French 'government' mandates propaganda for children

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French 'government' mandates propaganda for children

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Mar 28, 2004 1:37 pm)

It is the 'hate/racist' canard that is used to prevent investigation of the fraudulent Jewish 'holocaust' Story. This Forum confirms the fraudulence of the story as alleged as civil debate utterly debunks the silly tales, and those that benefit from the lies know it, hence the Thought Police.

The story below is another manifestation of revealing, anti free speech tactics, which in the long run exposes the fraudulence of Judeo-supremacist/Zionist mandates. Truth does not need Thought Policing, only lies need such protection.

courtesy of David Irving:

My comments in [ ], Irving's comments follow.

- Hannover
Sunday Telegraph
London, Sunday, March 28, 2004

France tells its schools to screen Schindlers List and The Piano to combat a rising tide of anti-Semitism

By Kim Willsher in Paris

THE French government has told schools and colleges to screen films such as Schindler's List, Sophie's Choice and The Pianist to combat growing anti-Semitism. ['government'?... just who is this 'government'? Do the French people decide these matters themselves?, criticism of genocidal/apartheid Israel is considered 'antisemtic' and 'racist']

After a 10-fold rise in attacks and threats against Jews in France in the past decade, Luc Ferry, the education minister, said it was vital to fight racism among young people. [and who may very well be manufacturing these 'attacks'? see: - ]

"For the first time since the Second World War, anti-Semitism is now more widespread than racism that is not directed against Jews," he said last week. "We cannot act as if this didn't exist. We cannot not respond to it." [Oh really? see above]

The advice is included in a government guide, The Republican Idea Today, that will be sent to 300,000 schools and colleges teaching "civil education" classes as part of the national curriculum.

The guide also recommends visits to former Nazi concentration camps, books such as The Diary of Anne Frank and documentaries depicting the Holocaust. [Well, now we're getting to heart of the matter, the French must go to the camps an admission fee ofcourse, and be further indoctrinated in judeo-supremacist/Zionist anti-Gentile hate and lies...Anne Frank was not executed, she died of typhus, her family 'survived']

Mr Ferry said: "When you see a film like Schindler's List you are clearly very moved. You understand much better the reality of racism and anti-Semitism than if you're asked to read, for example, the Declaration of the Rights of Man." [Schindler's List is a propaganda novel..fiction..and there is no evidence to support the accusations within it, very simple]

The government has linked the surge in attacks on Jews over the past three years with the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.

Last week, arsonists set fire to a Jewish centre in Toulon, shortly after Israel assassinated the Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. It was the latest in a series of attacks on Jewish sites, including synagogues, graveyards and lycées. [we must wonder who really set fire to this centre]

France has the largest Muslim population -- estimated at between 4 million and 5 million -- in Western Europe.

Mr Ferry said teachers had reported being abused by young Muslims while trying to teach about the Holocaust. He described how one teacher asked a class of 13-year-old pupils about their likes and dislikes. One child wrote: "I like football, I don't like Jews." [Why shouldn't someone become sick & tired of hearing about the 'holocau$t' propaganda?...and when can't someone decide for themselves who they choose to like/dislike?]

One prominent rabbi has advised Jewish schoolchildren in Paris who received abuse and threats from Muslim youths to wear baseball hats to cover their skullcaps. [interesting, Jews can wear skull caps, but Muslims cannot wear their scarves]

Mr Ferry said that young people used racist insults such as "dirty Jew" or "dirty wog" as frequently as other people said "idiot" or "fool". [and Judeo-supremacists can label anyone 'antisemtic', 'neo-Nazi', 'racist', 'hate-monger' anytime they like ... with impunity]

He added: "It's extremely serious. These words have become banal, light as feathers, when in fact they have a very serious history. The sole purpose of this guide is to give weight back to these words; to make pupils understand that these insults have killed." [more of the 'words kill canard', they do not... it's an attempt at Thought Policing which is done to prevent scrutiny of the 'holocau$t' as alleged]

