defining a so called 'Holocaust Survivor'

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defining a so called 'Holocaust Survivor'

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Tue Feb 03, 2004 9:36 pm)

Here is an interesting look at what makes a so called 'holocaust survivor'. This is via Dr. Ingrid Rimland and one of her reknowned 'ZGrams'. Dr. Rimland prefaces the article which follows by Ian MacDonald.

Comments invited.

- Hannover
ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

February 3, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Ian Macdonald is a one-time diplomat with vast experience across
cultures in many countries where he worked. For as long as I've been
on the Net, I enjoyed watching his fine mind shine reason and
balance unto a complicated problem.

Below you have such a sample. The only phrase I would find imprecise
is " free the Jews from Hitler's clutches" because it buys into
the an all-too-common simplification that World War II was fought "to
rescue Jews." Nothing could be farther from the truth!

There are many, many writers who have pointed out that there were
other reasons, far more compelling - two of the major ones being the
very real threat of Communism poised to swallow up Europe, and
Hitler's simple, economic plan to give "thumbs down" to usury.

Now one might argue that both social issues sprang from Jewish
brains, but it does not follow that the humanitarian impulse was the
causal factor for the Allied side that made some fifty-plus countries
sign up so willingly to volunteer their sons for slaughter. In fact,
had gentile self-interest and common sense prevailed, the opposite
would have been true.


Editor, Letters February 2, 2004

Defining "Holocaust Survivor"

Isobel Vincent ("Who is a Holocaust Survivor" January 24, 2004)
should have informed the reader, prior to attacking the subject of
"Holocaust Survivors", what definition of "Jew" she applies in
conferring "Survivor" status, since according to media practice over
the past 30 years the term is applicable only to Jewish "survivors",
not to Gentiles, even though hundreds of thousands or more in the
latter category, mostly German Christians, perished in the literal
holocaust of the Allied terror bombing campaign. So far, the only
plausible comprehensive definition of a Jew I have seen is "someone
who calls himself a Jew", all other simple definitions based on race
and religion failing miserably to embrace more than a minority of
World Jewry.

Without an acceptable definition of Jew, the study of survivordom
obviously begins with a handicap that severely prejudices the quality
of any conclusions derived therefrom. Even if this problem were
overcome, there remains, as Ms Vincent herself points out, the more
vexing challenge of what special war-time experience of authenticated
"Jews" would qualify them for "survivor" status, hence compensation.
The next hurdle is to verify the claims and to explain why Jews
should be so richly rewarded when others sacrificed far more
(ironically in many cases risking, and losing, their lives to free
the Jews from Hitler's clutches while the Jews themselves enjoyed
safety and comfort, treacherously working for the German war effort,
including the production of munitions used to kill their guileless
liberators. Far better that the surplus funds be awarded to these
courageous Gentiles and their families).

As for the "Battle for Restitution" and the implication that Jews had
not been adequately compensated for their alleged wartime losses,
surely Ms Vincent writes with tongue in cheek. Anyone who has read
"The Holocaust Industry" by Norman Finkelstein and has even the most
rudimentary powers of observation will be aware that Jewish
"survivors" have been rewarded many times over, beginning with
emergency assistance upon "liberation" and continuing with payment of
inflated individual claims by the German Government (generally with
"no questions asked" to avoid charges of "anti-semitism"), followed
by "pensions" and massive payments to Israel, financed directly or
indirectly by German and North American taxpayers, which now amount
to a trillion dollars, or far more if Palestinian real estate and
impunity from prosecution are included. World War II, whether or not
contrived by Zionist Jews to have the Christian nations destroy each
other, enabled them to prosper and seize power beyond their wildest
dreams. As if that were not sufficient, ingrate-supreme Edgar
Bronfman, using the World Jewish Congress as a platform, extorted
over a billion dollars from the Swiss banks by threatening to have
them excluded from American financial markets unless they "refunded"
the fictitious "dormant balances" from the accounts of alleged
victims of the "Holocaust" (I asked a Swiss official why the banks
would pay a claim that was so self-evidently fraudulent. He replied
that it was a hard-headed business decision, based on the fact that
the banks would lose far more had they not complied).

The general perception, at least among Gentiles, of a "Holocaust
survivor" is of a person who was consigned to a "death camp" and
"miraculously" escaped the gas chamber only through sheer ingenuity,
pluck or Divine Intervention, to become part of a "tiny remnant" of
former European Jewry, bravely battling seemingly insuperable odds to
reach a "safe haven" in Palestine. Ms Vincent attempts to perpetuate
this image by reference to the "Six Million Jews murdered in the
Holocaust", although this enormous figure, along with the "gas
chamber" legend, has long since been discredited as unbridled,
mendacious, anti-German hate propaganda (the British Foreign Office
dismissed the mega-gassings as "just another attempt by the Jews to
stoke us up" and, more significantly, Winston Churchill, arguably the
best informed individual on either side of the conflict, pointedly
omitted any reference to the "gas chambers", the sine qua non of
Extermination validity, in his detailed "History of the Second World
War" - an impossibility had there been any substance to the claim.

So before trying to decide "Who is a Holocaust Survivor", Ms Vincent
should define not only "Who is a Jew", but "what, exactly, is the
so-called Holocaust". With 4.4 million "survivors" and absence of
forensic evidence of gassings, it can no longer be defined as the
"Extermination of Six Million Jews, mostly in Hitler's Gas Ovens", as
the Zionists, and their co-conspiratorial media handmaidens, would
have it.

Ian V. Macdonald
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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