Legitimate Nazi Atrocities

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Re: Legitimate Nazi Atrocities

Postby Hektor » 6 months 4 days ago (Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:52 pm)

Hannover wrote:
NSDAP wrote:I can see that the Einsatzgruppen were used to protect the army from Partisans and did commit atrocities due to fear, orders and confusion. The horror that eludes us to explain is the massacre at Lidice after the assassination of SS-Obergruppenführer
Heydrich. The deaths of 340 people is not comparable to what the Allies did in Dresden or what the US did with their Atomic bombs, but no amount of soul searching can justify this action. If anyone can help that would be appreciated.

1. children were not murdered, the claim is 100% BS, the statue is pure propaganda
2, the men shot were considered to be in league with communist terrorists / 'partisans' who executed the murder of Heydrich, not exactly nice, but quite different from the propaganda spread about Lidice
3. in spite of what many are led to believe, the men shot were not Jews, there is no 'holocaust' connection
4. the numbers alleged have changed drastically and are extremely contradictory,

NSDAP, your Lidice information & photos are classic propaganda, easily debunked.
Wikipedia, I assume*

Yet that allegation is made from time to time.

Maillé massacre

Following an ambush a few days before and in reprisals against activities of the French Resistance, Second Lieutenant Gustav Schlüter and his men organized the massacre and burnt the village. Forty-eight children were among the dead. The SS unit believed to be responsible for the massacre is the SS-Feldersatzbataillon 17 of 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen (Lieb, 2007).

Folks, I searched for more information on this, but to not much of avail. Something is fishy in this meal.

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Re: Legitimate Nazi Atrocities

Postby Hannover » 6 months 4 days ago (Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:11 pm)

In the Zionist controlled Wikipedia link this is certainly revealing:
Gustav Schlüter was condemned in absentia in Bordeaux in 1953, yet he died peacefully at his home in Germany in 1965 (Chevereau & Forlivesi, 2005; Delahousse, 2008; Payon, 1945).
- "Condemned" by who?

- "Condemned" by a court of law? Are there proceedings to review?

- Were there "witness" statements? If so, was there cross examination of those witnesses. Where are the verbatim transcripts?

- Why wasn't SS Schuler prosecuted, executed?

And then from the absurd Wikipedia link we see:
a memorial museum Maison du Souvenir has been open to the general public in the Café Métais
- The link shows no such thing.

- In a cafe? LOL

Note this quote:
The next morning, Maillé was closed off by German forces. One artillery piece was destroyed by the attacking RAF. The first farms were then set on fire and their residents killed.
- So then, the British RAF bombed the area.

- It all smells of a British RAF attack gone bad, as in 'collateral damage'. No wonder there was no prosecution.

It's easy to to expose lies simply by looking for proof of their claims.

If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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