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Postby Hebden » 1 decade 7 years ago (Thu Feb 19, 2004 9:33 pm)

Thu 19 Feb 2004

4:01pm (UK)
Honorary Knighthood for Nazi Hunter Wiesenthal

By Peter Archer, Court Correspondent, PA News

Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal has been awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen, Downing Street announced today.

The award – Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire – is in recognition of a lifetime of service to humanity through his work to bring the Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice.

Commenting on the award, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said: “This is a most important honour. Mr Wiesenthal, who was 95 on December 31, has been untiring in his service to the Jewish communities in the UK and elsewhere by helping to right at least some of the awful wrongs of the Holocaust.

“If there is one name which symbolises this vital coming to terms with the past it is Simon Wiesenthal’s.

“In making this award, we also have in mind the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in preserving the memory of the Holocaust and fostering tolerance and understanding, ideals that are more relevant than ever in the present day.”

The knighthood, conferred by the Queen on the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, honours those who have made an important contribution to British interests.

The award will be presented by Britain’s ambassador in Vienna at a later date.

Mr Wisenthal founded the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in 1977, as an international Jewish human rights organisation dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach and social action.

The Centre has helped Jews in Britain to pursue restitution claims. The main body of its work is focussed on the countries where extermination camps were set up and on places to which perpetrators of the Holocaust escaped.

Because Mr Wiesenthal is not a British citizen he will not be styled “Sir” Simon but will be able to use the letters “KBE” after his name.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Thu Feb 19, 2004 10:30 pm)

Ah yes, the same Simon Wiesenthal who:

1. believes in Nazi human soap:
"During the last weeks of March (1946), the Romanian press reported an unusual piece of news: in the small Romanian city of Folticini, 20 boxes of soap were buried in the Jewish cemetery with full ceremony and complete funeral rites. This soap had been found recently in a former German army depot. On the boxes were the initials RIF 'pure Jewish fat'. These boxes were destined for the Waffen SS. The wrapping paper revealed with completely cynical objectivity that this soap was manufactured from Jewish bodies.
Surprisingly, the thorough Germans forgot to describe whether the soap was produced from children, girls, men or elderly persons... After 1942, people in the General Gouvernement knew quite well what the RIF meant. The civilized world may not believe the joy with which the Nazis and their women in the General Gouvernement thought of this soap.
In each piece of soap they say a Jew who had been magically put there, and had they been prevented from growing into a second Freud, Ehrlich, or Einstein... The burial of this soap in a Romanian village may be reminiscent of the supernatural. The bewitched suffering contained in this small object of everyday utility shatters the already-hardened human heart of the 20th century.
In the Atomic Age, the return of the darkest witch's cauldron of the Middle Ages may appear ghostly. And yet it is the truth!"

Simon Wiesenthal, Der neue Weg, Vienna, no. 17/18, 1946.

2.makes phoney pictures from photos:

a Wiesenthal 'painting'

copied from a photo of executed Germans:

3. gives his sleazy name to the 'Wiesenthal Center', which is a veritable collection of fake photos, false representations of events, and is a judeo-centric profit oriented theme park that skims off millions from the US taxpayers

Yep, that's Simon Wiesenthal, now KBE. Knighthood has certainly been reduced in stature. Now perhaps Slimin' Simon will tell Poodle Blair where those damned WMDs are?

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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