What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby neugierig » 5 years 3 months ago (Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:05 pm)

Good point, hermod, but Believe will conquer mountains of shoes.


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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby hermod » 5 years 3 months ago (Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:14 pm)

neugierig wrote:Good point, hermod, but Believe will conquer mountains of shoes.

Indeed, neugierig. :wink:

Reason can't defeat, or only so rarely, the overpowering emotional appeals of the Holohoax.
"But, however the world pretends to divide itself, there are ony two divisions in the world to-day - human beings and Germans. – Rudyard Kipling, The Morning Post (London), June 22, 1915

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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby borjastick » 5 years 3 months ago (Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:24 am)

hermod wrote:
neugierig wrote:Good point, hermod, but Believe will conquer mountains of shoes.

Indeed, neugierig. :wink:

Reason can't defeat, or only so rarely, the overpowering emotional appeals of the Holohoax.

If we can't beat the believers with good old common sense, truth, evidence, forensics and facts then we can always rely on the israelis and their government. The biggest threat to the holocaust is israel banging on ad nauseum about the suffering of the poor old jews in the holocaust, calling all us non believers 'anti-semites'.

I've got news for you I am not anti semitic but I am ANTI ASHKENAZI!
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby neugierig » 5 years 3 months ago (Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:04 pm)

Right on, borjastick, and we must keep trying. I glance through the Israeli daily Ha’aretz every day, I’m only allowed to read a few articles at no charge, so I need to be careful. However, there is good stuff to be had, and not just on this new religion, called “The Holocaust”. For instance, Israeli scientists have apparently succeeded in developing a program, able to tell if a document was written by more them one person. On May 21 of this year, an article “Did Moses really write the Torah?” The answer: No. Then we had “Who really wrote the biblical books of Kings and the Prophet’s?” An excerpt:

“Scholars have long rejected the idea that the Deuteronomistic History was written by the characters depicted in the story. Firstly, none were written in the first person, which is how witness accounts are generally written. If anything, they are written from the perspective of an
all-knowing narrator writing from a vantage point well into the future.
In addition, had these books been written by different people over hundreds of years, we would expect quite a bit of variation in language and style from part to part (note the differences between Middle English and modern!).
Yet the bulk of these books are written in a uniform manner. That indicates they were written at about the same time, if not by the same person.“
http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jew ... m-1.662949

There also was no Exodus, again according to a Ha’aretz article of April 10, 2014. With this they admit that Jews do not have a claim on Palestine, but nobody follows up.

Now to “The Holocaust”, and we need to remember that the same people who concocted the OT, also brought us “The Holocaust”. On April 12, 2015, an essay “Even in the gas chambers, miracles can happen. A new documentary chronicles how a Holocaust survivor escaped the gas chambers, a lethal injection and a death camp, and lived to keep a promise to her father”.
http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/hol ... m-1.651422

It starts with:

“Suzanna Braun (nee Weisz) was barely 16 when she walked into a gas chamber at Auschwitz, together with her mother and sister. A rare malfunction saved their lives.
"There were about 30 of us in there, and I remember thinking this was the end," she recalls. "There was no water coming out of the shower, but there was a faint smell of gas. That was it though. Just a faint smell. And suddenly, after a few minutes, the doors were opened, and we were all herded out. We understood that something wasn't working like it should be."
That was in June 1944. About half a year later, in a different death camp, Braun stared down death again, surviving what should have been a lethal injection of strychnine. But this time it was her own ingenuity, not luck, that saved her. When her turn in line came, she rotated her wrist so that the needle only pricked her skin. "I watched as one inmate after another died instantly after getting the injection shot directly into a vein," she recounts. "I had remembered learning at some point that when something gets injected directly into the vein it has a much more powerful effect, so instinctively I turned my arm around."
After the injection, Braun lifted a bale of hay and used the baling wire to bore a hole completely through her forearm, in the hope of forcing out the poison. Somehow or other it worked, and using the same primitive technique she saved two other prisoners near her in the line and her
beloved older sister, Agi. Braun shows a visitor the scar on her arm from her crude self-surgery of 70 years ago.”

Good stuff this, material for a documentary. From the article:

“This trip back in time is the subject of "A Story in Third Person," a documentary set to have its premiere at Mishkenot Sha'ananim in Jerusalem on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The driving force behind the project is public relations professional Elisheva Braun-Lapidot, Braun's only child.”

It’s these kind of stories that disprove “The Holocaust”, as you pointed out borjastick.


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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby VauntedConsensus » 5 years 3 months ago (Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:09 pm)

Lying eyewitness accounts, which can be (and in many cases have been) proven false, are major showpieces in our case. A question for Steven Spielberg (inter alia) is: if there really are thousands of true accounts of survivors of Nazi death camps, why are you putting several provably false ones in the lead in your documentary? Aren't there any true accounts of these kinds of experiences? Is your choice due to the fact that all the true accounts are less sensational and don't provide the visceral emotional fodder needed to fuel your narrative?

A question for the rest of us is: given that there have been so many "eyewitness" accounts proven false, how many more such accounts are -- and, obviously, always have been -- false? The really obviously false ones are bad enough, but what about the ones which are false but not so outlandish? IMO, those are just as bad; in fact, had all the "eyewitnesses" used restraint, the Holocaust story would be a stronger one than it is now. That some of them went above and beyond in the creativity department ends up weakening their effort in the long run, hence my adding it to this thread's list. It creates a bigger and uglier story, but also a more brittle one.
Infinite Nazi evil = infinite German guilt = infinite pardons for Allies + infinite reparations for Jews + infinite sanctification for Israel.

