figures show that, once again, a very widespread destruction of the population is to be reckoned with. If only 492 rifles are captured for 4,500 enemy deaths, then this discrepancy shows that these enemy deaths also include numerous peasants from the countryside. The Dirlewanger battalion is especially known for having destroyed numerous lives. There were numerous women and children among the 5000 suspected partisan gang members who were shot.

Upon order of the Chef-s [sic] of the Anti-Partisan Combat Unit, SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach, units of the defence forces [Wehrmannschaften] also participated in the operation. SA Standartenführer Kunze led the defence forces, including 90 members of my authority and the District Commissariat of the City of Minsk. Our men returned from the operation yesterday without losses. I reject any use of officials and Reichs employees of the General Commissariat in the rear area of the Army.
The men active with me were not, after all, regrouped [uk-gestellt in German - misspelling and word division in the middle of the line indicates that the document has been retyped by a non-German], to carry on anti-partisan activities instead of the Army and the police.

Among the defence forces, 1 railway worker was wounded (shot through the lungs). The political effects of these large-scale actions on the peaceful population is devastating as a result of the many shootings of women and children. In December, the city of Begomie was evacuated by the Army and the police. At that time, the population of Begomie was overwhelmingly sympathetic to us. During the combat operations, Begomie, which had been expanded into a support base by the partisans, was destroyed by the German Air Force.

The General Commissar in Minsk

Signed signature [!!!]

[This notation, extremely common among Nuremberg Trial documents, indicates that the document has been retyped by unknown persons. The document is a "photocopy" of a retyped "copy" which is not even "certified" by the authority which retyped it! We do not even know if it was retyped by a Russian, an American, or what. It was retyped on a German typewriter, since it contains umlauts and the sharp S. ]

Page 3]

Court prison Minsk, 31.5.1943
To the General Commissar for White Ruthenia
Minsk Regarding: Jewish actions With reference to: oral report of 31.5.1943

On 13 April 1943 the German former dentist Ernst Israel Tichauer and his wife Elisa Sara Tichauer, born Rosenthal, were handed over to the SD (Hauptscharführer Rübe) at the court prison. Since this time, the gold bridges, crowns, and fillings [Blomben - a non-existent German word] have been extracted or broken out of the German and Russian Jews delivered [to the prison]. This occurs 1 -2 hours before the action involved.

516 German and Russian Jews have been killed since 13 April 1943. According to a more exact reckoning, however, the gold material was only extracted during 2 actions, on 172 [Jews] on 14.4.43 and 164 [Jews] on 27.4.43. Approximately 50% of the Jews had gold teeth, bridges or fillings [Blomben]. Hauptscharführer Rübe of the SD was present on each occasion and even took the gold material away with him.

This was not done before 13 April 1943.

Signed Günther [Note: the "signature" is typewritten.]

Prison Administrator

Page 4]

[Note: this page is a "negative photostat", indicating that it the photocopy was not made from the original document, and that the archives do not possess the originals of the other pages. ]

The General Commissar for White Ruthenia Minsk, 1 June 1943
Gauleiter/Wa. Tgb.Nr. 414/43.g. Secret! [typewritten: there are no stamps on the document.]

To the Reichsminister for the Occupied Eastern territories
Berlin Through the Reichscommissar for the Eastern territory
Riga Regarding: Jewish actions in the prison of Minsk

I am forwarding the attached official report from the prison administrator of the prison of Minsk for your information.
The General Commissar in Minsk,

Signed Signature [!!!]

Annex To I/1168/43/g.

Page 5]

Copy [!] The Reichscommissar for the Eastern Territory Riga, 18.6.43 Tgb.No. 3628/43 g.
Secret! To the Reichsminister for the occupied Territories Berlin

The attached secret reports, which deserve special attention, have been received from General commissar Kübe [note misspelling: it is Rübe in the previous pages].

That Jews are being executed [sonderbehandelt] merits no further discussion. But that things happen at the same time such as those described in the report from the General commissar, seems hardly credible. What is Katyn compared to that? Just imagine what would happen if such goings-on became known on the other side! Such propaganda would probably remain ineffective only because listeners and readers would be unprepared to believe it.

Even the anti-partisan activities are taking on a form which is highly objectionable if pacification and exploitation of the individual territories is the aim of our policy. Thus, those killed among suspected partisan members, given as 5,000 in the report dated 5.6.43 relating to operation "Cottbus", in my opinion, with few exceptions, were suitable for labour in the Reich.

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that it is very difficult to distinguish friend from enemy in view of the difficulties in understanding which arise during such purge operations. But it is possible to avoid atrocities and to bury the liquidated persons. Locking men, women, and children in barns and setting fire to them does not appears to me to be a suitable method of fighting partisans, even if one wishes to exterminate the population. This method is not worthy of the German people, and does enormous harm to our reputation.

I request that suitable measures be taken.

Signed signature [!!!]

[This preposterous "document" was "quoted" no less than 17 times during the First Nuremberg Trial alone, and is constantly rehashed in Hoaxoco$t literature. We know of no better example of proof that the so-called Holocau$t is lies, all lies, and nothing but lies. The certification post-dates the trial; the original document has disappeared; the exhibit is a "photostat" of a retyped "copy" of a forgery, with "signed signature" written out in the body of the document itself, probably of Russian origin.]

Hannover wrote:courtesy of:
Reichswirtschaftsminister Funk did not know anything about any Jewish gold when he was asked by the judge in Nürnberg, he was surprised after having seen a film with golden teeth.

Mr. Puhl, a director of The German Reichsbank, explained how US-soldiers came to the empty bank building in Frankfurt and ordered for him to give them bags with the Reichsbank's name on, and how they the next day came with the same bags full with gold and golden teeth, jewels and other valuables and demanded this to be lock into the strongroom. The strongroom was locked, cameras were set up, the strongroom opened
and the bags fetched out and filmed.

According to 'Ha-Am', a special interest judeo-supremacist student publication, the October '98 issue of 'Harper's Magazine' states:
"During WWII, a single SS soldier amassed 1,640 pounds of gold from stolen jewelry and dental fillings".

'holocau$t' absurdities just never end.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Testimonies for pulling of gold teeth at Auschwitz

Postby Toshiro » 8 years 3 months ago (Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:02 am)

How about this nonsense:

http://books.google.com/books?id=bA5nAA ... rch_anchor

The gold and silver teeth are detailed in a delivery list from the German Reich Bank to the Prussian State Mint in 1944 which lists more than 120,000 gross kilograms of gold and silver teeth.

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