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Quotations Real/Fake

Postby HMSendeavour » 2 months 2 weeks ago (Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:56 am)

This is a thread in which I would like everyone at this forum to contribute real quotes, or quotes that are fake. All must have adequate sources that have been checked for authenticity.

To begin. I have attempted to find the source for a quote commonly tossed around regarding the bombing campaigns against Germany:

It may be Inconvenient History but England rather than Germany initiated the murderous slaughter of bombing civilians thus bringing about retaliation. Chamberlain conceded that it was “absolutely contrary to International law.” It began in 1940 and Churchill believed it held the secret of victory. He was convinced that raids of sufficient intensity could destroy Germany’s morale, and so his War Cabinet planned a campaign that abandoned the accepted practice of attacking the enemy’s armed forces and, instead made civilians the primary target. Night after night, RAF bombers in ever increasing numbers struck throughout Germany, usually at working class housing, because it was more densely packed.

This quote is generally supplemented with a citation which reads: (The Peoples’ War, Angus Calder. London, Jonathan Cape, 1969). You can find this quote and the citation in (Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (Castle Hill Publishers, 2016), Pp. 63)

The problem with this quote is that there's no page number. This set off red flags to me immediately. I have tried to find out if this quote is legitimate by using google, nothing comes up except the exact same repeated quote and lousy source time after time. I went to the book by Calder on google books to search for the quotation and found absolutely nothing. Zero results. Feel free to search the book for yourself: https://books.google.com.au/books/about/The_People_s_War.html?id=aCRuuAXx-WkC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false you can also borrow the book in full here and search for yourself, still no quote is to be found: https://archive.org/details/peopleswarbritai00cald/mode/2up?q=murderous+slaughter

Right now, this "quote" is bogus until proven otherwise.

Another seemingly fake quote comes from the same book by Menuhin, although I doubt he is the original author of any of these fake quotes, I think he fell victim to them online like many others.

Already, by 1944, it should have been clear to most people in the government that we would have to deal with . . . Germans once victory had been won . . . [W]e went on bombing German cities months and months after it had been clear that we would win, and that Stalin would be as potentially deadly an enemy. Some of the bombing was just pointless. In the last days of the war, we struck at the old gingerbread towns south of Wuerzburg, where there was no military target at all . . . just refugees, women and children. Of these acts of gratuitous sadism, the worst was the bombing of Dresden.

The source for this is allegedly: (Norman Stone, Professor of Modern History at Oxford, Daily Mail). It is cited as such in Menuhin page 59-60. I cannot find a single reference on google to back up this quote, besides more circular usage of this quote in and of itself, it's origin is undetermined. I couldn't find any such daily mail article written by Norman Stone. This quote is probably a fake too. I see no reason why anyone couldn't provide a date and title of the article in order to make searching for this quote easier, unless it was a fake. The same goes with the Calder quotation, a simple page number, as the copy of the book has already been specified wouldn't have been a difficult task. Thus, for these reasons I think these quotes are false. Lord knows how many others are also false.

Speaking of false. The quote often thrown and attributed to Rydz-Smigly:

Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it, even if it wants to

was supposedly made in June of 1939 in a public speech to Polish officers. If this quote was legitimate it surely would have a well known source. Yet, any source for this quote cannot be found. I would expect, if it was real, to have been quoted by Udo Walendy, yet I have searched his book and it isn't anywhere to be found. This isn't proof that it's not legitimate, only that I think if it were to be quoted anywhere it would be in his book "Who Started the Second World War?".

Nick Kollerstrom was unable to locate a source for this quote, and goes so far as to say that "there is doubt over the authenticity of this quote" (Nick Kollerstrom, How Britain Initiated Both World Wars (3rd Edition, 2020), Pp. 138, footnote 96 regarding p. 116) There is the possibility that when the quote was translated into English it was from a source which has no English equivalent, thus isn't easy to find when searched in English. Or if it does exist in English, the phrasing is different. It's possible.
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Re: Quotations Real/Fake - Winston Churchill

Postby Lamprecht » 1 month 2 weeks ago (Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:43 am)

Winston Churchill

There are a lot of false or unverifiable Churchill quotes going around. Where are two articles that compiled a list of them:

9 Quotes From Winston Churchill That Are Totally Fake
http://archive.fo/vXjiE or http://web.archive.org/web/201612292327 ... 1790585636

Quotes Falsely Attributed to Winston Churchill
http://archive.fo/VgiCv or http://web.archive.org/web/201704100912 ... attributed

Wikiquote has a "misattributed" and "disputed" section for Churchill:
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