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Postby Sailor » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Feb 08, 2004 9:17 am)

Turpitz wrote:
(Germany is not a free country, not a democracy, but a "stupid"-cracy of flunkies, which one should turn his back on as quickly as possible.)

What is he meaning then Sailor ?

It is a reference to the recent Hohmann scandal in Germany, the strangle hold which Jewish Zionists hold over Germany and the slave like behaviour of its political power elite.

Martin Hohmann, a member of the German Parliament, announced in a public speech, that the German people cannot be labelled the eternal "Tätervolk" (nation of perpetrators) because of its history, because then the Jewish people could also be called a "nation of perpetrators" because of its history. And he, Hohmann, of course absolutely rejects this.

One of the top German Generals, Brigade-General Reinhard Günzel, Chef der Elite-Truppe KSK, backed Hohman up on this in a letter which became public.

The Israel ambassador and also Paul Spiegel, bossman of the German Jewish council, requested immediately the dismissal of these people, because of their "ant-Semitic" statements.

Subsequently Günzel was dimissed by his boss, defense minister Stuck, as being "insane", and Hohman was dismissed from parliament and as far as I know also expelled from his party.

Anyone who reads Hohmann's speech cannot possibly say, that it is anti-Semitic, but the reaction by politicians and media indicates, that they did not even read the man's speech, are prejudiced. and indicate their instinctive attitude towards obedient slavery.

Lummert feels, that both the member of parliament and the general represented and defended the interest of their country, which also should have been the case of the defense minister and the other politicians, as well as the media.

The German people reacted rather upset about these dismissals and objected. It made no difference.


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