Nizkorite joke: jewish emigration to USSR.

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Nizkorite joke: jewish emigration to USSR.

Postby Juan » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Jul 04, 2004 8:16 pm)

18. How many Jews emigrated prior to the war, thus being outside of German reach?

The IHR says:

Over a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).

Nizkor replies:

Yes, but more then six million remained. There were about eleven million Jews in Europe in 1937, by the Nazis' own estimates given in the Wannsee Protocol.

Hohohoho... :roll:

eleven million, including - in the same "report" - an estimation of 5 million soviet jews in Russia.

And I thought the nazis didn't deport jews from Russia. Well, may I become a believer because of this?


What was the max. number of jews that came under German control? 3.5 million perhaps?

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Jul 04, 2004 9:35 pm)

There's no precise way to determine how many Jews were in Europe, and then, how many were actually under German administration.

Some points to consider:

- a good link to explore:

- vast numbers of Polish Jews were moved to in interior of the communist USSR...typically they are said to have killed by the Germans, not true according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica:

"The Jews were deported by the Germans to the area under Soviet control on the other side of the San River".

Therefore by 1941 the majority of former Polish Jews were living in what became Soviet Ukraine. David Bergelson, wrote in the Moscow Yiddish paper Ainikeit December 5, 1942, that:

"Thanks to the evacuation, the majority (80%) of the Jews in the Ukraine, White Russia, Lithuania and Latvia before the arrival of the Germans were rescued."

In other words the majority of Polish Jews were evacuated to the Soviet interior in 1941. After the war many settled in the Soviet Union, many flooded into DP camps in Germany. From there most went to Palestine (often forced to by Zionists), and many went to the US and other places where Jews are.

- in Butz's book ('Hoax of the 20th Century') reproduces part of a communication sent by Monsignor Di Meglio, a staff member of the Papal Nuncio in Berlin, to the Vatican, dated December 1942. In part it reads:

Since many fled, before the arrival of the German troops, from the Polish territories occupied by the Russians and from territories properly Russian, one estimates that presently, in the Reich and the occupied territories, including the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, there are more than four million Jews, ie. one fourth of the entire world Jewish population.

As Butz remarks 'It is clear that he had no information on the existence of an extermination program even remotely resembling the one that was then taking shape in Allied propaganda and was being related to the Vatican by various Allied diplomats and Jewish organisations.'

- a common tactic is for the holocaust Industry to refer to the alleged numbers of Jews in Europe as indicated in the alleged notes of the Wannsee Conference. These number are so off base that even prominient Jews have dismissed them. (according to Yehuda Bauer there were only 9 million Jews in ALL of Europe...A HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST by Yehuda Bauer. New York: Franklin Watts, 1982, 398pp, $15.95, ISBN 0-531-098621)
Wannsee indicates 11,000,000 Jews in Europe (ex.: 700,000 in France...which is patently absurd), therefore leading some to the conclusion that the minutes of that Wannsee meeting were tampered with.

- noted British journalist Douglas Reed estimated that the number of the victims of the so called 'holocaust' did not exceed 300,000 or 400,000 -- the range of natural growth of the Jewish population over a period of seven or eight years. He revealed that the number of Jews in the world after the war of 1939-1945 was the same as it had been before the war

Swiss Revisionist Jurgen Graf makes this comparison, rather like:
'Before the Algerian uprising against the French, there were ca. 1,000,000 Frenchmen in Algeria, when the dust settled there were mere thousands. Does that mean they were murdered?'

Statistical population data depends somewhat on ‘when’ before WW II. There is census data for the different areas available for 1933 and before. Of interest to Revisionists is the Jewish population at the beginning of the war in 1939, and finally how many Jews lived in German occupied areas in the beginning of the occupation in 1941.

There were huge emmigrations of Jewish people from European countries mainly to the Americas and Palestine between 1933 and 1941.
Further large population shifts occurred between 1939 and 1941 from Eastern European countries, especially from Eastern Poland, to the Soviet Union. Staticians talk about 2 Million Jews here.

