Who killed Himmler?

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Hannover » 7 years 4 months ago (Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:06 pm)

borjastick wrote:Is it actually certain that the cyanide capsules even existed?
AFAIK the existence of such capsules is fact. I believe various German military personnel carried them in case of Soviet capture, as well as leadership figures such as Goering, who cheated the hangman by allegedly popping one of these little angels ... much to the chagrin of the Allies.

rather dodgy image below from:

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Hannover » 7 years 4 months ago (Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:24 pm)

Here's a Google translation of the cited German VHO piece at:
Not perfect, but manageable.

- Hannover
Churchill can kill

In May 1945, a high-ranking German SS officer was escorted to the British interrogation headquarters in Uelzen in Luneburg Str 31 , a building that had been requisitioned for a particular purpose of the British high command , namely the second British Military Field Unit . This place should serve the alleged " interrogation " high-ranking Nazis. , But oddly enough, has a number of persons for the purpose of " hearing " entered the house , never leave the building alive. The man's name , to which I just referred me was SS General Hans Priitzmann , who had been appointed by his top boss, the Reichsführer- SS Heinrich Himmler to organize werewolf operations and lead. Priitzmann was one of those who never left the house more living body . Within a few days should befall a similar fate in the hands of the same officers and in the same place Prützmanns top managers. A coincidence?

It is often said that truth is stranger than fiction , and today I would like to describe one of the strangest stories that has ever these chaotic final days of World War sprung morning. It has all the elements of a best-selling novel: mystery , violence , deception , intimidation , fraud, intrigue , and an extensive blackout story that spans five decades and two continents.

Many of you will no doubt be familiar with the official version , which describes the death of Heinrich Himmler in May 1945 in the hands of his British interrogators , who is described as a suicide. But was it ?

And , if not, had already been pre- set something in motion that ended with the death of key personnel of the National Socialist Party , especially in the offices and at high-level members of the SS , SD and Gestapo, who were concerned with Jewish affairs ?

The Allied experts of the psychological warfare in World War II took the " stab in the back " legend of the First World War as a clue , as they spread their own legend to Conceive the melody was roughly outlined by the following :

Promotion and dissemination of the allegation that the SS Himmler was cheating and his subordinates responsible for crimes , leaving that could only be laid to his charge . This was and is still an effective tactic was repeated with great success up to the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial . In this way, replacing " Forsaken " simply the " stab in the back " , as the Allied psychological warfare experts were of the opinion that the Germans were more receptive to such hackneyed short tags.

These agents of psychological warfare among the first units entered German territory occupied . Their task was simply to ensure that National Socialism in all its manifestations synonymous with criminality would - not only in the whole German population , but also for the citizens of all countries of the world .

At this point it is therefore absolutely lawful to ask : even if Himmler had lived , that fact would have changed the course of events , as far as it concerned the policy of the Allies in Germany ? Had it changed the Allied policy on SS ? Of course not ! I need give only one that Hermann Goering both took full responsibility for his own personal actions , such as . Well as for his role as commander in chief of the German Air Force This kept hundreds of Air Force officers of arrest , imprisonment or prosecution ? Of course not . In fact, it was so that anyone who dared to utter a word in defense of his superiors , exposing themselves immediately arrest .

Think of the case against Krupp von Bohlen , Ernst Kaltenbrunner , Hans Fritzsche , and other placeholders German power, which served the intended by the Allies Purpose: To ensure that National Socialism never could be a political or philosophical movement that the world the future could have an impact , but would forever equated with concentration camps , murder and crime.

But in terms of at least one major issue that is still hotly debated today , Himmler survival and testimony would have made the big difference , of course, I mean an event that is now known as the Holocaust .

There was only one man who was fully informed regarding the SS policy and was authorized to speak for them : Heinrich Himmler. Not only that - even though he was no longer alive and could testify , we know very well what he would have said , thanks to the meetings of the alleged double agent Felix Kersten has arranged that apparently did not act only on behalf of the Allies , but also for the world Jewish Congress based in New York.

Who wanted her dead , in fact, Himmler , and why?

