Norwegian mainstream media article

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Norwegian mainstream media article

Postby trevor » 9 years 6 months ago (Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:54 am)

An interesting article published in Norwegian mainstream newspapers Dagbladet.
Please read it to understand the situation in the Eastern front when Wehrmacht arrived there. This Google translation from Norwegian is not perfect but it will give you a pretty good picture. ... ISO-8859-1

(lik= corpse haugene = pile)

Original article published in Norwegian mainstream newspapers Dagbladet: ... e/5137478/

If you read the above article you will understand why the Wehrmacht soldiers were writing home letters like this from the Eastern Front:

"The German people is deeply indebted to the Fuehrer, because if these animals, our enemies here, had reached Germany, murders of a nature not yet witnessed in the world would have occurred.... No newspaper can describe what we have seen. It verges on the unbelievable, and even the Middle Ages do not compare with what has transpired here. Reading Der Stuermer and observing its photos give only a limited impression of what we have seen here and of the crimes committed here by the Jews." ... _Wehrmacht

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Re: Norwegian mainstream media article

Postby Anders » 9 years 6 months ago (Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:09 pm)


But the way they were killed, even caused the mighty Wehrmacht soldiers to break up. Tongues were torn out and ears slit. Fingernails were ripped off. The bodies showed signs of torture, fire, and corrosive acid had been thrown at them. Eyes were tilted out with a knife

Several had been scalped, others had genitals cut off and put in their mouths. Some were skinned

But the massacre in Rainiaiskogen was not unique

Only to discover yet another "problem". Prison officers often have families. So the Communists went home and shot their wives, too

Therefore, the Baltic people cheered when the Nazis attacked their countries in the summer of 1941.

Atrocities during the 1940-41 Soviet occupation led to thousands of young men from Estonia and Latvia joining the Waffen SS

But those responsible for the massacres in 1941 have never been punished. Most responsible fled to Russia and Israel when the Soviet Union collapsed in August 1991

Most responsible fled to Israel?

One of them is Nachman Dushanski?

He is living in Israel?

The State of Israel refuses to extradite the "man?"

I'm begining to understand what REALLY happened during the "holocaust" and why.

Who are these evil beasts in human form who committed such monstrous atrocities?

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Re: Norwegian mainstream media article

Postby AWoLsco » 9 years 6 months ago (Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:47 pm)

This is a most momentous publication to hit the European press, albeit in a somewhat marginal country. I note that this website concentrates on the holocaust. Anything regarded as peripheral is dismissed and my last post was dismissed, although there was some silly stuff going on at the time. So second time lucky perhaps?

As with any murder, there are 3 areas of interest. Motivation, weapon(s) and corpse(s).
I've(by and large) started at the motivation end.
The moderator(s) don't seem to want this aspect on their website. My researches lead me to believe that the crucible of anti-semitism lay in NE Poland, Latvia ,Lithuania, Estonia and the Ukraine and the holocaust was more about bullets in the neck/skull than gas-chambers and that Norwegian publication lends credence to that view.
To deny the "Russian" ie NKVD/Cheka part in the story of the holocaust is disingenuous in the extreme.

My post, for the 2nd attempt, even though it is not entirely relevant. Nevertheless you'll get the gist, and it might spark off some interesting comments.

I would like to see the old towns of the Baltic such as Danzig(Gdansk), Kaliningrad(Konigsberg) re-Germanised. Danzig, in the past, was a free trade area open to all, which was used by my fellow countrymen(Scots) as a port of entry into Poland, Prussia and Russia for trade and military employment.
However I think it unlikely that Germans will regain those old territories and towns, unless by surreptitious purchase, which the Poles will be on the lookout for. On the other hand we're all one big happy family in the EU now, so there is nothing in theory to prevent re- Germanisation.

Except that that decision of the "Germans" not to take back Kaliningrad(Konigsberg) sends a chill down my spine, for is that not a confirmation of the proposition that the Berlin wall didn't come down because E Germany/Poland etc rejected and overththrew communism, but rather that Western Europe had become communised sufficiently,via "creeping"communism? What's the point in having a wall if both sides are essentially communist police states?

Now that's all very interesting but what has it got to do with the holocaust?
Well this.
Why so little Polish eye-witness testimony? If anyone knew what was really going on in those camps it must have been the local Poles.They would have seen the comings and goings of trains, lorries, people, the camps, the sounds, the sights, the smells.
Bodies being cremated in open pits. That was a secret?
Think back to the incineration of the cattle, sheep, pigs in the last Foot and Mouth outbreak(in Britain). According to the locals the smell just about knocked you off your feet. You could smell it from miles away, downwind. And the glow from pyres would have been visible(even if screened) especially at night in the very dark Polish countryside.
Are there any Poles with relatives that lived through that era that are prepared to act as witnesses and swear on the Holy Bible that their testimony is true.
Naturally, I can see that those Poles whose testimony may exonerate the Germans in any way, might not be too popular in that that might justify German claims to what is now Polish territory.
But the trouble is that this lie/?holohoax thing is being rammed down everyone's throat, including us here in Britain, which is utterly ridiculous. A certain group of people wheels this holocaust out as soon as the words nationalism or patriotism are mentioned, and uses it as a stick to beat people with. Which is why I would like to find out a bit more about this "stick".
Are there any honest Poles out there, or does anyone know any realistic scource of Polish testimonies.....good or bad?

ps.So my father has the pleasure of looking down a German 88mm gun barrel in the Western Desert and my Uncle has the pleasure of bailing out from 10,000ft over Germany from a burning Lancaster bomber, thinking they are fighting the good fight for freedom and democracy while that strident group says that we're all equally nasty, British, Germans, Poles, all white supremacist, racist, imperialists, the lot. What an ungrateful shower.

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