More Auschwitz Miracles/Whoppers

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More Auschwitz Miracles/Whoppers

Postby Mulegino1 » 4 years 11 months ago (Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:06 pm) ... ter-2015-4

Now 86 and living in a retirement home in Shoresh, a small village west of Jerusalem, Suzanna recalls every detail of how the women were stripped and herded into the "showers" where there was a faint odour of gas.
Locked behind a steel door with soap in their hands, some women waited for water. Others, who had heard the rumours, began panicking.
It was only when the doors opened they realised they had cheated death.
"They were out of gas," she told AFP in an interview as Israel began marking Holocaust memorial day and 70 years since the end of the war…

Lethal injection -
At one point, they were forced to cross a wide river but Agi could not swim so Suzanna made makeshift wooden floats to carry her to the other side.
They survived the march but were taken to Stuffhof camp in Poland where Agi was put into the infirmary and Suzanna would sneak in food for her at night.
When the Nazis realised Russian forces were heading toward the camp, they attempted to kill as many inmates as possible with lethal injections containing strychnine and gasoline.
As the Nazi orderly was going from woman to woman injecting the poison, Suzanna told her sister and three other women to turn their arms over so the injection would hopefully miss a vein.
The poison took effect quickly.
"My hand stopped working," she said showing a pale, rounded scar.
Looking around, Suzanna seized a wad of hay from their bedding and began putting pressure on her arm, she recounted.
"It exploded like a geyser."
Quickly she started digging into the flesh with stalks of hay to gouge out the poison. She managed to do the same for her sister and another woman.
"It was like providence," she said.

Comment: A "survivor" can say anything and their gullible audience will buy it. Checking critical thinking skills at the door of these "survivor testimony" events is a sine qua non for entrance into the church of Shoahism!

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Re: More Auschwitz Miracles/Whoppers

Postby Hannover » 4 years 11 months ago (Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:08 pm)

Senility & dementia are ugly things.

And why is it that mostly the Jonah Mandels write up these crank stories?

Wearing dresses from gypsies killed before them, they were loaded onto trucks and driven to Estonia to join thousands of other women on a death march aimed at killing or weakening as many as possible.

So this crackpot doubles down on her fantasy with equally unfounded lies about gypsies.

She steps on her own landmine by stating that all these women were not killed, but the Germans took time, resources, and effort to truck them around, then march in an attempt to kill them; as opposed to the logical route of simply killing them in place ... which is what we are told happened via the standard storyline. As usual, contradictions run rampant within lies. Which is the problem with lying in the first place.

What we see in these ridiculous "survivor" tales is a constant attempt to outdo, one-up other "survivor" whoppers. Psychologists say the elderly often regress to a child's mentality where "me", me", & more "me" is the standard operating procedure. This bizzare tale confirms that regression.

Does anyone know what the going rate of monetary "compensation" from Germany is for "survivor" status these days?

I expect we'll be seeing even more, if possible, of this type of Zionist marketing strategy in a push to stifle the negative opinions generated towards racist Israel vis a vis the Gaza genocide and the Iran non existent nuclear weapons sanctions debate, which even has some of the Obama cult realizing the dangers of Jewish supremacism.

Revisionists have it easy, they just have to tell the truth.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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