What Counts as a Declaration of War? Poland Declares War on Germany First?

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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What Counts as a Declaration of War? Poland Declares War on Germany First?

Postby HMSendeavour » 10 months 22 hours ago (Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:12 am)

I randomly flipped to a page in Deanna Spingola's book "The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction and Domination" the second volume in her series on "The Ruling Elite".
(cool book, although I wish the cover was less cluttered and more professional, more simplistic)

I flipped to page 375 where there was a curious factoid I had never heard before, and this is what it was:

Despite what the textbooks claim, Poland declared war on Germany at midnight, on August 31, 1939

The footnote is number 1013, and the source is 'Table of Acts of Malice, Aggression and Declarations of War beginning in September 1939'. It's not a book and doesn't have a discrete source, the first link I found was https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/nexus/NXdeclarations.html

And here we can see the claim itself:


The source for the claim is the German blue and white book. If you click the hyperlink it'll take you here: https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/deutsch/archiv/dokuvorgeschichte/dvk40.html#465

to document 465. You need to translate it into German, but that's totally unnecessary because the full official english translation of the white and blue book is available online: https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12755&p=94607#p94607

No. 465: The German Chargé d' Affaires in Warsaw to the Foreign Office
Telephone Message, August 30, 1939, 5:30 P.M.

Since an hour ago, notices ordering a general mobilization have been posted in Poland. The first day of mobilization is August 31 ; every-body in possession of a white mobilization card must report at once

This struck me as odd, because this isn't a declaration of war. Not a formal one anyway. I was wondering whether or not this in itself qualifies to actually be a declaration of war? At first I was confused because this was ordered on August 30th, 1939 not August 31. But I guess whoever originally wrote the original claim was calling it a declaration of war slated to the next day at Midnight because that's when the mobilisation would be in place? I guess the implication was that war was going to be waged by the Poles if the Germans didn't invade on September 1st anyway?

The Poles cement themselves into guilt further, if we accept that document 465 is a willing sign of aggression and not defense as i'm sure some would claim, when on August 31st at 11PM a broadcast from Warsaw (Doc No. 469) takes a further stand on their previous mobilisation order when they say:

The publication of the official German communique today (Doc No. 468) has clearly revealed the aims and intentions of German policy. It proves the undisguised aggressive intentions of Germany towards Poland. The conditions under which the Third Reich is prepared to negotiate with Poland are: Danzig must immediately return to the Reich; Pomorze, together with the cities of Bromberg and Graudenz, are to be subjected to a plebiscite, for which all Germans who left that territory for any reason whatsoever since the year 1918 may return ; the Polish military forces and the police force shall be evacuated from Pomorse; the police force of England, France, Italy and the U.S.S.R. will be placed in charge of the territory; the plebiscite is to take place after twelve months have elapsed ; the territory of the Hela Peninsula will also be included in the plebiscite; Gdynia as a Polish town is excluded; irrespective of the result of the plebiscite an exterritorial road one kilometer wide is to be constructed. . . . .

The German News Agency announces that the time allowed for the acceptance of these conditions expired yesterday. German has waited in vain for a Polish delegate. The answer given was the military orders issued by the Polish Government.

Words can now no longer veil the aggressive plans of the new Huns. Germany is aiming at the domination of Europe and is cancelling the rights of nations with as yet unprecedented cynicism. This impudent proposal shows clearly how necessary were the military orders given by the Polish Government

This seems pretty damning for the Poles if i'm being honest.

It could be argued that the Poles had to issue their mobilisation orders because as they claim, the German propositions which they outlined and are pretty reasonable had expired, so fearing the expiration and in their minds subsequent military conflict from Germany they had to take this action.

However, this doesn't fully sit right with me because they themselves admitted above that their mobilisation orders and purposefully not sending a delegate were the answer to the the very reasonable German proposals, thus the Poles become the ones who start the aggression (in the true military sense) which culminates in the German invasion the next day on September 1st. It appears (to me) that the Poles were more than happy to rebuke the Germans and in so doing they themselves chose war in that moment. Which leaves the interpretation that it was in any way defensive on the part of the Poles rather unlikely.

I think the culmination of these two documents make a stronger case than the lone document 465 does, because you really only get the sense that war was chosen when you read a little further on.

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