Allied War Criminals

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Friedrich Paul Berg
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Allied War Criminals

Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » 1 decade 8 months ago (Fri May 07, 2010 4:34 pm)

GI-Joe six-packs murdered German prisoners and wounded at Normandy—oh, my!!,1518,692037,00.htmlThe donuts and coca-cola must have gotten lost at the beach. War is Hell! Maybe this explains Malmedy? Gen George S. Patton had actually called for killing ALL German prisoners and raping German women. His message to kill all prisoners was repeated often and he was not alone. See: Hirshson, Stanley P. General Patton: A Soldier's Life (New York: Harper Collins, 2002) p. 374. For June 27, 1943, according to Captain Howard Cry:
He [Patton] said to kill and to continue to kill and that the more we killed then the less we'd have to kill later and the better the Division would be in the long run.
If such words had been scripted for a psychotic Hitler or Himmler in a Hollywood farce, they would seem perfect. If they could be found in a Hitler or Himmler diary, the Jews and the Roberto Muehlenkamps and Joachim Neanders of this world would jump for joy. Of course, the real psychos were NOT the Nazis but the Americans--and they still are the real psychos. There is much more in Hirshson's Chapter Ten: “Atrocities amid the Triumphs,” pages 363 through 406. On page 317 we have the quote from Patton:
We’ll rape their women and pillage their towns and run the pusillanimous sons of bitches into the sea.
Patton had helped set the stage for the Normandy massacres with at least five well-documented, prisoner massacres of his own in Sicily.He also helped set the stage for the treatment of members of the SS, especially those who had anything to do with concentration camps—the worst of the worst—whose “voluntary confessions” became the best evidence for the holocaust hoax. On page 593, Hirshson quotes a high-ranking American officer who had told Fred Ayer, Patton's brother-in-law, that:
the Americans shot four or five prisoners for every prisoner killed by a German...

The image above shows Patton after he allowed someone to photograph him deliberately peeing into the Rhine River in March, 1945—an inspiration to us all! Patton's crimes and incendiary speeches make his views after the war all the more surprising: General Patton's Warning.

Did Patton redeem himself before he was “accidentally“ killed by one of his own soldiers in December 1945? Decide for yourself. Maybe there is even hope for you!

Friedrich Paul Berg
Learn everything at
just another website that denies the holocaust hoax
Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!
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The Holocaust story is a hoax because 1) no one was killed by the Nazis in gas chambers, 2) the total number of Jews who died in Nazi captivity is miniscule compared to what is alleged.

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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby Jazz » 1 decade 8 months ago (Fri May 07, 2010 7:33 pm)

Here is a translation of the list of alleged American war crimes against German armed forces and civilians in WWII, compiled by Prof. Franz Seidler and Alfred de Zayas in their „Kriegsverbrechen in Europa und im Nahen Osten im 20. Jahrhundert.,"

A. Dated Events

(1) Charantan, Normandy (14 Jun 1944) A captured NCO named Fanja was killed by a neck shot. (CharantanlNormandie (14. 6. 1944): Der Unteroffizier Fanja wurde nach der Gefangennahme durch Genick schuß getötet.)

(2) Culot, Normandy (Jul 1944): Out of control shooting of captured German soldiers, or shooting out of control German PoWs. (Culot/Normandie (Juli 1944): Erschießung in Gefangenschaft geratener deutscher Soldaten.)

(3) Le Mans (7 Aug 1944): Multiple shootings of captured SS men from Combat Group Fick of the 17th SS PanzerGrenadier Division "Goetz von Berlichingen." (Le Mans (7. B. 1944): Aus der Kampfgruppe Fick der 17. SS-Pz.-Gren.-Division. „Götz von Berlichingen” wurden mehrere gefangene SS-Männer erschossen.)

(4) Klein Punach near Metz (20 Sept 1944): Prisoners were called out of a main group and shot in the back. (Klein Punach bei Metz (20. 9. 1944): Gefangene wurden zum Weggehen aufgefordert und in den
Rücken geschossen.)

