Soviet "continuing disinformation work"...except during WW2

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Soviet "continuing disinformation work"...except during WW2

Postby hermod » 6 years 7 months ago (Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:29 am)

Here under is a 1983 article about the Soviet "continuing disinformation work", defining disinformation as "a planned scheme of deceit, often supported by fake documents, to discredit a nation or group" and stating that "Soviet intelligence does play the disinformation game constantly". Knowing that a large part of what is know as the "Holocaust" comes from Soviet wartime 'information' (for instance, Karl Wolff, the liaison officer between Hitler and Himmler, first heard of the extermination of Jews when reading the Soviet 'report' about Majdanek in Swiss newspapers, according to what he said at Nuremberg in 1947), it's interesting to know that the Soviets played "the disinformation game constantly". It seems that the only period of time when they said the truth, the only and undeniable truth, was during WW2. Or in other words, Soviet disinformation became information when the USSR was on the side of the Western democracies. The rest of the time, Soviet sources were unreliable and Soviet 'reports' were lies, lies and bigger lies...

Of course, as post-war Western democracies are based on systematical Reductio ad Hitlerum, the article below also (and unsurprisingly) mentioned Goebbels' alleged "Big Lie" technique (as if Hitler hadn't used those words in Mein Kampf to depict the deceitful tricks used by Jews in debates) and depicted Holocaust revisionism as an "absurd" campaign of disinformation with "a facade of scholarship" from "anti-Semitic" organizations.

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