'THE WORLD AT WAR', episode 20 as a Windows Player file

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'THE WORLD AT WAR', episode 20 as a Windows Player file

Postby Webmaster » 1 decade 7 years ago (Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:37 am)

I have uploaded a part of the series 'The World At War' (complete episode 20) to the Forum as a Windows Player file (.wmv)

right click on link to save

Please note all the amazing stories told by 'eyewitnesses', remember this series is from about 1972. This is the entire episode which contains assertions by the likes of Wolff, Vrba, Paisikowic etc.

Brief summary of 'The World At War':

This 26 episode on the claimed history of World War II took a 50-strong team at Thames nearly four years to complete, at a cost of 1,000,000 pounds. It has been shown in more than 87 countries - including Germany and Japan.

A book based on the series, written by Mark Arnold Foster, has been translated into 14 languages and has sold more than half a million copies.

In 1974 the series won an 'Emmy' award for "Outstanding Documentary Achievement".

It also received "The George Polk Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Documentary on American Television" and "The National Television Critics' Award for The Best Documentary Series".

In 1976 Episode 20 "Genocide" won a Silver Award at the World Jewish Film and TV Festival.

The quality is a bit degraded to enhance download time and to encourage you to purchase the higher quality original.

The episode is 546 MB in MPG-format. Now it's 38 MB. Quit a difference in downloading time.

This is only for educational purposes and for debate at The Revisionist Forum. If you have further interest in this series, we urge you to purchase it from Amazon. Link:The World At War

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