Vincent Reynouard on the Nevada Gas Chamber

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Vincent Reynouard on the Nevada Gas Chamber

Postby Kladderadatsch » 5 years 2 months ago (Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:00 am)

. . . aaand I did another one:

Vincent likes to mix it up with his trolls, I don't know how well it all translates. But I thought the stuff about the Nevada gas chamber was interesting enough to make it worth giving it a go. It's nothing major, just a little curiosity kicking around in the giant junk shop of the Holohoax.

At any rate, once you've watched it you'll know how to respond if anyone ever tries to "Loupi Smith" you with the Nevada gas chamber story.

As always, if you spot anything to fix, etc., let me know. TIA.
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