The Greatest Story Never Told

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Re: The Greatest Story Never Told

Postby Hektor » 2 years 1 month ago (Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:34 pm)

The Goy wrote:This is my first comment/post on CODOH, so I want to start by saying hello.
Now, I will admit that I was once a believer in the German atrocities that have been peddled for over 70 years. Then (and I can't remember how or why), I came across TGSNT on YouTube. I sat in shock and awe over two nights, trying to absorb what I was seeing. If what I saw was correct, then I had been lied to my entire life (I'm 45).

Welcome to Codoh Forum.
I watched it a while ago. While a lot of it is true, I wouldn't give it a 5 star rating. I found several things problematic in a documentary.
That main stream sources misrepresent the era and National Socialism is however beyond reasonable doubt.
Not all of those people (journalists, historians) are lying, but were brought up in a certain environment were the narrative was already grossly distorted.

The Goy wrote:Never one to shy away from looking for extra evidence, this documentary has lead me to countless videos, audio files and masses of books.
I am now totally convinced that Hitler and the NSDAP have been made out to be evil incarnate by the Allies and their Zionist companions.
I wish to thank Mr. Wise, all the authors that I have read (and checking their footnotes) plus this site for opening my eyes to the greatest single travesty and injustice heaped upon a single nation in modern history.

That's indeed the case. This was also clear to insiders at the time. Here is the attempt of Horace Rumbold, a British diplomat to take a more objective stance on the matter: ... dApril1933
I've been brought up with the conventional narrative in media and educational system. But I recall Germans, former prisoners of war, people from occupied countries, that were grown ups during world war two and they sketched an astonishingly different picture. Well, they don't paint it lily-White neither. But point out that they found many things positive until the war and that they never experienced any of the stories that are still repeatedly featured in the media, only heard about those things later.

That the Holocaust is a psy-ops can actually be demonstrated relatively easy by showing the involvement of psychological warfare units in the emergence of its narrative and the various sources on it have a vested interest in portraying things in a certain way.

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