complete content of The Revisionist, v.1, no.1 now online

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complete content of The Revisionist, v.1, no.1 now online

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Thu Feb 26, 2004 7:06 pm)

The complete content of The Revisionist v.1, no.1 now online at:


At the Dawn of a New Era, by Germar Rudolf, p. 2

Open Air Incinerations in Auschwitz: Rumor or Reality?

Ground Water in the Area of the POW camp Birkenau, by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Gärtner, Dipl.-Ing. Werner Rademacher, p. 3
"Cremation Pits" and Ground Water Levels in Birkenau, by Carlo Mattogno, p. 13
Auschwitz: The Dwindling Death Toll

How many deaths at Auschwitz?, by Dr. Robert Faurisson, p. 18
Cautious Mainstream Revisionism, by Germar Rudolf, p. 23
Auschwitz: Fritjof Meyer's New Revisions, by Carlo Mattogno, p. 30
Poison Gas Über Alles, by Friedrich Paul Berg, p. 37

Certainty about Werner Heisenberg, by Dr. Gerhard Sommer, p. 47

The Hole in the Door, by Hans Pedersen, p. 52

WW II: Whose War was it?, by Prof. Emil Schlee, p. 56

New Aspects of Andreij Vlassov, by Wolfgang Strauss, p. 63

Was the Me262 the First Airplane to Break the Sound Barrier?, by André Chelain, p. 69

The Unknown Famine Holocaust, by Wolfgang Pfitzner, p. 71

The Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction, by Germar Rudolf, p. 75

Swing Dancing "Verboten", by Eberhard Wardin, p. 81

A Look Back at Revisionism, by Ernst Manon, p. 83

Book Reviews

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers: Bryan Mark Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, by Jörg Berger, p. 97
The Russians in Berlin in 1945: Antony Beevor, The Fall of Berlin 1945, by Ernst Gauss, p. 98
Robert Jan van Pelt, The Case for Auschwitz
Van Pelt’s Plea against Sound Reasoning, by Robert H. Countess, Ph.D., p. 99
World War I Atrocity Propaganda and the Holocaust, by Paul Grubach, p. 104
Why the USA Wages War in the Gulf Region: Stephen Pelletiere, Iraq and the International Oil System, by Robert H. Countess, Ph.D., p. 109
Jewish Co-Responsibility for Jewish Persecution in 1941: Bogdan Musial, "Konterrevolutionäre Elemente sind zu erschießen.", by Germar Rudolf, p. 111
Research News

How the United States started the Vietnam War, by Wolfgang Pfitzner, p. 114
From the Records of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, by Germar Rudolf, p. 115
Short News, p. 118
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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