Why the holocaust myth is so important.

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Barrington James
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Why the holocaust myth is so important.

Postby Barrington James » 1 decade 2 years ago (Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:23 am)

The main trouble with trying to destroy the holocaust myth of gassing six million Jews as we have been trying to do on this site is that it plays such a crucial role in the Zionist “justification” of their conquest of Palestine. This is well known. However the holocaust gassing myth has any even larger role to play in world affairs: the protection of the much larger myths of why we had WW2 in the first place and why we still continue to have wars today.

As horrible as the interment of several million Jews and others was, as horrible as the death of several hundred thousand of these people was because of disease in the camps, and as ridiculous and cruel as is the holocaust myth of gassing six million Jews and millions of others, and as useful as the myth has been in trying to justify the Zionist’s claim of Israel as a sanctuary from the evil world of anti-Semitism, while cleverly hiding the role of the Jews in the spread of communism in general and in destruction of tens of millions in the purges of Lenin and Stalin in particular, the larger myth of why we had the war in the first place is an even bigger myth than the myth of the gassing holocaust and it has long remained an impediment to a better world.

Moreover, unlike the holocaust gassing myth, the myth of WW2 is all but unchallenged nowadays, although it has been challenged in the past by many historians who have had their careers ruined for doing so. Today, the WW2 myth is so well in place that the Western press and Hollywood even call WW2 “The good war” and get away with it.

Why we had WW2, why Great Britain and the USA and to a lesser extent France and the rest of the world wanted to destroy Germany and Japan is a deep dark, horrible secret, covered up to a larger extent by the holocaust myth. That is why we still have the holocaust myth and this is why its defense has remained so strong despite the fact it makes no sense mathematically, logically, or scientifically.

The holocaust myth has long been an excuse for the Zionist conquest of Palestine. This is well known. However its other major purpose is to smother the real reasons for WW2 in particular and wars in general: namely racism, greed, ignorance and stupidity. And Hitler, Churchill and FDR had those characteristics in spades as do most leaders of the world today.

If it were not for this larger crime of fighting a war that should never have taken place, a war whose causes are based on lies and deception of FDR and Churchill, and to a lesser extent of Hitler, who foolishly had no idea his actions would lead to a world war, there would be no real need to forever label Germany, the German people, and Hitler as the causes of the war. There would be no need to perpetuate the gassing myth today other than the fact it is still so useful to those who find wars so useful: the owners of war industries, the rich and powerful who want to be more so and the creators of Israel.

Let’s face it: we fought a war that destroyed many of the most beautiful countries in the world and many of the world’s most beautiful cities, that killed untold tens of millions, that left half the world under Stalin, who had previously killed millions during his reign of terror, and it left most of the rest of the world under American Imperialism which has devastated much of the world It has led directly to wars in Greece, Korea, most of Africa, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, all of Central America and soon to be Iran. We killed millions of innocent German and Japanese men, women and children in their beds at night because we were duped into thinking the war was the needed to kill Hitler and Tojo, rather than use some method remove or control these men without the disaster of war. And we have been tricked into thinking it was necessary to have a war ever year since that time.

The truth is the war was fought because FDR wanted to destroy the old colonial powers of Great Britain, France and the rest of Europe so he encouraged them to fight Germany in order to destroy themselves (It worked. They all lost their colonies shortly after the war and much of their power and wealth during the war.) Great Britain wanted to destroy Germany for it saw Germany as a threat to its role as the world’s greatest colonial power, the same reason it wanted to in WW1, the Communist Jews wanted to conquer Germany (they almost did in the 1920’s) and the communists in general wanted to conquer the world (they almost did too). And, of course, Churchill wanted to become Prime Minister of Great Britain and that would only happen if he got his war. So we had a war.

Is this the kind of thing our leaders want us to know about war? And so this is why we will continue have the myth of the evil, demented Nazis trying to conquer the world and gassing tens of millions of people. Until the people understand why we had WW2 they will be very slow to see through the gassing myth despite our debates, youtube and the sacrifices of brave people like Zundel, Graf, Irving, Barnes, Fish, Cole and other true historians. The holocaust gassing myth is just too useful a tool of the war and hate mongers of the world to not keep using it to dupe the trusting credulous masses who believe whatever they are told in their papers, TV, schools Hollywood and by their leaders. All we have is the net.

So the question remains: Can the awesome power of the net educate the masses in time to save the world? Can the net do what the printing press did for the world when we were set free from the complete power of the Church and Kings?
You can fool too many of the people most of the time.

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Postby ASMarques » 1 decade 2 years ago (Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:28 pm)

Barrington James wrote:However the holocaust gassing myth has any even larger role to play in world affairs: the protection of the much larger myths of why we had WW2 in the first place and why we still continue to have wars today.

Exactly my view, but I would add an important point, namely that the "Holocaust" has already reached that odd intellectual sanctuary granted to religion, where most people give up the operational concept of falsehood and anything can be branded "true" in a cloudy, meaningless, sense.

If you were able to climb aboard a time machine with the typical "Holocaust" true believer, it would be of no more use to take him on a tour of the Auschwitz crematoria in 1944 than would be taking a devout Christian to wait in vain at the Golgotha of Pilate's time for you know what.

It's hopeless. His mind would become numb, his sight would become unfocused, his heart would become inflamed with faith, and he would still "believe," since by definition, the so-called virtue in religious belief consists precisely in believing against all evidence.

So the question remains: Can the awesome power of the net educate the masses in time to save the world? Can the net do what the printing press did for the world when we were set free from the complete power of the Church and Kings?

The net is a crucial weapon, but religious belief is not dependent in any simple way on any hard data made available to the devout masses. In my opinion, the "Holocaust" religion is a sort of defensive congregation of the three Abrahamic religions -- often in spite of themselves and the superficial appearances -- around the modern version of Judaism, a non-theistic aggiornamento of the old Mosaic founding religion.

As I like to put it: the "Holocaust" cult is here to stay no matter what we do, and oddly enough, so are we, no matter what the cultists do (by "we," I mean naturally the skeptical side of the dispute, not any concrete individuals).

And, yes, in my opinion we're probably descending into a long period of low-level warfare with occasional nuclear devastation centered on the Jewish religious dream of world supremacy. I hope I'm wrong on this one, but that's how I see the current situation.

Arrow Of Truth
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Postby Arrow Of Truth » 1 decade 2 years ago (Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:50 pm)

Acute holocaust paranoia [under 'the never again!' principle] carves out a void in the public consciousness which is then filled by otherwise unsustainable and utterly illogical internationalist ideas. It contorts public compassion encouraging unhinged 'anti-racist' fundamentalism which then helps faciltate immigration en-mass. All of that is immensely lucrative that is quite apart from omnipresent Zionist agencies exorting eldery Germans, their relatives and their government.

I think revisionism has made progress since Tehran despite the international media being stoney silent over revisionist incidents following that conference. Apart from censorship scandals, I do thank youtube for that. I think the casual investigator can get very cynical over the written word -- a cynicism that is dispersed by visual imagery or a physical person actually refutting the holocaust before him.

Infused with atomic taboos, it has metamorphised into a macabre religion. And it won't fall until somehow the Zionists are crow barred from the mainstream media. It's very hard to imagine that happening. All I can reference is an unspecified upheaval in the future.

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