More Allied Hypocrisy: Deportations of Germans from Guatemala

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More Allied Hypocrisy: Deportations of Germans from Guatemala

Postby Kretschmer » 1 week 6 days ago (Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:39 am)

While court historians and their parrots among the masses continue to blabber day and night about the supposed "Holocaust" and the "injustices" entailed in the encampment and deportations of European Jews, they never seem to hesitate in omitting any mention of the deportations of ethnic Germans throughout numerous Allied countries, sometimes conducted under harsher conditions and under much less legitimate reasoning.

One such country where major deportations of Germans occurred is Guatemala, at the time ruled by the corrupt American puppet Jorge Ubico Casteñada, who had signed off the country's only port on the Caribbean Sea and 40% of all arable land to the United Fruit Company. Conveniently, while Zionist Wikipedia is still filled with criticisms against Ubico, the deportations of Germans that were carried out under his regime have been all but completely wiped clean from the site.

Since there are very few sources on the subject which can be accessed in the United States, (even when including those in the Spanish language) my knowledge of the exact details of the deportation operations are unfortunately limited, at least for the time being. However, one of the important details that I have gathered is that the deportations themselves yielded no collective benefit to Guatemala from a social or economic standpoint, as the vast majority of the ethnic German coffee plantation owners subject to deportation had up until 1941, maintained loyalty to Ubico's regime.

Of course, one would probably make the argument in response that as Guatemala declared war on the Axis almost immediately after the US, this would therefore justify the deportations on the account that the Germans could be considered an internal hostile presence in Guatemala, just as the Jews posed an internal hostile presence to Germany. However, such an argument ultimately holds no weight when one discovers when these deportations took place. The following information is found on Ubico's entry in New World Encyclopedia, (I know, not a trustworthy source in the slightest, though it makes note of the policy nonetheless) revealing some particularly... Interesting information on the topic, shall we say:

Before World War II, he agreed to deport German plantation owners at the request of the U.S.

Section President of Guatemala (1931 - 1944) of New World Encyclopedia article titled Jorge Ubico

Even if assuming that the article's definition of "before the war" refers to the time prior to Pearl Harbor, this would still mean that a supposedly "neutral" United States was demanding that its puppet states remove the presence of their "fifth columns" to prevent internal hostility and subversion once America and said puppet states would enter the Second World War, not if. It also means that as neither the US nor any other non-Commonwealth country in the Americas had declared war on Germany, there was no reason to suspect that these German coffee plantation owners would have acted against the Guatemalan government prior to the deportations. As mentioned before, the exact opposite was true, and there were even NSDAP foreign offices throughout Guatemala for the German citizens abroad residing there.

All commentary and further sources on this subject (even if they're in Spanish) are much appreciated.
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