The Nanking Massacre

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.
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The Nanking Massacre

Postby TimeTraveler » 2 weeks 2 days ago (Mon May 08, 2017 10:45 pm)

The Nanking Massacre is the Chinese version of the Jewish Holocaust hoax. Ever since I got into Holocaust revisionism I wondered if there was any other atrocity propaganda from the Second World War that most people believe today as historical "facts". So my attention drew to the Nanking Massacre I found a few Web pages, videos and a book titled "Analyzing the “Photographic Evidence” of the Nanking Massacre By Higashinakano Shudo, Kobayashi Susumu & Fukunaga Shinjiro" that debunks this alleged Massacre. Below is a really great Web page with tons of information.

Just like with the Holocaust myth all of the details of the supposed Massacre only surfaced after Japan surrendered in 1945. Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek made hundreds of radio broadcasts to the Chinese people but he never mentions a supposed Massacre in Nanking. All of the pictures from this alleged Massacre are staged by the Chinese kinda like how the Soviets staged photos of supposed German atrocities on the eastern front.

After all my research I've came to a conclusion that the Nanking Massacre is just another allied propaganda myth to make the Japanese seem evil to justify some of the war crimes that the allies did to Japanese civilians like all of the fire bombings on Japan. Also the communist regime in China seems like they benefit off of it a little. Now Nanking isn't as shoved down our throats as much as the Jewish Holocaust crap but I still think it's an important topic to discuss. The Nanking Massacre is kind of neglected in the revisionist community.

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Re: The Nanking Massacre

Postby Kingfisher » 2 weeks 2 days ago (Tue May 09, 2017 12:37 pm)

I looked at the article and found that it seems to make some strong points that are well worth investigation.

However the suggestion that it was unheard of before 1945 is quickly dispelled using Google's ngram: ... %3B%2CRape of nanking%3B%2Cc0%3B%2Cs0%3B%3BRape of Nanking%3B%2Cc0%3B%3Brape of Nanking%3B%2Cc0%3B%3BRAPE OF NANKING%3B%2Cc0

An interesting spike of interest in the 1990s though in the capitalised form, suggesting a book, film or TV programme.

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Re: The Nanking Massacre

Postby k0nsl » 2 weeks 2 days ago (Tue May 09, 2017 8:52 pm)

I have a very short article on my blog which just about covers the official story of Nanking/Nanjing titled « The Conte of John Rabe ». It may be useful in one instance; you can search the names mentioned in the article and carry on from there.

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Re: The Nanking Massacre

Postby Sannhet » 1 week 6 days ago (Fri May 12, 2017 9:00 am)

As usual, Ngram data can be revealing, of at least something. Also with regard to these kinds of things, it is worth the extra attention to distinguish between lower-case and capitalized versions (which Holocaust-skeptics mockingly allude to with the phrase 'the Big H.'):

nanking ngram.png
nanking ngram.png (106.85 KiB) Viewed 271 times

Click here for large version of the Ngram data

July 1937: War begins between Japan and China with Japan making swift gains
December 1937: The Fall of Nanking to Japanese forces with many killed in the coming weeks
1938: First appearance in Google ngram of 'rape of Nanking' [note lower case] [verifiable by setting smoothing to zero]
1942-1945: Peak years of appearance in Ngam's 'English' corpus of 'rape of Nanking' [note lower case]
1950s to Early 1990s: A steady and relatively low 'base rate' of appearances of 'rape of Nanking and 'Rape of Nanking,'
Mid 1990s: Large rise in appearances of now-capitalized version, 'Rape of Nanking' to ten times the base rate. Critical year: 1997 during which 'Rape of Nanking' [capital letter] rises 4.5x year-on-year. (If including lower-case 'rape of Nanking,' the late 1990s rise is to only 5x the 1950s to 1990s base rate; Note that lower-case usage does not rise in the 1990s).
2000: Peak year for appearances of 'rape of Nanking'

Comparison with 'Babi Yar': As an event with a similar number of (purported or real) victims (see graph here)
1960s: Uses of the phrase 'Babi Yar' rose dramatically. Very few appearances before 1960 [set smoothing to zero to verify] (this Ngram is online here)
Early to mid-1970s: Uses o f 'Babi Yar' fading.
Late 1970s: Usage of Babi Yar' recovers, With the true beginning of the Holocaust-as-Western-Civilizaitonal-Myth (as we know it today), and as the Holocaust is gaining its capital letter (the critical year for the Holocaust gaining its capital-H: 1979, verifiable by Ngram)
    1977: 'Babi Yar' Usage rate = 100
    1978: 'Babi Yar' Usage rate = 285 (smoothing at zero)
    1979: 'Babi Yar' Usage rate = 530
    1980s to mid 1990s avg. 'Babi Yar' usage rate = 350, 'Babi Yar' still towering over the 'Rape of Nanking' rate, often ten or twenty times higher
Mid 1990s: Rise in capital-N 'Rape of Nanking' usage
1997-2005: Uses of 'Babi Yar' and 'Rape of Nanking' are about equal
2006: 'Rape of Nanking' slightly pulls ahead in usage rate.
[Google Ngram database ends in 2008]

nanking vs babi yar ngram.png
nanking vs babi yar ngram.png (94.45 KiB) Viewed 273 times

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