(5) Waldhausen: On 11 Jan 1945 10 captured SS soldiers were shot by the Americans. (Waldhausen (11. 1. 1945): 10 gefangene SS-Soldaten werden von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(6) Tiefenbach (Easter Sunday 1945): Three captured Waffen-SS men were shot by Americans. (Tiefenbach (Osterdienstag 1945): Drei Kriegsgefangene der Waffen-SS werden von US-Amerikanern er-schossen.)

(7) Willenbacherhof (10 Apr 1945): Between 10 and 20 wounded German PoWs were shot by the Americans. (Willenbacherhof (10. 4. 1945): 10 bis 20 verwundete und gefangene deutsche Soldaten von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(8) Hermersberg: On 11 Apr 1945 a German soldier was strangled to death by an American with a wire garotte and a spade. (Hermersberg (11. 4. 1945): Landser mit Drahtschlingen erdrosselt und mit Spaten von US-Amerikanern totgeschlagen.)

(9) Lampoldshausen (Gemeindefriedhof/ Waldstück Fuchsberg): On 13 Apr 1945 six German POWs were shot by Americans. (Lampoldshausen (Gemeindefriedhof/ Waldstück Fuchsberg): 13. 4. 1945: Sechs gefangene deutsche Soldaten von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(10) Hermersberg: On 15 Apr 1945 captured SS soldiers were machine-gunned by Americans. (Hermersberg (15. 4. 1945): Gefangene SS-Soldaten werden von hinten mit Maschinengewehren von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(11) Harkerode (15 Apr 1945): 16 captured Hitler Youths were shot by Americans in a quarry. (Harkerode (15. April 1945): 16 gefangene Hitlerjungen in einem Steinbruch von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(12) Treseburg (18 Apr 1945): 14 hostages, including 11 Hitler Youth, were killed by American neck shots. (Treseburg (18. 4. 1945): 14 Geiseln, darunter 11 Hitlerjungen, durch Genickschüsse durch Amerikaner er-mordet (in Richtung Allrode).)

(13) Lippach near Lauchheim: On 22 Apr 1945 36 German soldiers who had been captured by the Americans were killed by neck shots or by having their heads smashed in ("brained"); about 20 women were raped. (Lippach bei Lauchheim (22. 4. 1945): 36 deutsche Soldaten wurden nach Gefangennahme von US-Amerikanern durch Genickschuß oder Einschlagen der Schädel umgebracht; etwa 20 Frauen vergewaltigt.)

(14) Eberstätten in the provincial district of Pfaffenhofen on the Ilm River: On 28 Apr 1945 German PoWs were placed about 50 meters away and then shot "while attempting to escape." (Eberstätten im Landkreis Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm (28. 4. 1945): Deutsche Kriegsgefangene wurden aus etwa 50 Meter Entfernung „auf der Flucht erschossen”.)

(15) Tittling (29 Apr 1945) The mayor was arrested and shot. (Tittling (29. 4. 1945): Festnahme und Erschießung des Bürgermeisters.)

(16) Dachau concentration camp: On 29 Apr 1945 134 members of the guard battalion were executed by American machine-gun fire and 40 others were killed by prisoners. (KL-Dachau (29. 4. 1945): 134 Angehörige des Wachsturmbannes durch amerikanisches MG-Feuer und 40 weitere durch Häftlinge ermordet.)

(17) Dachau concentration camp: On 29 Apr 1945 346 severely injured patients at the Dachau military hospital, along with nurses, doctors, kitchen personnel and others were killed by American machine-gun fire. The SS personnel were not part of the concentration camp cadre, but belonged to the 5th Training Battalion of the "Wiking" Division. (KL-Dachau (29. 4. 1945): 346 Schwer- und Schwerstverwundete des Dachauer Kriegslazarettes, sowie Schwestern, Arzte, Küchenpersonal u.a. durch amerikanische MG-Salven ermordet. Die SS-Leute gehörten nicht zu der Stammannschaft, sondern zum Ausbildungs-Btl. 5 der Division „Wiking”.)

