'survivor' says those gassed turned black & blue

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'survivor' says those gassed turned black & blue

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Wed Apr 14, 2004 5:37 pm)

There is no limit to what liars will say in an attempt to support their previous lies.
Have a look here as yet another 'survivor' talks nonsense.

How can there be so many '$urvivors' to an alleged 'methodical plan of extermination'?

- Hannover

my comments [....]
http://www.sbsun.com/Stories/0,1413,208 ... 7,00.html#
San Bernardino County Sun
Auschwitz prisoner tells his story of Nazi horror
Staff Writer

Friday, April 02, 2004 - RANCHO CUCAMONGA - On his first day at Auschwitz, after a guard had sent his parents to the gas chamber, were Dario Gabbai was conscripted into forced labor by the Nazis, and the worst nightmare of his life began. [there were no gas chambers and he has no evidence to show otherwise]

He became a sonderkommando, a Jew forced to lead prisoners arriving by train to the gas chambers, strip them, herd them into gas chambers and wait while Nazi guards released the gas. ['released'?...how?]

"In my time on the job there, 600,000 Jews perished,' Gabbai told a Chaffey College history class Friday. [curious, he 'survived' to tell the world about the alleged secret 'gassings']

"We gathered the bodies, black and blue from the gas chamber, cut the hair off, burned them in the crematorium. At first you were careful, tried to keep the ashes separate, but then it became a regular job. And that's how I know there's a beast inside me of some kind.' [cyanide gas does not make one turn 'black and blue']

At the Auschwitz concentration camp alone, Nazis killed more than 1 million people, including 600,000 murdered after April of 1944, when Gabbai arrived. [zero evidence for that... note the superstitious number 6 again]

When American forces liberated him almost a year later, he weighed just 67 pounds, a detail he shared Friday while rubbing the six-digit number a Nazi tattooed on his arm. [SIX digits...SIXTY-seven pounds...a tattoo, so what?.. it means he was tattooed...the SS tattooed IDs on their troops too]

But the 600,000 Jews and other prisoners killed after Gabbai arrived at the camp is the number that still makes him sob.

"When we had to take the dead bodies from the chambers to the ovens, I asked a Polish man, 'Where is God?'' Gabbai said, remembering his first day on the job. "He said, 'God is your strength, and we have to stay strong to survive.''

Among the thousands of sonderkommandos conscripted by the Nazis, no more than five are alive. Most were killed at six-month intervals during the war to pre-empt uprisings; the rest were shot as allied forces approached to cover up Adolf Hitler's Final Solution. [yet this nutcase lived]

But Gabbai, his brother and his cousin slipped out of the crematorium among other prisoners at Auschwitz as advancing allied forces forced the Nazis to retreat from Poland.

Prisoners at Auschwitz were led on a death march toward Germany. [there were no 'death marches' per se, they were given a choice to retreat with the Germans or wait for Communists...the vast, vast majority chose to leave with the evil Germans, some did stay behind...alive ...curious that the Germans would leave thousands of witnesses behind]

"We marched in freezing temperatures,' Gabbai said. "Many died, but I stayed alive by imagining beautiful Athens and the sunshine.' [yes the trek killed soldiers too...again the liar curiously 'survived']

All three survived another prison camp, before their liberation on May 6, 1945. All are plagued by their past, partly by horror at what they have seen, partly by guilt for having been complicit in it. [right, ALL THREE were placed in yet another 'death camp' and managed to survive again]

But they talk about it, most famously in a British documentary about their 1994 return to Auschwitz, but also in small gatherings like Friday's class at Chaffey College, where a professor thought his students would benefit from their story. [no, it's the liars that benefit $$$]

"It's so hard,' Gabbai told them. "But I have to tell the story, because when I'm gone, there are no more witnesses, there is no one else.' [I wonder how much he was paid]

Gabbai lives in Los Angeles and speaks on Auschwitz just a few times a year. Nightmares plague him, "I will probably wake up seeing cadavers tonight,' he said Friday, as does his conscience. [the man is mentally ill]

"I have forgiven myself,' he said. "But my soul inside of me says 'Why did you do that?''

He talks wistfully about planned uprisings interrupted by the slaughter of involved prisoners, and one successful effort to dismantle a crematorium, events depicted in the recent movie "The Gray Zone,' which told the tale of the sonderkommando. [senile fantasies & wishful thinking which benefit the judeo-supremacists and profiteers]

Exercise is Gabbai's escape. He's 82 and works out for three hours a day, during which he says he can forget his past. He draws some satisfaction from telling his story, hard as it is. On Friday numerous students thanked him, a couple tearfully.

But the thing that keeps him talking is the horror he sees in the world around him, and his belief that education is the answer.

"What do you think about people who deny that the Holocaust happened?' a woman asked him near the conclusion of his talk. [define the 'holocau$t' and we'll tell them if we think it 'happened'...no one denies the deportations to labor camps and confinement in urban centers...called 'ghettos', recall the WWII Japanese -American concentration camps, recall the pre-WWII, WWII, & post-WWII Communist concentration camps (gulags)]

"Why don't they call me,' he said. "I'll tell them my story.'
[his story is laughable and filled with absurd lies...Revisionists have shredded this liar's story and all the others repeatedly...but he does have a tattoo]
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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