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Jewish role in the German Revolution of 1918-1919 / "Stab in the Back" theory

Posted: 1 year 5 months ago (Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:31 pm)
by Lamprecht
The German Revolution of 1918–19 was a revolutionary period, starting in November 1918 (the German November revolution), which ended the German Empire, and which was followed by a further period of civil conflict, before the formal establishment of the Weimar Republic in August 1919. The following period was characterized by revolutionary attempts to create Communist state(s) inspired by the Russian revolution of 1917, such as the Bavarian Soviet Republic and the Spartacist uprising by the Spartacus League. The non-Communist parties had the army and the Freikorps (nationalist militias) quell these uprisings by force. In this thread, the role of Jewish revolutionaries in the German Revolution will be discussed.


Most of the leaders of the revolution were Jewish:
- Rosa Luxemburg
- Kurt Eisner
- Paul Levi
- Leo Jogiches
- Ernst Toller
- Erich Mühsam
- Richard Müller
- Gustav Landauer
- Eugen Leviné
- Karl Radek
- Emil Eichhorn
(More here: Who led the 1917 German Revolution and left-wing parties in Germany?)

Historian Sarah Gordon:
The prominence of Jews in the revolution and early Weimar Republic is indisputable, and this was a very serious contributing cause for increased anti-Semitism in post-war years. It is clear then that the stereotype of Jews as socialists and communists led many Germans to distrust the Jewish minority as a whole and to brand Jews as enemies of the German nation.
Gordon, Sarah (1984). Hitler, Germans and the "Jewish Question". page 23. ... 22&f=false

According to Encyclopaedia Judaica:
In some countries Jews became the leading element in the legal and illegal Communist parties and in some cases were even instructed by the Communist International to change their Jewish-sounding names and pose as non-Jews, in order not to confirm right-wing propaganda that presented Communism as an alien, Jewish conspiracy.
Binyamin Eliav. (2007) "Communism". Encyclopedia Judaica. 2nd ed., vol 5. pg 91. ... oh-Doz.pdf


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Re: Jewish role in the German Revolution of 1918-1919 / "Stab in the Back" theory

Posted: 1 year 5 months ago (Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:15 pm)
by Lamprecht
The following article, although biased, lists various atheistical Jews that were at the forefront of the German revolutionary movement of 1919. It goes on to say that "Judaism is not much help in explaining their particular form of revolutionary commitment" because these Jews had abandoned the religion of Judaism and adopted radical leftist movements. Regardless, it is informative in showing the over-representation of ethnic Jews in the Bolshevik movement of Germany.

Persistent Memories of the German Revolution: The Jewish Activists of 1919 - Stephen Eric Bronner ... onne18.htm

Re: Jewish role in the German Revolution of 1918-1919 / "Stab in the Back" theory

Posted: 1 month 4 days ago (Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:21 pm)
by Arthur77
You will find out a great deal about WW1 and much more if you read Douglas Reed The Controversy of Zion, it is a masterpiece. ... ullsize%29

other books of note

Good except for Rockerfeller he hated the US of course. ... 3/mode/2up ... sh-people/ ... ire_201610

Jailed by Churchill for knowing the truth by order 18b along with 200 others that tried to stop WW2 ... aySept2015

FDR knew weeks in advance about Pearl Harbor-Caused it. ... 8--OCR.pdf

off topic but important to know: ... nd-report/

Re: Jewish role in the German Revolution of 1918-1919 / "Stab in the Back" theory

Posted: 1 month 4 days ago (Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:37 pm)
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