WWI Revisionist Forum guidelines

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.
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WWI Revisionist Forum guidelines

Postby Moderator » 5 years 4 months ago (Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:32 pm)

Here are the guidelines for this forum. As in our other forums we expect these guidelines to be followed. Please note that we've included the "lead-in to hostilities" and "results".
Thank you, M1

By default, this software collects IP numbers. That portion of the software has been disabled, visitors to the site now have an IP number of

By default, we do not make 'Private Messages' (PM) available to new registrants.

  • The Moderator retains the right to reject a username if he considers it offensive, obscene, or deliberately distracting.
  • No namecalling, period.
  • The WWI Revisionist Forum forbids any threats or personnal attacks against others, we will not tolerate links to sites which do enage in such behaviour. We're about debate and only debate.
  • On topic posts only. The topic of the Forum is the lead-in to hostilities, WWI itself, and the immediate results of WWI. Associated subjects are bound to come up, be sure there is a tie-in, show the tie-in. Each thread represents a separate point, a post to a thread must be pertinent to that point.
  • If you post a quote or link from or to a book, a news article, magazine story, another website, etc., you must also comment on the quote or the link content. Tell the forum what you find wrong, compelling, unique, or important about the quote or link content. Flippant, overly brief comments are not acceptable. We want commentary and discussion.
  • Posts by new or infrequent participants will be spam checked by the Moderator before they appear on the Forum. They will not be censored for on topic opinions they present.
  • Keep your posts limited to one point.
  • Voluminous, lengthy, and redundant posts are not welcomed.
  • Posts which lack focus or specifics are not welcomed.
  • No 'dodging'. When questioned or challenged on your statements, claims, or assertions, you must respond or leave the thread.
  • You will address the poster only by the name that he/she uses at the Forum.
  • Offenders will have their posts deleted, repeat offenders will be removed.
  • Reasons for deletions may or may not be stated. The Moderator will endeavor to notify the offender and the Forum in general, but not in every case; especially when it is obvious why the post was deleted.
  • Registrants who do not post within 30 days from date of registration are subject to deletion, they may re-register should they decide to post.
These rules are subject to revision as warranted.

Thank you, WWI Revisionist Forum Moderators
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