"The Kindly Ones"

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"The Kindly Ones"

Postby kk » 1 decade 2 weeks ago (Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:53 pm)

The latest try of the believers is the blockbuster "The Kindly Ones" ( Eumenides) by Jonathan Littell, an American Jew writing in French, but having of course the great success in English. It' s almost a thousand pages strong and it's a treat to every revisionist.
To begin with, the protagonist is an SS officer, who has :
1. F****d his sister, and of course is in love with.
2. Is a raving homosexual, because of it.
3.He killed his mother and his stepfather, but he is reluctant to remember so.

This character is a very educated and idealistic member of the Allgemeine SS and in his career goes through the whole imaginary "final solution".
You won't believe what's in it. It's more than Hollywood.

This is not a book written by one author. This is a collective effort against revisionism and a very well concentrated one.

I urge you.

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