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Archaeology in the news

Postby Dolma » 7 years 3 weeks ago (Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:16 pm)

These cracked me up when I read them:

300,000-year-old firepit found in Israel

Full of ash and charred bones, the 6.5 feet wide hearth... ... 91822.html

Oh the irony! (Comment not necessary.)

Remains of 55 bodies found near former Florida reform school

"This is precisely why excavation was necessary," said USF [University of South Florida] professor Erin Kimmerle, head of the research project.

"The only way to truly establish the facts about the deaths and burials at the school is to follow scientific processes"


"Locating 55 burials is a significant finding, which opens up a whole new set of questions for our team," said Kimmerle. ... 08887.html

So archaeologists can locate 55 individual graves at this small site, but they can't locate even one of the 55 alleged huge mass graves at the small sites of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka? (Which, according to David Irving, contain over 2.5 million bodies!) Oh the irony!

And there's more irony here than meets the eye. The University of South Florida is the home of the imoral fraud Philip Reeder. See how he is connected to this topic here:
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