J Fetzer dropped from radio show (tried to discuss HOAX)

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J Fetzer dropped from radio show (tried to discuss HOAX)

Postby georgesmiley » 4 years 9 months ago (Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:25 pm)

James Fetzer was a guest on a show hosted by Clyde Lewis - who spent the first 45 minutes explaining that he was not a zionist shill. He brought on J Fetzer to discuss "conspiracy theories" (about the 47 min mark).

Fetzer was describing his now book which covers the topics: Moon Landing, the substitue Paul McCartney, another topic which excapes me and the Holocaust.

As soon as he mentioned the H word the host wasnt interested - Fetzer remained on air for a time and he and a caller had a set to. The host dropped him eventually and there were a few jewish callers afterwards plus some who spoke up for Fetzer.

What I found lacking in Fetzers argument was that he didnt point out that the Germans did not have a policy to exterminate jews. Anyway you can listen here:


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