Vincent Reynouard on the Einsatzgruppen

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Re: Vincent Reynouard on the Einsatzgruppen

Postby Hannover » 4 years 9 months ago (Tue May 19, 2015 7:46 pm)


So IOW, you wish to discuss the Einsatzgruppen and the video but cannot tell me where your "confirmed 445,000" comes from?

That's a lot corpses to just disappear.
It is 5 X the number that the L.A. Coliseum holds, which is of course, 90,000.


Now imagine the standard claim that says 2,000,000 Jews were shoot & buried in huge mass graves, and still no mass graves have been excavated and their contents shown to a very eager public. In fact, not even one of the alleged mass graves have been shown.

So, is that:
100 graves of 20,000?
200 graves of 10,000?
400 graves of 5,000?
500 graves of 4,000?
1000 graves of 2000?
2000 graves of 1000?

One cannot discuss the claims about the Einsatzgruppen and then dodge the claim about them which says that they left behind enormous mass graves whose locations are allegedly known. Don't even try, balsamo.

Even though Einsatzgruppen reports are necessarily part of the tales, your dodge of the alleged Einsatzgruppen 'report', 'The Jeager Report' is simply to avoid damning proof of forgeries.

And then there's the fraudulent Babi Yar claim which is also covered at this forum, on & on.

- Hannover

No enormous mass graves as alleged, then so much for the claims about the Einsatzgruppen.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Vincent Reynouard on the Einsatzgruppen

Postby EtienneSC » 4 years 2 weeks ago (Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:11 am)

A major new addition to Vincent Reynouard's work on the Einsatzgruppen:

Important points made include the retraction of three affirmations under oath of an order to kill all Jews being given to the Einsatzgruppen commanders prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union, following the return of Streckenbach (by whom the order was supposedly communicated) from Soviet captivity in the 1950s and his denial that he had given such an order. Other commanders had already denied knowledge of such an order.

There is also reference to contemporary literature at odds with the conclusions of holocaust historians and a review of relevant concessions made in the holocaust literature, including Edgar Howell, Farmer, Christopher Browning and David Cesarani.

There is citation (27.50) of a Hitler order permitting extreme brutality - even against women and children - provided it be successful in repressing partisan activity (citing IMT, Vol 10, 1168). I find the reasoning weak here.

He returns to the question of the authenticity of the Einsatzgruppen reports (35.00). He now considers the totals (1,350 murders a day for two years to reach a total of 1 million) "more than doubtful". He thinks the maximum figure of 460,000 derived from adding up reports should be divided by about 10.

He concludes with some remarks about legal developments in France confirming the illegality of revisionism there.

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