Compilation of Hitler speeches?

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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Compilation of Hitler speeches?

Postby k0nsl » 4 years 2 months ago (Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:45 pm)

I recently asked my friends if they ever wondered what happened to all the speeches Hitler made between 1939 and 1945? So the name Max Domarus was brought up by a friend in my chat. I said they're not in Domarus. But apparently some of them are to be found in volumes 3 and 4.
At any rate, my question to the good members of this forum is: do any of you know where the official compilation of all Hitler speeches are? The Domarus was not an official compilation of the National Socialist government. Domarus was a private individual, it's not even clear whether he was a National Socialist, almost certainly not.

Thanks for any insight or help.

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Re: Compilation of Hitler speeches?

Postby Hektor » 4 years 2 months ago (Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:15 pm)

The most complete compilation by Hitler and others I found here:

"most complete", but I think there would be far more. Of interest are the speeches on the important dates. It gives good insight into NS-Germanies reasoning.

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