Online Video: Mr Death, The Rise And Fall Of Fred Leuchter

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Re: Online Video: Mr Death, The Rise And Fall Of Fred Leucht

Postby Haldan » 8 years 5 months ago (Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:45 pm)

SKcz wrote:V1, V2, microwave delousing chamber, Königstiger, Panthers, first jet planes, fathers of Space program, Gustav and Dora, submarines, and so on, but homicidal gas chamber? An impossible task!

Yes, you're quite right SKcz. If their relations had been -- how do I say, um...vertraulich? Nay, warm, with the United States of America, well then I'm sure President Rosenfeldt could send him the blueprints for one of his homicidal gas chambers...
They gas their citizens even in 2012. They also gas cats and dogs.
Germans have never been known to use gas, except once in warfare, and this was in WWI--although the initiative was not theirs. Hitler did not like the use of gas, those in the know...knows why!

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Re: Online Video: Mr Death, The Rise And Fall Of Fred Leucht

Postby Hans » 8 years 5 months ago (Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:46 am)


I challenge Hans to answer what the testimonies says about the time when the door was opened or when the ventilation was started in alleged gas chambers in Krema II-III.

This was ALSO already addressed by Pressac


I advise Skcz to actually read this major work on Auschwitz, from page 1 to page 563, before asking questions that are already thoroughly addressed there.

I challenge Hans to answer why the ventilation system was more effective in rooms where noone claims that homocidal gassings took place.

The difference in the air exchange rate per volume unit for the two Leichenkeller is in fact not significant. The key to understand why both basements have similar efficiency is found in the fact the ventilation was not planned for the homicidal gas chamber, but that the already planned basement with ventilation was chosen as gas chamber. The exterminations facility were not planned from the scratch, but the crematoria were simply but efficiently modified to have a conveniently operating gas chamber. There was no reason to increase the number of air exchanges in the gas chamber because the already planned ventilation was entirely sufficient. The likewise powerful deaeriation ventilation of the undressing room allowed flexibility and its optional use as morgue.

I challenge Hans to answer if he found introduction holes in the ceiling, because without the holes, no need to discuss ventilation problem.

There is no evidence that the openings to introduce the gas did not exist at the time and in fact three of four openings have been most likely identified in the heavily damaged roof in the paper The Ruins of the Gas Chambers: A Forensic Investigation of Crematoriums at Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is noteworthy that the leading Revisionist Carlo Mattogno failed to demonstrate in his article Elusive holes of death that the openings did not exist.


- How were Jews tricked into thinking they were getting showers when the storyline states that SS men stood on the roof of the alleged 'gas chambers' and poured Zyklon-B granules (a pesticide) into the alleged openings on the roof? The alleged homicidal gas chamber was mostly buried, meaning the roof was just a few feet above ground level and in clear sight of the alleged next batch of 2,000 Jews who were allegedly standing just outside the 'gas chamber' door awaiting their turn.

The homicidal gas chambers were in the backyard of the crematorium 2 and 3 and not or hardly and from large distance visible from the ramp. For crematorium 2 for instance, the northern most half of the gas chamber was in fact completely obscured by the crematorium building, while the southern half was only visible from the ramp from a distance of more than 200 m (estimated from aerial photographs) further obscured by the posts of 3 barbed wire fences. In addition, there was possibly vegetation in the view and a fence or earth bank in place at the basement to obscure any view. There was definitely a thick fence around the whole crematorium yards at least since August 1944. Also it would have been an easy task for the SS to move the people closer to the crematorium during the actual gassing as then the view on the gassing basement was fully obscured by the building itself.

Therefore there is no reason to believe that it was possible to observe from the ramp how the SS men poured the gas into the basement.

- How were Jews tricked into thinking they were getting showers when the storyline states that SS men on the roof removed the Zyklon-B containers that supposedly they had previously lowered into 'holes' in the 'gas chambers' roof? It takes hours for the Zyklon-B granules to finish releasing it's lethal cyanide load and the story states that batches of 2,0000 Jews were gassed in mere minutes within the 'gas chambers'. Allegedly there was another batch of Jews awaiting their turn just outside the alleged 'gas chamber' where they could watch this entire procedure, as well as being gassed where they stood.

As I explained above, it was most likely not possible for the victims to identify that a homicidal gassing is taken place.

- How were Jews tricked into thinking they were getting showers when the storyline states that the 'gas chambers' ventilation systems removed the cyanide gas out into the open air where another batch of Jews were supposedly standing right next to the 'gas chambers'. And wouldn't the people dropping like flies in the vicinity have told you something?

They would not. The cyanide gas extracted by the ventilation was ejected from the roof of the crematoria and was immediately diluted. There is no reason why the hydrogen cyanide molecules should collectively decide to diffuse down again to the ground.

- How were Jews tricked into thinking they were getting showers after viewing the dead bodies of allegedly gassed Jews, since the 4 ft. X 9 ft. hand drawn elevator which was supposed to have lifted 2,000 Jews in just a few minutes to the crematoria above the alleged ' gas chamber' would not have been capable of such a magical feat?

The next batch of victims did not enter the basement prior all corpses had been cleared from the basement. They had to wait for their turn.

So, we have to assume that:

1- The German engineers were complete idiots. They didn't know how to design correctly a "homicidal gas chamber" for killing batches of 2000-3000 people at a time. Not only they installed a wrong system of ventilation but they didn't plan nothing to avoid that more than 100 openings were constantly communicating with the exterior. In addition they put more installed power (in W/m3) to ventilate an "undressing room" than a "gas chamber". Not to mention the brilliant idea of using not less than 4 holes for introducing the lethal pellets of Zyklon without any system to warm them for a quick evaporation of the HCN.

According to the testimonial evidence, which is corroborated by the studies of Dr. Green, the ventilation was fully sufficient for the purpose of homicidal gassing, the same is true for the use of four openings to introduce the gas. Also a system to heat the pellets was not necessary. So from what is known, the gas chamber fulfilled the requirements with minimum effort. This is the exact opposite of idiotic.

2- Pressac is cleverer than them and gives those idiots the solution we haven't even any material traces they have actually "adopted". To resume: we have missed a good "criminal trace" on that.

You did not understand Pressac properly (the part you labeled as blabla in the quotation). The fact that there is no "material trace" for the adoption indicates that the supposed blocking of the ventilation openings did never occur.

3-How could last the task of liberating little openings through more than 1 m of entangled cadavers while wearing a gas mask? Wouldn't have supposed that kind of maneuver such a hard effort that the filters of the masks wouldn't have lasted very long?

If you want to make a point, show that the filters did not last that long and also show that the Auschwitz SS did not had enough filters for this job. But even then it is quite an irrelevant point since indeed there is no evidence that the ventilation openings were ever blocked by the corpses.

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Re: Online Video: Mr Death, The Rise And Fall Of Fred Leucht

Postby Kingfisher » 8 years 5 months ago (Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:25 pm)

Hans wrote:@SKcz

I advise Skcz to actually read this major work...

Major work?! Klarsfeld and company abandoned him after its publication and he became so unimportant to the mainstream that his death went unreported in the MSM. The book is now out of print and unavailable on Amazon!

Germar Rudolf considers the damage Pressac did to the Believer cause to be so great that he speculates Pressac went over as a mole to undermine the other side from within.

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Re: Online Video: Mr Death, The Rise And Fall Of Fred Leucht

Postby Werd » 8 years 5 months ago (Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:02 pm)

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