The Zionist Final Solution of the Jewish question/problem...

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The Zionist Final Solution of the Jewish question/problem...

Postby hermod » 4 years 8 months ago (Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:12 pm)

What idiotic orthodox historiography claims...

The Final Solution (German: (die) Endlösung, German pronunciation: [ˈɛntˌløːzʊŋ]) or Final Solution to the Jewish Question (German: die Endlösung der Judenfrage, German pronunciation: [diː ˈɛntˌløːzʊŋ deːɐ̯ ˈjuːdn̩ˌfʀaːgə]) was Nazi Germany's plan during World War II to systematically rid the world of its Jewish population through genocide. This policy was formulated in procedural terms at the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, and culminated in the "Shoah – the Holocaust of the Jewish people, the attempt to annihilate the Jewish people," as defined by Avner Shalev, director of Yad Vashem, which resulted in the killing of two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe.


The "Final Solution" was the Nazis' euphemistic term for their plan to annihilate the Jewish people.[3] Historians, including Mark Roseman, have pointed out that the usual tendency of the Nazi leadership when discussing the Final Solution was to be extremely guarded. Euphemisms were "their normal mode of communicating about murder".[4]

May 1941 the SS commander Heinrich Himmler said to Hoess, that Adolf Hitler had given orders 'for the final solution of the Jewish question. I have chosen the Auschwitz camp for this purpose'. Hoess converted Auschwitz into an extermination camp and installed gas chambers and crematoria.

What dishonest orthodox historiography never mentions...

A few examples of the Zionist Final Solution of the Jewish question/problem: ... stion.html ... 0e343fcca3 ... final.html ... stion.html ... ution.html ... olicy.html ... ewish.html ... ewish.html ... stion.html ... -from.html ... ld-be.html ... ewish.html

Here under is a German Jewish newspaper dealing with the Zionist Final Solution of the Jewish question (i.e. sending the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe to Palestine and establishing a Jewish state there), published in February 1939 at Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.




Nazis' euphemistic term for mass murder of Jews, my arse !
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