Guardian columnist fired for making a joke about Israel

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Guardian columnist fired for making a joke about Israel

Postby Archie » 5 months 2 weeks ago (Sat Feb 13, 2021 7:56 pm)

Guardian columnist Nathan Robinson found himself in hot water for tweeting the following:

Did you know that the US Congress is not actually permitted to authorize any new spending unless a portion of it is directed toward buying weapons for Israel? It’s the law.

or if not actually the written law then so ingrained in political custom as to functionally be indistinguishable from law.

Privately, his editor accused him of peddling "fake news" and told him to delete the tweets. Even though the part about it being "the law" is clearly a joke and his commentary about military aid to Israel is accurate and appropriate. Robinson complied but was eventually let go anyway.

Just goes to show you what a fraud supposed "liberal" outlets like the Guardian are.

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