Father Desbois & the Reinhardt TRANSIT camps - The Roma Road

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Father Desbois & the Reinhardt TRANSIT camps - The Roma Road

Postby hermod » 4 years 10 months ago (Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:06 pm)

The Roma road to Russia through the Bug river.

Father Desbois patently ignores what the words "Bug river" mean in the "Holocaust by gas" mythology. If he didn't, he wouldn't have published those testimonies explaining "resettlement in the East" really meant "resettlement in the East" and wasn't an alleged Nazi euphemism for "gassing in killing centers in Poland"...

Note: Transnistria was not only for Romas. That was also a "Jewish reservation" during WW2. The Institute for Jewish Affairs claimed Transnistria was an extermination center for "one million Jews" when the Holocaust narrative was still under elaboration (http://www.jta.org/1942/04/21/archive/r ... ansnistria).

"But, however the world pretends to divide itself, there are ony two divisions in the world to-day - human beings and Germans. – Rudyard Kipling, The Morning Post (London), June 22, 1915

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Re: Father Desbois & the Reinhardt TRANSIT camps - The Roma

Postby Hannover » 4 years 10 months ago (Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:56 pm)

I had a look at the video and besides hermod's comments, here are my observations:

- Actually, some nice music, meant to condition the viewer, of course.

- Revisionists do not question that gypsies were deported, they were and still are considered a criminal element throughout Europe. In fact even one of the 'survivors' slips up and states that the Romanian police were involved in the deportations, it was not just a German phenomenon.

- The typical case of endless 'survivors' and 'eyewitnesses' which would not occur if what is claimed was true.

- We have a thoroughly discredited charlatan, Father Desbois* essentially putting words in the mouths of these claimed 'eyewitnesses' & 'survivors'.

- We have extremely elderly, senile gypsies spouting off allegations which cannot be matched with physical or authentic documentary proof.

- The specific tales from these elderly gypsies are contradictory and patently absurd.

- There's '20 -30 families were put into holes (bunkers), where roofs were added, they supposedly lived there awhile, but were eventually killed'. Why would that even occur if the plan was to kill them?

- We have a tale that those not killed literally 'walked on masses of corpses on their way to get water'. Right, an alleged war crime and those supposedly responsible for it simply allowed people to go about their way walking on corpses. Bizarre & laughable, to say the least.

- There's another beauty where it's said that 'those not killed had to eat the flesh of the dead'. Need I say more? Except perhaps they shouldn't have even been alive if the lies were true.

- We also hear that the gypsies 'were thrown into pits and burned with [extremely scarce war time] gasoline'. How does one 'walk upon the bodies' of incinerated corpses said to have been in a pit? And where are the excavations of these alleged mass graves? Do gypsies use the same false embarrassing excuse as Jews, that their religion allegedly forbids exhumation of their remains?

- Ah, then we hear what probably has some factual basis, that being typhus epidemics. Typhus epidemics were commonplace during WWII. However, no chance for bizarre exaggeration is missed as one elderly lady says that they routinely woke up with corpses laying next to them ... but yet she was not infected.

- We also have a statement that gypsies were put on 'collective farms', which to me implies communist involvement. Hmm, something to think about with that one.

- Note the producer of this propaganda, 'Roma Ministry", or some such. This represents a compromising, clear conflict of interest. It's in a Roma Ministry's self interest to condition the elderly to say what is desired. There are huge amounts of money involved here. The so called 'holocaust' and it's associated cast have made an industry of WWII allegations and raking in extortion money.

- Again, nowhere in this video do we see a single mass grave as alleged. Not one.

To the rational mind there is a complete lack of compelling information in this video. The music does have it's simplistic charm.

- Hannover

* Charlatan Desbois debunked, just a few examples:
Hannover @ "Holocaust by Bullets: Uncovering the Reality of Genocide"
Hannover @ Father Patrick Desbois' "Holocaust by Bullets"
Hannover @ Einsatzgruppen mass murder proof??? / Desbois
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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