two British decodes of Police Batallion 320

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Re: two British decodes of Police Batallion 320

Postby Hektor » 2 months 1 week ago (Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:58 pm)

Thames Darwin wrote:....
I believe your points were the following:

* The communist Soviets found the 'Jaeger Report' fifteen years after the alleged event.

Not exactly. The Soviets had the document before the war ended, having acquired it when they pushed the Nazis out of Kaunas. They didn't provide a copy of it to W. Germany until 1963, four years after Jäger died, which would be 22 years after the original events, but that's because W. Germany hadn't even arrested Jäger until 1959, which they did in a lead up to trying several war criminals, not to mention specific trials for each death camp. I know you guys love Nuremberg, but it wasn't the only trial.

* Karl Jaeger curiously 'committed suicide' on 22 June 1959, how convenient.

If this is an imputation that he was murdered, then you should say so, and you should go on to prove it. People commit suicide in custody all the time -- Göring did so, don't forget. So did Ley.

* The so called 'Jaeger Report' has the smell of yet another communist Soviet forgery for which they were notorious.

Again, this would require proof. Perhaps you could offer three such examples, which would constitute a pattern.

Fine, you accept just what you are told... Except when the National Socialists do it then suddenly everything is in question. Could you explain why.

Of course it is necessary to VERIFY documents that ere brought into evidence, not the other way round.

Oh and please, could you respond to previous requests, comments and the like?

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