(18) Mauerkirchen-Altheim near Braunau on the Inn River: On 30 Apr 1945 there was (Ausplünderung -- plunder, pillage, spoliation, looting, sacking, rape, despoilment, pilferage, scavenging) of German soldiers. (Mauerkirchen-Altheim bei Braunau/ Inn (30. 4. 1945): Ausplünderung deutscher Soldaten.)

(19) Kleinweil (Großweil postal service): On 30 Apr 1945 two captured German soldiers were shot by the Americans. (Kleinweil (Post Großweil) – 30. 4. 1945: Erschießung von zwei deutschen gefangenen Soldaten durch US-Amerikaner.)

(20) Trassheim near Ruderfing (1 May 1945): US soldiers shot two civilians. (Trassheim bei Ruderfing (1. 5. 1945): US-Soldaten erschießen zwei Zivilisten.)

(21) Oberframmern (1 May 1945): Seven German PoWs were driven to the Dorfstrasse (Dorf Street or perhaps the main road through the town) and shot by the Americans. (Oberframmern (1. 5. 1945): Sieben deutsche Kriegsgefangene wurden von US-Amerikanern durch die Dorfstraße getrieben und erschossen.)

(22) On the way to Altheim, at the beginning of May 1945, Americans shot German PoWs who were too tired to keep up with the column of prisoners. (Verlegung nach Altheim (Anfang Mai 1945): US-Amerikaner erschießen deutsche Gefangene, die aus der Kolonne liefen oder wegen Erschöpfung nicht mehr weiter konnten.)

B. Undated events:

(1) Erching (at the customs house): A captured German NCO was shot by an American. (Erching (Zollhaus): Gefangener deutscher Unteroffizier wurde von Amerikanern erschossen.)

(2) Herbolzheim: Seven SS soldiers who were captured by the Americans were shot. (Herbolzheim: Sieben SS-Soldaten werden nach Gefangennahme von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(3) Kressbach: Six captured SS men were killed by neck shots. (Kressbach: Sechs gefangene SS-Männer durch Genickschuß getötet.)

(4) Neuenbeken field hospital: Two wounded SS soldiers were taken out of their beds and then executed by neck shots. (Feldlazarett Neuenbeken: Zwei verwundete SS-Soldaten wurden aus den Betten geholt und durch Genickschüsse erschossen.)

(5) Nordborchen: A number of captured SS soldiers were shot. (Nordborchen: Erschießung von mehreren gefangenen SS-Soldaten.)

(6) Friedhof von Etteln: 27 captured SS soldiers were killed by neck shots. (Friedhof von Etteln: 27 gefangene SS-Soldaten durch Genickschuß getötet.)

(7) Henglan: Four German prisoners were shot. (Henglan: Erschießung von vier deutschen Gefangenen.)

(8) Paderborn area: Approximately 30 German soldiers and Hitler Youth were shot through the head; a couple of them were tied up. (Raum Paderborn: etwa 30 deutsche Soldaten und Hitlerjungen wurden durch Kopfschüsse getötet (einige starben gefesselt).)

(9) Northwest Upper Harz in the Paderborn area: Approximately 100 captured German soldiers were murdered. (Nordwestlicher Oberharz/Raum Paderborn: Etwa 100 gefangene deutsche Soldaten ermordet.)

(10) Northwest Upper Harz around Osnabrueck: 17 SS soldiers were executed by neck shots. Five dedicated Hitler Youths were hanged by Americans from a tree. (Nordwestlicher Oberharz/Osnabrück: 17 SS-Soldaten durch Genickschuß umgebracht. Fünf Hitlerjungen wer-den, nachdem sie sich ergaben, von den US-Amerikanern an einen Baum gehängt und totgeprügelt.)

(11) Offenhausen near Hersbruck: Three young Waffen-SS PoWs were shot by Americans. (Offenhausen bei Hersbruck: Drei gefangene junge Soldaten der Waffen-SS wurden von US-Amerikanern erschossen.)