He said the guide was intended to make pupils reflect on racism, the Second World War, crimes against humanity, battles for the dignity of man, and social conflicts. [right, as if we don't already hear about the propaganda of 'WWII' enough, and note the attempt to bind the ridiculous 'holocau$t' story within the "dignity of man"...laughable]
The minister said that extreme racism and anti-Semitism had infected only five per cent of schools in France, but that in society as a whole, there had been a dramatic rise in recent years. [once again, where are these allegations coming from? The Judeo-supremacists themselves?...are these accusations based upon conviction records, or merely hearsay and wishful thinking? Just saying so doesn't make it so]

During the 1990s, about 10 violent anti-Semitic attacks and 60 verbal threats were reported against Jews every year. By 2002, these figures had risen to 193 attacks and 731 threats, the worst in France since the 1940s. [ah yes, "reported"]

Mr Ferry blamed tensions between Muslim and Jewish pupils. "If we have such a rise in anti-Semitism in France it is because some children identify with the Palestinian cause and others with Israel," he said. [if so, then perhaps the relentless indoctrination of the 'holocau$t' propaganda may be a factor...hmmm]

The guide also includes details of the laws that teachers can refer to when confronted with racist acts. "It is necessary to intervene in the slightest incident -- even a verbal attack -- and not let any of these things pass without punishment or explanation," said Mr Ferry. [yep, we must not let people speak their minds, Revisionist are all too aware of the laws which attempt to prevent srutiny of the 'holocau$t' in France and most of Europe]

David Irving comments:
THUS the real purpose of the making of Schindler's List, the film version of a rather tawdry and pornographic novel, becomes plain.

Not long after it was released, I published in Action Report a quotation from the German cinematographer's trade magazine, Der Kinema (I think it was called), in which the chief cameraman on the film declared that the reason why the film had been made in black & white was so that in future people could not tell whether or not it was a documentary. Instant History, Nescafé style: pour on hot water and stir.

Before the belated United States entry into World War Two, a series of movie shorts called Time Marches On was produced by Hollywood. They served their purpose too. A BBC television investigation ten years or so ago revealed that all of the scenes of Nazi brown shirts brutalizing Jews, forcing them to scrub pavements, etc., and of Japanese troops tossing Chinese children into the air on their bayonets, had been filmed with actors on the backlots of Hollywood.

The problem for France's Jewish community is that the public are not, in their entirety, idiots: most Frenchmen can read the press and see the real newsreels for themselves now -- and there is the Internet.

Not a thousand re-runs of Schindler's List can expunge the world's worst memories -- like the image of an Israeli bulldozer crushing to death the beautiful young American girl Rachel Corrie trying to protect an Arab home from illegal demolition in March 2003; nor the memory of the Israeli Army's tower crane in Manger Square in Bethlehem two years ago, rigged with a remote-controlled machine gun at its top with which they could fire bursts of machine-gun fire through a window into the Interior of the Church of the Nativity, birthplace of Our Lord, the holiest church in Christendom.

One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie We wonder if her family has become "anti-Semitic" yet?
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Sushicotto » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Mar 28, 2004 9:03 pm)

It actually makes perfect sense if you make a few changes [ ].

“We cannot not respond to it." Someone must “make pupils understand that these insults [anti-German propaganda] have killed [millions of Germans]”. And “to make pupils reflect on racism [against Germans], the Second World War, crimes against humanity, battles for the dignity of man, and social conflicts.”

It is quite sickening what they are doing. I hope some teachers will at least also teach them about the Morgenthau plan and the text of "Germany must Perish". They would probably lose their job, right?
"Those unaware are unaware of being unaware." (Merrill Jenkins)

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Postby TruthSeeker » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Mar 28, 2004 9:14 pm)

They are desperately trying to prevent the truth from being seen by brainwashing more people with lies.

This is ridiculous. First they do things similar to what "Prof." Kerri Dunn did, then they call it anti-semitic acts, then they use this as an excuse to demand more "education", and more funding to fight "racism" and to get more security for Jewish institutions. This is SICK!! :x

"We will NOT stand for hate" is the message written on banners in the pictures of rallies in which Kerri Dunn appears. THIS is the hypocrisy of exterminationists. It's for all to see.

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