Sobibor ~ archaeological work finds new info.

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Don Worth
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Re: Sobibor ~ archaeological work finds new info.

Postby Don Worth » 6 years 4 months ago (Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:26 pm)

I feel like I am an investigator in a criminal forensic laboratory," Haimi, 51, said near his home in southern Israel this week, a day before departing for another dig in Poland. "After all, it is a murder scene." Over five years of excavations, Haimi has been able to remap the camp and has unearthed thousands of items. He hasn't found anything about his family, but amid the teeth, bone shards and ashes through which he has sifted, he has recovered jewelry, keys and coins that have helped identify some of Sobibor's formerly nameless victims. The heavy concentration of ashes led him to estimate that far more than 250,000 Jews were actually killed at Sobibor.

Haimi claims to have found actual human teeth at Sobibor? That would be a first for the Reinhard camps, wouldn't it?

And " far more than 250,000 Jews were actually killed at Sobibor?" That's strange considering what The National Association of Forensic Historians details about the archeological findings at Sobibor:

It is alleged in orthodox historiography that, during WW II - hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people were buried in numerous “huge mass graves” at the four very small, precisely known locations of - Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II. (Yad Vashem alleges that over two million people died at these four sites.) However, despite all the deceptive allegations / insinuations to the contrary, the simple truth is; the largest of the - four - extant so-called “huge mass graves” ever located / proven to exist at these four sites - in which actual, verified human remains have literally / truly been physically unearthed / tangibly located by archaeologists / forensic investigators - by means of bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented archaeology / forensic science, contains the remains of - only six bodies!

Note: All four of the so-called “huge mass graves” were excavated at Sobibor and contain a grand total of - ten - skeletons. It has also been admitted about at least one of the four “huge mass graves” that: “It is as yet unclear whether or not the grave dates to the period in which the camp operated.” In regard to the unsubstantiated claims of other “huge mass grave” discoveries at Sobibor; it should also be noted here that the fraudulently alleged “mound of ashes” monument at Sobibor has obviously been located / proven to exist - but it has yet to be proven that it currently contains so-much-as an iota of human remains. Additionally, the unethical archaeologists who conducted ground penetrating radar investigations at Sobibor and Treblinka - have fraudulently concealed all but a fraction of their obviously exculpatory findings.

They're averaging the discovery of 2 bodies found per actual grave that has been proven to actually exist.

"far more than 250,000 Jews were actually killed at Sobibor" my ass.

At this rate, they will discover the remains of 30 bodies at Sobibor, and that is still without proving that even one of them was a Jew or that "the grave dates to the period in which the camp operated."

And people wonder why some call it The Holohoax.

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