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Re: What is the Extermination Legend's Weakest Link?

Postby Hegwood » 5 years 3 months ago (Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:10 pm)

I completely agree with Mulegino's original post, the Treblinka story is the weakest link in the Holocaust story.

It doesn't require any research to expose it . The lie is obvious from the story itself which seems to originate solely from a tale by Yankiel Wiernik. A story that is fit only as an entry in a perverted liars contest.

Exposing Treblinka does not immediately destroy the whole Holocaust myth but it is a great "foot in the door" position. It will encourage some to do more research. It establishes who is honest and who is dishonest in this debate. It will cause some to actually listen to deniers.

Other benefits to limiting an initial discussion of the Holocaust to Treblinka are:

You do not need to rehabilitate the reputation of Hitler or the National Socialists.
You do not need to call the Jews liars or in any way to attack then.
You do not need to accuse the allies of war crimes during and after the war.
You do not need to challenge the authenticity of any document or the translation thereof.
You do not need to educate anyone about the chemistry and toxic effects of any gas.
You do not need to explain what happened to the Jews of Eastern Europe.
You do not need to explain Hitler's true plans for the Jews.
You do not need to bring up Zionism or crimes against the Palestinians.
You do not need to delve into crimes against the German people.

One other thing you do not need to do is to build a case for Treblinka as a transit camp. It just doesn't matter. The Treblinka story is a lie no matter what was at Treblinka

Let's keep it simple and limit consideration to only the open air burning of the bodies. No corpses were piled on huge grates and simply set on fire to cover up the crime. It is impossible, bodies do not burn. It is not necessarily the biggest lie in Wiernik's tale but it is a big one that can't be dismissed without destroying the whole story. It is a kind of keystone.

What did happen at Treblinka? Did Wiernik just fail to notice the 30 tons, minimum, of fire wood that would have to stacked in, under and around 3,000 corpses in order to cremate them? Not likely. Are there hundreds of thousands of skeleton remains of murder victims still buried at Treblinka? Not likely either. Should there be an unbiased archeological examination of the place? Possibly, but given that Wiernik is such an obvious liar that would be ludicrous. The only conclusion of happened at Treblinka on the basis of Wiernik's story is nothing happened.

How does the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) address this lie? They brush it aside with the following brief deceptive comment "In late 1942 and 1943, the Jewish forced laborers had to exhume the already buried bodies and burn them in huge trenches on makeshift “ovens” made of rail track." The deceptive suggestion that there may have been something resembling a crematory oven at Treblinka indicates they know it is a lie. (An oven made out of steel rails!!) No eyewitness ever mentions anything resembling an oven.
The quote is from their website http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php ... d=10005193

The U.S. taxpayers have provided the USHMM with what must now be approaching a billion dollars to present and study this alleged attempt to exterminate the Jews. What have they done with all that money? They certainly haven't used it to find a believable story about what happened at Treblinka. Instead they lie try to doctor up a lie.

To anyone new to this forum who does not know the Holocaust story of Treblinka the following is extracted from Chapter 9 of "A year in Treblinka" by Yankiel Wiernik. This is not a diplomatic or military report, not a journalistic report, nor a interview to a reporter. It seems to be a book to be published and, I presume, sold to profit the writer.

Work was begun to cremate the dead. It turned out that bodies of women burned more easily than those of men. Accordingly, the bodies of women were used for kindling the fires. Since cremation was hard work, rivalry set in between the labor details as to which of them would be able to cremate the largest number of bodies. Bulletin boards were rigged up and daily scores were recorded. Nevertheless, the results were very poor. The corpses were soaked in gasoline. This entailed considerable expense and the results were inadequate; the male corpses simply would not burn. Whenever an airplane was sighted overhead, all work was stopped, the corpses were covered with foliage as camouflage against aerial observation.
It was a terrifying sight, the most gruesome ever beheld by human eyes. When corpses of pregnant women were cremated, their bellies would burst open. The fetus would be exposed and could be seen burning inside the mother's womb.
All this made no impression whatsoever on the German murderers, who stood around watching as if they were checking a machine which was not working properly and whose production was inadequate.
Then, one day, an Oberscharfuhrer wearing an SS badge arrived at the camp and introduced a veritable inferno. He was about 45 years old, of medium height, with a perpetual smile on his face. His favorite word was "tadellos [perfect]" and that is how he got the by-name Tadellos. His face looked kind and did not show the depraved soul behind it. He got pure pleasure watching the corpses burn; the sight of the flames licking at the bodies was precious to him, and he would literally caress the scene with his eyes.
This is the way in which he got the inferno started. He put a machine for exhuming the corpses into operation, an excavator which could dig up 3,000 corpses at one time. A fire grate made of railroad tracks was placed on concrete foundations 100 to 150 meters in length. The workers piled the corpses on the grate and set them on fire.
I am no longer a young man and have seen a great deal in my lifetime, but not even Lucifer could possibly have created a hell worse than this. Can you picture a grate of this length piled high with 3,000 corpses of people who had been alive only a short time before? As you look at their faces it seems as if at any moment these bodies might awaken from their deep sleep. But at a given signal a giant torch is lit and it burns with a huge flame. If you stood close enough, you could well imagine hearing moans from the lips of the sleeping bodies, children sitting up and crying for their mothers. You are overwhelmed by horror and pain, but you stand there just the same without saying anything. The gangsters are standing near the ashes, shaking with satanic laughter. Their faces radiate a truly satanic satisfaction. They toasted the scene with brandy and with the choicest liqueurs, ate, caroused and had a great time warming themselves by the fire.

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