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Re: quora.com / Tim O'Neill: Nazis never denied 'holocaust' / WRONG

Postby Hektor » 2 years 8 months ago (Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:01 pm)

Hannover wrote:In adding Himmler to this list see:

'Norbert Masur's report on his talk with Heinrich Himmler 1945'

- Hannover

And it goes like this:

And Himmler continued: "In order to stop the epidemic, we were forced to cremate the bodies of the many people that died of the disease. That was the reason we had to build the crematoria, and now, because of this everybody wants to tighten the noose around our neck." This was the most convulsing try by Himmler to cover up his deeds. I loathed this explanation of the crematoria to such an extent that I could only remain silent.....

...Himmler then got to the subject of the concentration camps. "The bad reputation of these camps was because of the unfortunate choice of names for them, that was a mistake, we should have called them ‘educational camps’. There were not only Jewish and political prisoners in the camps, but also criminal elements, who were detained after they served their sentence in prison. Because of this, in 1941, a war year, Germany had the lowest crime rate in decades. The prisoners had to perform heavy labor but that was true of the German people too. The treatment in the camps was sever but just." I interrupted: " But one cannot deny that many atrocities occurred in the camps," to which he answered:" I have to admit that this happened, but I then punished the guilty."...

Himmler continued on: "It was my intention to turn over the concentration camps without defending them, as I had promised. I turned over Bergen Belsen and Buchenwald, but I got no thanks for this. In Bergen Belsen they tied up a guard and photographed him with a few prisoners who had just died. And such pictures are now being published all over the world press. I also turned over Buchenwald without a struggle. Suddenly the advancing American tanks opened fire, hit the hospital building which consisted of a wooden barrack, and which of course caught on fire, burned down completely and the burned corpses were later photographed. With these kind of pictures the world press is now printing hate propaganda. When I released 2700 Jews into Switzerland yea ths also resulted in a press campaign again me personally. It was written that I only released these people in order to establish an alibi for myself. I do not need an alibi as I only did what I thought was necessary for my people,

Notably no gassing allegations are made, Not even by Masur himself. Auschwitz is mentioned though in the Masur text several times.

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