According to the March / April 1998 issue of The Barnes Review (p. 59) :

" Ordered the Prime Minister Winston Churchill , the unlawful killing of former SS officers after the Second World War was over ?

In the immediate post-war Zionist and Communist terror gangs operated freely in the western zones of occupied Germany , ie in the zones under British , American and French military government . Zionists have released several self -glorifying reports that describe the assassination of leading German and the attempts to destroy large parts of the German population that had survived . [...]

Is not so well known that Churchill , - when he was Prime Minister at the end of the war [ ...] - probably had his own plan for the assassination of former SS officers and other leading German . [...]

The London Daily Mail published on 3 January 1998 interview with a British expatriate named Peter Mason, whose age is given as 70 or 73, the Jew and is now living somewhere in Montana , where he [ ...] today leads a basically anonymous life . Mason claims to have been a member of a secret death squad that had been erected on the orders of Churchill and the task had to hunt down former SS officers and other German and murder . "

In fact, according to the Sunday Times of 28 were December 1997 two other men , Nobby Clark and Joseph Galinsky named as accomplices. Like the Barnes Review notes :

" The unit was eventually extended to five man by two soldiers have been added. "

None of the men called his commanding officer . Mason's death squad continued its operations until 1948 continued through . Mason, like other so-called Avenger , expressed no remorse for the murders he had committed. He is quoted by Barnes Review as saying :

"I 'm proud of what I did. "

In short, anyone who could throw in relation to what is now called the Holocaust a light on the Jewish policy of the Third Reich , was a candidate for murder , either by Churchill's "Access squads " or by a highly organized group of European Jews who survived , known as the " DIN " . [ 1]

Heinrich Himmler's corpse in the interrogation room with his interrogators . [2 ]

So there is more than enough evidence to assume that the death of high-ranking SS officers , from Himmler had been planned well in advance . Moreover, today there is little doubt about the motives behind these killings .

Specifically in relation to Himmler's death , we briefly examine the crucial chain of events that led to his death .

Himmler's death

It is still claimed that the Uelzener road 31 just a 15 minute period elapsed from the time of Himmler's arrival until his death . However, this may not be true, because there was enough time for an artist to create a sketch of the trapped Reichsführer . He is dressed in a camouflage nightie and shown holding a blanket . His face appears quite composed and resigned.

Four men were waiting to take Himmler reception when he arrived in the Uelzen street :

Captain Taffy Davies , Major Norman Whittaker, Sergeant Roper, and Corporal Cyril Clark.

Himmler arrived with an escort of three support vehicles . The first person who got out, was Colonel Murphy, followed by the " prone " figure of the former Reich Leader SS , dressed only in his disgrace with a nightshirt and wrapped in a blanket .

The ampoule in which the cyanide capsule Himmler allegedly kept for three days in the mouth, was a metal tube that could not possibly be safely opened by hand. This story changed over time , so that was told later that his tooth in a deep hole had been made , where the capsule was kept. From there it was then geschnippst from the mouth either , or the cyanide had been released by top biting at the last moment .

Supposedly, the type of metal capsule that Himmler had either hidden in a hollow tooth - whether he probably had tusks - or he had simply hidden in your mouth - where it was overlooked in three body searches , and Himmer comfortable three sandwiches could eat ... [ 3]

Sketch of Himmler's teeth : No trace of holes with hidden poison capsules [ 4].

It should be noted that some dentists were later sent to the scene . One of them, a man who was known as "Jimmy the Dentist " asked if he could have a few teeth as a souvenir. But if Himmler had actually undergone the pain and discomfort to have to drill a large hole in his tooth to accommodate a large cyanide capsule , one would assume that this tooth would have been the only one who was worthy to be collected as a souvenir , in this respect but is not a word lost is why you come to the conclusion that the whole thing easy. an invention. [ 5 ]

The specified time for the alleged suicide was 23 May 23.15 clock .

