British War-Initiation: Irving's View

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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Re: British War-Initiation: Irving's View

Postby Hektor » 3 years 11 months ago (Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:33 am)

Mortimer wrote:....
Is there really a book called The Splendid Decision ? I just did an online search and couldn't find that title. It came up with Bombing Vindicated by J M Spaight. He calls the decision to target civilians as a "splendid decision".
There is a review of Bombing Vindicated here - ... icated.php
The whole book is online here -

I'm also only aware of the "Bombing Vindicated" book.

Mass bombing far behind the enemy lines, was something the British planned on for quite a while before WW2. ... eMarch1938

This document makes clear that Germany was the primary enemy from the British Perspective:

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Re: British War-Initiation: Irving's View

Postby Review » 3 years 10 months ago (Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:54 pm)

Not Irving, but Pat Buchanan (three time presidential candidate and 3 time senior advisor to presidents) writes (in Churchill, Hitler and the unnecessary war) :

It had taken Churchill only twenty-four hours as prime minister to remove the keystone upholding "the whole structure pf civilized warfare as it had been gradually built upp in Europe during the previous two centuries" From there on, that "structure of civilized warfare...collapsed in ruins" [he is quoting FJP Veale on the bombing off Westphalia as a retaliation/punishment for Germany invading France]

He also quotes historian Liddell Hart who writes:

...when Churchill came into power, one of the first decisions of his Government was to extend bombing to the non-combatant area

Buchanan also mentions the "instigator" and "architect" of the terror bombings; a brit(?) by the name of Frederick Lindemann..

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