(12) Waschbach near Bad Mergentheim: Drunken Americans raped women and young girls. (Waschbach bei Bad Mergentheim: Betrunkene US-Amerikaner vergewaltigen Frauen und Mädchen.)

(13) Pfaffenhofen: Americans shot 17 captured German soldiers. (Pfaffenhofen: US-Amerikaner erschießen 17 gefangene deutsche Soldaten.)

(14) North of Dachau – Webling: A number of captured German soldiers from Battle Group Truchsess were shot. (Nördlich von Dachau – Webling: mehrere gefangene deutsche Soldaten der Kampfgruppe von Truchseß wurden erschossen.)

(15) Eggstätt near Endorf: Americans shot two German soldiers, after making them dig their own graves. (Eggstätt bei Endorf: US-Amerikaner erschießen zwei Soldaten, die vorher ihre Grablöcher schaufeln mußten.)

(16) Atenau: American troops shot all German soldiers who were trying to surrender. (Atenau: US-Amerikaner erschießen alle Soldaten, die sich vorher ergeben hatten.)

(17) Hengersberg(?): Americans shot the mayor, his wife, two schoolchildren and a "Zufallszeugen." (Hengersberg(?): Erschießung des Bürgermeisters, seiner Frau, zwei schulpflichtigen Kindern und eines Zufallszeugen durch die Amis.)

(18) In the hamlet of Zell, 18 captured anti-aircraft troops were murdered by neck shots. (Ortschaft Zell: 18 Flaksoldaten wurden nach Gefangennahme durch Genickschuß ermordet.)

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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby gbrecht » 1 decade 8 months ago (Sat May 08, 2010 12:28 pm)

The ironic thing here is, wasn't it Patton who was among the first who let his DEF Prisoners go? Also allowing them food whilst other German soldiers starved in many of these camps?

On the topic of the DEF camps, does anyone know if there is a reliable number for the amount dead? In the past I've heard numbers ranging from 50,000 to 1 million and personally have never seen any proof for the accurate number.

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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby Carto's Cutlass Supreme » 1 decade 8 months ago (Sat May 08, 2010 12:43 pm)

Good post. Good point that if Hitler or Himmler had said such things, we'd never hear the end of it.

Drew J
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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby Drew J » 1 decade 8 months ago (Sat May 08, 2010 4:16 pm)

Well some claim Goebbels was documented as saying stuff with genocidal overtones.


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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby Mojo » 1 decade 8 months ago (Sat May 08, 2010 7:47 pm)

gbrecht wrote:The ironic thing here is, wasn't it Patton who was among the first who let his DEF Prisoners go? Also allowing them food whilst other German soldiers starved in many of these camps?

On the topic of the DEF camps, does anyone know if there is a reliable number for the amount dead? In the past I've heard numbers ranging from 50,000 to 1 million and personally have never seen any proof for the accurate number.

I think Bradley was getting ready to release his German POW's too. When Eisenhower found out Patton had started releasing POW's, he made sure no other General was going to do the same. I'm not sure they were classified as DEF's at the time Patton turned them loose?

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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby grenadier » 1 decade 8 months ago (Sun May 09, 2010 2:41 pm)

The fact that American - and also British and Canadian - not to mention the Soviets, routinely murdered German Pows
is not new but unfortunately almost unknown. Already in his 'Overlord', court historian Max Hastings openly talks about
the murder of German pows during the Normandy campaign. If anyone here is interested, pick up a copy of "Currahee"" by
former American paratrooper D.Burgett and you'll find there such tales. In one he describes casually how some american
soldiers murdered 4 Germran pows by blowing them up with explosives(138-39).
In another, he tells how a bunch of German prisoners were used as human shields as the Americans tried to silence
a machine gun that had been causing them trouble.

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Re: Allied War Criminals

Postby Halo » 1 decade 8 months ago (Mon May 10, 2010 4:40 pm)


Found at: ... llied.html

You should seriously bookmark this blog. It´s got TONS of great info including the holocoast.
There´s so much info to be found, a great Dachau entry... millions of fake eyewitnesses...

That blog is worth a bookmark.
Cheers, halo

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