Himmler had been subjected to but by the time of his arrest until his death four thorough body searches to make sure that he hid no poison . An article that describes the details of his death , noted :

"The medical officer asked him to open his mouth, but because he could not see well enough , he took the prisoners over to the window and told him to open his mouth again . Just as the doctor stuck a finger in Himmler's mouth, he saw the German bit of a black spot , which proved to be the tip of an ampoule containing potassium cyanide . It was made any effort to save Himmler's life , but without success. It was a message sent to Flensburg and asked the control group at Supreme Headquarters , to appoint representatives of the U.S. and the Russian army to take the corpse of a look. " [6 ]

I had the good fortune to obtain from sources in Britain a copy of Himmler's so-called autopsy.

The autopsy was performed two days after Himmler's death. His brain and part of his skull had been the purpose of further investigation , as with Mussolini removed . [7 ]

It is claimed that Himmler died as a result of cyanide poisoning , but on numerous photos that were taken at the time of Himmler's corpse , no signs of cyanide poisoning seem to be present.

These signs are us in a textbook of forensic medicine titled Homicide Investigation ( investigation in homicides ) from LeMoyne Snyder, 2 Edition described . He writes on page 252 :

» Cyanide if ingested or inhaled in gas form , kills a person by preventing the body from using the oxygen carried in the blood . Consequently, the death is a form of asphyxiation . Moreover, if alkali cyanides are taken internally , there are signs of burns to the lips , tongue, throat and stomach. In cases of acute poisoning are the symptoms that develop very quickly , mainly dizziness, palpitations, intense air hunger , cyanosis [ [8 ] ] and unconsciousness . Severe cramps may develop. The hands are usually zusammengekrampft . Death is almost always a very rapidly. [ ...] However, if [ ...] at the time of ingestion of cyanide happened to a significant amount of food in the stomach , these symptoms may be significantly delayed . It may be recalled that the murder of the Russian monk Rasputin was first attempted by the administration of cyanide hidden in cakes . Although he ate more of the cake , apparently showed up at him no immediate effect , and the murder was finally accomplished by being struck on the head . [ ...] The cyanides have a specific smell, which is quite similar to the inside of a peach core. After deaths by poisoning the smell stops and is quite noticeable at the time of autopsy . "

Let us dwell for a time at the thought. It should be remembered that the embalming a corpse practically destroyed all evidence of cyanide poisoning , so that an autopsy must necessarily take place before the embalming .

Now , regarding the post-mortem appearance :

" Externally, the most characteristic signs are the open staring eyes with dilated pupils , foaming at the mouth , and bright red or pink - red spots at different points of the body. "

I would like to take a break and turn your attention to the fact that Himmler's corpse has none of these characteristics , in contrast to the Hermann Goering ! Perhaps many have seen that was taken by the Reich Marshal after his suicide by cyanide here the photo.

I remember that an author who obviously does not have the appearance of a poisoned with cyanide body knew , saw Göring half-open eyelids made ​​him " blink " to think.

This procedure was followed in Himmler's autopsy ? The answer is no . Only the brain was removed , and indeed for any purpose other than to establish the cause of death . Himmler was the case in the stomach of the utmost importance, as if he had died by cyanide poisoning , this would have been discovered both by the smell of peach kernel in the gastric mucosa as well as a characteristic discoloration of internal tissues . Let us come to the actual autopsy so .

The autopsy was performed on 25 Conducted in May 1945 by 11 clock . The signature of the pathologist is illegible , but it was the 74th British General Hospital stationed .

It gives a description of the general external condition of the body , but there are absolutely no indications of cyanide poisoning . There is no mention of pink or red spots , which are usually seen at dead of cyanide poisoning . The eyes are described as " slightly protruding " , which is inconsistent with the finding in the eye region in which death really fast through a cyanide poisoning . [9 ]

The pathologist has requested no toxicological report . The removal of the brain is not mentioned , although we know that the brain has been removed . There is no mention of smell of peach stone, nor discoloration of any internal organ . Why this information has been omitted from the autopsy report ?

Additionally, if there at the time of hearing was 11 clock at night , as the quoted article notes what purpose should it serve Himmler to bring over to the window , as the article indicates ? Expected the doctor č.j. Wells that there at the window at 11 clock at night would be more light ? And so one must ask , how could Himmler biting into a cyanide capsule , with the fingers of the doctor in the mouth ? How was it possible to pull out the capsule with a tongue movement and crush with the teeth , with the fingers of the doctor in the mouth ? And if the doctor had such enormous difficulty looking at Himmler's mouth as he was in the light - as one could see hidden in the back of mouth black dot Himmler , Himmler, as he was away from the light ?

