Do we have evidence of torture to extract confessions?

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 5 years ago (Fri May 07, 2004 12:29 pm)

Hoess said he was tortured, some of his torturers admitted they tortured him, and the substance of what he said is ridiculous and has been debunked by Revisionists, repeatedly. It's that simple.

Torture has a way of getting what the torturers want the tortured to say.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Haldan » 1 decade 2 years ago (Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:16 pm)

I found the below, written by someone under the nickname/username of 'Mactans' at another location, but thought it would be a good addition even though some of it has already been covered...

Rudolf Höß was the Allies' most important witness to the "Holocaust." His affidavit and his testimony were quoted extensively both by the prosecution and in the judgment of the IMT at Nuremberg, as well as by the press. Höß's "confession" is heavily relied upon by historians like Raul Hilberg and others as a primary documentary source to this day.

It is true that Höß witnessed at Nuremberg to horrendous "atrocities," and he also confirmed the "truth" under oath of an affidavit which he agreed to sign for the prosecution. In it, he confessed to having given orders for the gassing of millions of victims. The affidavit, by the way, was in English, a language he did not speak or understand, and was not translated to him.

We now know from the book "Legions of Death: The Nazi Enslavement of Europe" that Rudolf Höß was beaten almost to death by Jewish members of the British Field Police Force upon capture and badly mistreated thereafter until he gave this very devastating "testimony" and "affidavit" used by the Allies propagandists ever since. You be the judge. Here is an excerpt from this book by Rupert Butler, published by Hamlyn Paperbacks, page 235:

At 5 PM on 11 March 1946, Frau Höß opened her front door to six intelligence specialists in British uniform, most of them tall and menacing and all of them practiced in the more sophisticated techniques of sustained and merciless investigation. No physical violence was used on the family: it was scarcely necessary. Wife and children were separated and guarded. Clarke's tone was deliberately low-key and conversational.

He began mildly: "I understand your husband came to see you as recently as last night." Frau Höß merely replied: "I haven't seen him since he absconded months ago"

Clarke tried once more, saying gently but with a tone of reproach: "You know that isn't true." Then all at once his manner had changed and he was shouting: "If you don't tell us, we'll turn you over to the Russians and they'll put you before a firing squad. Your son will go to Siberia."It proved more than enough. Eventually, a broken Frau Höß betrayed the whereabouts of the former Auschwitz Kommandant, the man who now called himself Franz Lang. Suitable intimidation of the son and daughter produced precisely identical information.

When they found Höß, here is how the capture played out. Clarke, one of the participants, recalls it vividly:

"He was lying on top of a three-tier bunker wearing a new pair of silk pajamas. We discovered later that he had lost the cyanide pill most of them carried. Not that he would have had much chance to use it because we had rammed a torch (flashlight) into his mouth." Höß screamed in terror.

Clarke yelled: "What is your name?" With each answer of "Franz Lang," Clarke's hand crashed into the face of the prisoner. The fourth time that happened, Höß broke and admitted who he was. The admission suddenly unleashed the loathing of the Jewish sergeants in the arresting party whose parents had died in Auschwitz following an order signed by Höß.

The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pajama ripped from his body. He was then dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to Clarke the blows and screams were endless.Eventually, the Medical Officer urged the Captain: "Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse."

A blanket was thrown over Höß and he was dragged to Clarke's car, where the sergeant poured a substantial slug of whiskey down his throat. Then Höß tried to sleep.

Clarke thrust his service stick under the man's eyelids and ordered in German: "Keep your pig eyes open, you swine." . . .

The party arrived back at Heide around three in the morning. The snow was swirling still, but the blanket was torn from Höß and he was made to walk completely nude through the prison yard to his cell. It took three days to get a coherent statement out of him.

This statement, tortured and terrorized out of him, was the one we are all familiar with--the "proof" for the so-called "gassing of millions of Jews."

Historians today are finally admitting that Höß is a totally unreliable witness--and is it any wonder? He spoke of a concentration camp "Wolzek" which does not even exist. He swore that 2,500,000 people were gassed and burned at Auschwitz and a further half million died of disease, for a total dead of three million. The Auschwitz Memorial Museum itself puts the death toll at 1.5 million. It is very clear that Höß only said what his torturers wanted him to say when he signed a statement in a foreign language that he did not understand. It is also known that these same tactics, and even worse forms of mental torture including mock hangings, were used to secure the "evidence" for the Malmedy trial at Dachau.

It goes without saying that Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höß would admit to anything, no matter what it was, to escape the excruciating torture.
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