Why Zyklon-B??

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Mad Mac
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Why Zyklon-B??

Postby Mad Mac » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Jan 30, 2004 4:45 pm)

As a direct question to any of the "true-believers", if the Germans were so efficient and so methodical in their pursuit of the "final $olution", why wasn't Sarin gas used at the camps? Sarin is by far a more efficient killing instrument, especially when compared to HCN. Since it was invented in c.1938, in Germany, it would seem to be the first can off the shelf, so to speak. It requires no additional pre-work and it is guaranteed to kill, the first time, every time. However, according to folklore, the Nazis chose the much more inefficient Zyklon-B which requires heat and additional time for the chemical reaction to produce gas in sufficient quantities to kill humans.

Maybe next time, the Jews will think it through and make their story a little harder to disprove.

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Valuable asset
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Postby Turpitz » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Jan 30, 2004 5:32 pm)

As I have stated before. The Zionist's stories are always based around something, then they twist it around to suit their needs.

The reason Zyklon-B was said to have been used is easy. It is simply because, it was there in the camps for delousing/fumigation purposes. If the Jews had said it was Sarin, then that would be very easy to disprove, whereas to try to deny Zyklon-B was not being used in the camps would be impossible, because it was. Although for good intentions, not bad ones.

So you see, they have taken time to consider how to compose their web of lies. They have taken something designed and used to stop the spread of disease (Typhus mainly), and fabricated the biggest hoax and swindle the world has ever witnessed out of it.

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