Heinrich Himmler shortly after his murder / suicide. [10 ]

A series of witnesses were present at the time of Himmler's death, but only one of them was ever a more or less official and public report of the circumstances of Himmler's death : CSM Austin. On 25 May 1945 by 5 clock afternoon, a press conference was convened to release details in connection with the death of Mr. Himmler. The only man who had the power to speak , CSM Austin was .

Not a single person has ever been in this regard then an interview was granted one or was asked . Even the recent publication of Himmler's suicide in the magazine After the Battle questioned any of the then present , at the time of publication because they were all dead or dying .

Why the veil of silence over five decades? Why no investigation ? Why only an autopsy and that under fairly primitive conditions ? Why not Dr. Wells was surveyed? Why do we have only one report of this incident , from a man who was suspected later , a thief and a liar to be? [ 11]

It was only in April 1977 finally got the names of the men who had been assigned to Himmler's funeral squad by After the Battle to the public.

Their names were published as a sergeant and Sergeant Bill Weston Waymond Ottery . CSM Austin died in 1972. Austin consistently refused to provide Himmler's burial . This should remain a fixed -kept secret . In fact, Austin's report with complete fabrications and lies is interwoven . For example, he claimed , according to After the Battle , that he alone knew the actual location and the body taken out in the middle of the night and had secretly buried . After the Battle explained that Austin could not even drive! However, Austin was one of the few men who could speak and understand German .

Himmler had been brought in during Ottery stayed outside and stood in front of the windows of the hearing room and tried to get a look and listen to what was going on inside . Ottery has no mention that Himmler was transferred from the doctor to the window. According After the Battle

» Ottery was a few minutes later then fouled almost by an unknown officer who jumped down the stairs and called for a needle and cotton. Ottery ran to the next door and was lucky to get within seconds of Ray Weston, which is said that he had just finished at the time to sew a button on a shirt. Ottery was not allowed to enter the examination room . Instead, he ran back to the window to try to see what was going on inside. " (Emphasis added here )

As Ottery was asked in 1976 , was all that he had heard that someone inside had called "The bastard 's beat us! " It can certainly be interpreted in many ways. Himmler was manhandled at this time? If the call was made ​​in view of the officers, of whom it was known that they were posted in front of the window? A few moments later, the interrogation team appeared on the front of the stairs , muttering : " Who's going to do it " ( Who will do it? ) .

It is actually not clear whether this was caused before or after Himmler's alleged suicide .

Ottery even put it when he was asked by After the Battle , 1976, thus:

» Ottery presumed ... " ( Ottery speculated ... )

In other words, Ottery speculated what it meant , and did not in fact what it was referring to ! The men who were present at the time of Himmler's death , have all been identified. There are

CJ Wells, Colonel Murphy , Major Whittaker, Captain Davies, and CM Austin.

The day after his death, Himmler's body was made ​​for the boys of Verteidigungskompagnie flaunt what reminds one of the Dalton gang and John Dillinger . As with the sensation greedy Dillinger put a morbid interest in the day to take the sex organs of the Reichsführer inspected. The boys took the Verteidigungskompagnie from Himmler ceiling to show off his body in a shameful way , accompanied by the mocking laughter of her fellow soldiers . Also, women were not denied the opportunity to participate in the revelry . A group of ATS women were led into the building to see Himmler to share in the joke about "the only German secret weapon that has not been put to use ."

Sergeant Austin was busy trying to steal personal items that belonged to the Reich Leader . He had Himmler glasses as a " souvenir " bagged . Fact, Austin was when the Russian delegation came to take Himmler's corpse in inspection , requested by the commanding officer , Himmler glasses because of her back down ! Unfortunately, another thief had stolen the thief , and the glasses was nowhere to be found!

A shaky footage was shot by Himmler's corpse and from the interrogation room . This movie is most likely somewhere in Moscow today and / or the UK.

