joachim neander has names of 2 'gassed'

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Re: joachim neander has names of 2 gassed

Postby Cloud » 9 years 10 months ago (Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:19 pm)

joachim neander wrote:Sorry, "PS" - Wikipedia is neither a source nor a reference book for historians.

But at least he has presented something for us to check, unlike you who makes one unsubstantiated claim after another (as Yeager correctly pointed out in the Night thread). Without a document, your claims have little or no historical basis. You, as the professed historian should already know this.

joachim neander wrote:Have you been in the basement of Block 11? I have, several times. It is quite spacious

joachim neander wrote:I do not have the exact dimensions of Block 11 at hand,

"Several" is what, three to five? So after all the times you've visited, you never once measured the dimensions of the room and wrote them down? What are you waiting for?

joachim neander wrote:but if you look at the Scrapbook Pages, you will find a good photograph that will show you that it is quite a big building, and if you travel to Auschwitz, you can without any problem measure the length and width of the building, from which you - after subtracting for the thickness of the walls - can calculate its inner surface. As a clue: In cases of dense occupation, in the Auschwitz I blocks about 1000 prisoners were living on one floor.

"Quite a big building" is obviously vague and is hence useless for the purposes of computation. You must present figures with units.
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Re: joachim neander has names of 2 'gassed'

Postby gbrecht » 9 years 10 months ago (Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:12 pm)

Joachim backs up the story that they threw the zyklon b pellets in, without any way of turning the pellets into vapor other than ambient temperature. So, that begs the question, what was the average temperature in block 11 september 5th, you say this was in the basement correct? Would the temperature have been enough to turn the pellets into gas?

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Re: joachim neander has names of 2 'gassed'

Postby ps » 9 years 10 months ago (Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:36 pm)

Bad automatic translation:

Please, the question is because of the gas Zyklon B, the release of no interest whatsoever at this point, because the Jews would have died even without demonstrable Zyklon B in a much shorter time!

There are two limitations here. Once the self-poisoning due to CO2 and the other limit is death by lack of oxygen. Depending on the filling density suggests the manner of death to one or the other. And even at low loading densities (1 Jew / m²) rather than the survival time (probably> 10 hours) attested.

So already this "test gassing" of the 850 Jews is completely refuted! Without Zyklon B!

Mr. Neander lies now in a vicious situation and do not know how he can get out of this situation. Only with one bed for every Jew that would be possible.

But against this, that the SS was portrayed as cruel, and therefore he dares not say to every Jew would have been entitled to a deck chair.

Otherwise he can not justify the 1.5 m² per Jew, which would have allowed 10 hours survival.


Bitte, die Fragestellung wegen der Gasfreisetzung beim Zyklon B ist an dieser Stelle vollkommen uninteressant, weil beweisbar die Juden auch ohne Zyklon B in einer viel kürzeren Zeit gestorben wären!

Es gibt hierbei zwei Grenzen. Einmal die Selbstvergiftung infolge CO2 und die andere Grenze ist Tod durch Sauerstoffmangel. Je nach Befüllungsdichte schlägt die eine oder die andere Todesart zu. Und zwar selbst bei niedrigen Befüllungsdichten ( 1 Jude /m²) eher als die Überlebenszeit (wahrscheinlich > 10 Stunden) bezeugt ist.

Damit ist bereits diese "Probevergasung" der 850 Juden vollkommen widerlegt! Ohne Zyklon B!

Herr Neander steckt nun in einer bösartigen Lage und weiß nicht, wie er aus dieser Situation herauskommen kann. Nur mit einem Bett für jeden Juden wäre das möglich.

Dagegen spricht aber, daß die SS als grausam hingestellt wurde und daher traut er sich nicht behaupten, jeder Jude hätte einen Anspruch auf einen Liegestuhl gehabt.

Anders kann er die 1,5 m² je Jude nicht begründen, welche 10 Stunden Überlebenszeit ermöglicht hätten.

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