Himmler's funeral

Himmler's body was , like the later days of Priitzmann carried out under complete secrecy to the back door . Major Whittaker received from Montgomery's aide , Colonel Murphy, an order to leave the corpse disappear in the early morning hours and under the strictest secrecy.

Ray Weston took the wheel . Whittaker accompanied them in a jeep , and CSM Austin sat next to him . Ottery and Weston had the task of digging the grave , while Whittaker and Austin something away stood guard . It was not easy for them , to dig through tree roots , so Whittaker jumped into his jeep and drove off to get ice cold beer . Austin remained on guard and chased away some Polish soldiers roaming around .

Himmler's body was still in the truck. When they had dug to a depth of three feet , they went back to fetch the corpse for burial . Weston was twice sent back to the grave site to ensure that it was undisturbed. The often-quoted remark , and allegedly made ​​from Austin "Let the worm to the worms go," was long after the funeral itself was completed, embossed. According to Weston , they just about to finish her performing and return to their usual routines attended :

"It was a terrible hard work , all that digging, where we had better things to do . "

Ottery and Weston both remained for decades after the event about Austin angry , allegedly because of his inventions , boasting and lies. Both men were therefore simply upset because their names had been omitted . The vanity of man proves that pride comes before a fall . Would not these simple men and others like them , whose ego was hurt, the story might never know the real circumstances surrounding the arrest and interrogation of the dignitaries of the Third Reich .

Thanks to their feeling ignored in its role in Himmler's death and burial, and to have been passed over , they took on with the editors of After the Battle contact to straighten the report.

Thus, as captured in the cases of Bernard Clark, Hoess , and former Israeli Prime Minister Chaim Herzog , who was present at the time of Himmler's arrest , [12 ] to keep the human ego , boasting , inability mouth , and the desire for praise and recognition responsible for everything we know about the arrest and interrogation of high-ranking SS commanders of the Third Reich today .

Is it any wonder that pirate captains of the teams that buried their stolen treasures were killed ?

In summary, to be simply determined that there is not much about the mysterious and matching deaths of Hans Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Priitzmann in the street 31 Uelzener too many questions and answers enough . Questions that can probably never be answered , such as :

Why the task is assigned to only one person , the alleged suicide to comment publicly ?
Why not Offzier was asked ?
Followed the British the well-known adage that too many cooks spoil the broth?
Why can not the official autopsy report provide no convincing evidence that Himmler's death was actually caused by cyanide poisoning ?
Why was his brain was removed , and for what purpose ?
Why is he was buried in an unmarked grave ?
Why were the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Priitzmann and Himmler so similar to the "hidden cyanide capsule " - after repeated searches of the body and the body cavities ?

For the Allies, the Wicked Witch of the Evil Empire was dead, and that was a reason for rejoicing , not for an official investigation , but for people with critical thinking skills tastes the whole story, as it is described by Austin, after a wicked fairy .

All participants kept their oath to remain silent. Major Whittaker, not even his own son revealed the location of Himmler's grave . Sergeant Austin was cremated in February 1972, went with sealed lips equally grave.

Because, as he himself has so often been noted :

"I have been in the military and knows how to keep a secret ."

Both men received an award for their services.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby hermod » 7 years 4 months ago (Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:32 am)

borjastick wrote:Is it actually certain that the cyanide capsules even existed?

The glass ampoule of potassium cyanide. "The poison phial, one of two he carried, surrendered by Himmler to the medical officer."

http://www.fpp.co.uk/Himmler/death/Illu ... poule.html
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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Breker » 7 years 4 months ago (Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:37 pm)

In reading this thread and based upon the original source, it would seen Mr. Irving plundered the cyanide capsule photo originally found by Mr Bellinger. We recommend scrolling upwards.
Revisionists are just the messengers, the impossibility of the "Holocaust" narrative is the message.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Hektor » 6 years 11 months ago (Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:40 pm)

Hannover wrote:A VHO German language article on Bellinger's work:

[English translation added a few posts further down. Moderator1]

Himmler after being murdered; note broken nose & abrasions.

Interview with author, Joseph Bellinger.
http://holocaust-history.net/main/artic ... ger_EN.htm
Full text below, see above link for various links within the text.

The nose on the second picture does indeed have a strange appearance as, if it was broken.
Here the nostrils just seem big:
Check the symmetry:

But was he really murdered - or what's the evidence for a "suicide".

Reflection in the media:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... diary.html

http://furtherglory.wordpress.com/2011/ ... or-murder/

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -sale.html

There are also letters presented:

What's the proof that they are authentic (or that they are forgeries)?

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Werd » 6 years 9 months ago (Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:19 am)

There was an older topic on this board whereby Irving questioned the authenticity of these documents, but he also suspected that there may be some MI-6 trickery at work. If I recall, the idea was to slip in bogus documents in with genuine ones to muck up attempts to get at the truth about the murder of Himmler. Perhaps along the lines of slipping in a document MADE decades after the war admitting to Himmler's murder. Then declaring THOSE to be the forgeries they are, thus discrediting the whole endeavour to get at the truth about Himmler's murder.

Latest Himmler murder documents / forged?
First post Jul 02, 2005

Between that topic, the one on the "the Bellinger-Irving connection" and this topic, I suspect one could read Bellinger's book to see that Himmler was in fact murdered and evidence tamepred with, such as Himmler's personal diary. And maybe one could read Irving's book since it will likely take into account the obvious trickery going on with these documents alluded to by the British press and discussed on this board nearly a decade ago. At least I hope that is the case!

I did find it interesting that Bellinger claimed Himmler had his nose broken. If there are no photos of blood, perhaps it's because it was cleaned up or the body was moved to a different place to be photographed. It has already been admitted Himmler's corpse was moved at least once for photographic purposes by allied forces. But someone did mention that in other, up close photos, with a relatively acute angle from Himmler's face, don't necessarily show a broken and crooked nose, just wide nostrils. Of course, these are just small potatoes.

Not to sound like a broken record, but all exposures of selfish behavior of Irving aside from his plundering of the work of others, to his apparently being caught plundering documents out of archives that he was not supposed to and trying to sell them, to making poor mistakes with dates and numbers in Churchill's War volume one, I would not be surprised if Irving's upcoming book about Himmler would be worth purchasing. But I could not in good conscience purchase it without trying to get an English edition of Bellinger's book if it is even available yet.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby flashingturtle » 5 years 6 months ago (Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:45 am)

hi there, i know this is an old thread, but i was listening to this link and if you skip to reel 9 this guy claims to have found himmler and that he was interrogated by airey neave for 3 days before he died. interesting?


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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Hannover » 5 years 6 months ago (Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:15 am)

hi there, i know this is an old thread, but i was listening to this link and if you skip to reel 9 this guy claims to have found himmler and that he was interrogated by airey neave for 3 days before he died. interesting?

And your point is?

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby georgesmiley » 5 years 5 months ago (Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:52 pm)

Sometimes the internet is a mine of disinformation and i have just heard a gem.

According Eric John Phelps (jesuits are responsible for all the world's ills- author of vatican assassins) NB - phelps resides in Israel and trades in diamonds, Himmler did not die but was helped to escape to Sweden by Count Bernadotte, who was later killed in Palestine by the jesuits? No, the Jews.

source: an interview on red ice radio in 2007. - link not available as it is for members.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby Werd » 5 years 4 months ago (Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:21 pm)

According to a England/US/Jews funded Nazi conspiracy theorist, the photographed dead Himmler is not the real Himmler. He and many nazis actually escaped.
http://aangirfan.blogspot.ca/2010/09/je ... -knew.html
According to another one of those other theorists, Greg Hallett, the real Himmler was killed but it was because the British feared he may expose how the Brits were actually funding the Nazis along with America.

Everybody has their own fancy point of view.

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Re: Who killed Himmler?

Postby k0nsl » 5 years 1 month ago (Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:54 am)

I noticed my old website "holocaust-history[dot]net" was referenced in this topic. It has naturally been defunct for years now.

I've still backed up most of the old content and uploaded it, or converted, if you will, elsewhere. The entire interview with Bellinger can be read here:

HIMMLER MURDERED??? Interview with author Joseph BELLINGER:
https://k0nsl.org/blog/detox/himmler-mu ... bellinger/

Best wishes,

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