Jewish population data before WW II can be found in:

‘Die europäischen Juden’ (The European Jews) (German) by Sanning

and in ‘Der Korherr-Bericht’ (lange Fassung) (The Korherr-Report,long version). ... lang.shtml

also see:
‘Jewish population losses in the German sphere of influence during the World War II’ by Jürgen Graf:
....according to Sanning there were no more than 3,5 million Jews in the German sphere of influence at the time of its biggest territorial extension.

If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Sun Jul 04, 2004 9:51 pm)

I see were mixing topics a bit, but here goes anyway:

One of the important events for Believers in the standard story is the Wannsee Conference, where the decision to implement an extermination policy of the Jews was allegedly made.
See two different translations (urls below) from an alleged copy.

These 'translations' are allegedly taken from "copy 16 of 30". But even more important, where are the original minutes?...repeat, the original minutes, not an alleged "copy 16 of 30".

This is all very interesting since we have the original document which postponed the conference to a later date, see scan here - - but not the original meeting notes.
Anyone seen the **original** Wannsee Conference minutes?

There is no doubt by Revisionists that the conference took place, and undoubtedly minutes were taken. However, whatever minutes actually do/did exist apparently have been manipulated in an attempt to create an outcome that would come closer to supporting the fraudulent assumption of '6,000,000'. That awkward undertaking was less than successful as there are howlers aplenty:

- the absurd numbers of Jews that are listed in these alleged 'translations'

- no mention of 'gas chambers' or mass murder as a 'solution'

- the markings on this alleged "copy 16 of 30" are in contradiction with normal German administrative procedure at the time

- Auschwitz commandant Hoess allegedly "confessed" that in August, 1941, Himmler told him to start gassing at Auschwitz and that it was already being done at Majdanek. So, we allegedly have mass extermination already in progress at Majdanek in Aug. '41, improved and underway at Auschwitz by October, 1941 and then in January 1942 we have Wannsee allegedly creating plans that have no bearing upon the current accepted timeline of mass extermination. Why hold a conference months after their alleged 'Final Solution' was already in progress?

The source of the Wannsee Protocol document, which claims to be "copy 16 of 30", is none other than Nuremberg prosecutor, arch Zionist, Robert Max Kempner.
David Irving says this about shyster Kempner:
Kempner's behaviour with evidence was also highly questionable. He would later turn up in German foreign ministry files the Original Copy No. 16 (SIXTEEN) of the Wannsee Protocol, and bestow upon it a wholly undeserved reputation as a key document in the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem; despite the aura which now surrounds it, the document contains no explicit reference to the killing of Jews. It is complete with 'Geheime Kommandosache' rubber stamps. Not only did the R.H.S.A., the agency supposedly originating the document, use the civilian classification 'Geheime Reichssache' on it's documents, but the statistics contained in the document bore little relation either to each other or to reality.

There is further evidence of skulduggery in the documents collected by Kempner's office on the Final Solution. The Nuremberg document experts routinely produced 'staff evidence analysis sheets' on the documents that came into their hands, indicating where they were found, and which individuals were mentioned or incriminated by them.

The sheet on document 4055-PS, a photostat of parts of the German ministry of the interior file on the Final Solution, shows that when first analysed by the experts it contained four important items relating to discussions on definitions of Jews; one of these four documents originating in the spring of 1942, showed Staatssekretaer Franz Schlegelberger informing his staff at the justice ministry that Dr. Hans Lammers, chief of the Reich chancellery, had phoned to inform him the the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, had 'repeatedly' ordered the solution of the Jewish problem 'postponed until after the war was over'. This did not suit Kempner at all, and when the file was returned to the document centre this particular photostat was missing."

from: 'Nuremberg, the Last Battle', 1996, by David Irving; p.91-92.

There was a movie made about the Wannsee Conference supposedly based on the Conference minutes. However since the minutes contained nothing about gas chambers and killing, they had to use the theatrical device of going off the record to talk about killing. It was never explained of course, how they knew what was said off the record if there was no record.
It’s just another example of circular logic. We know the Holocaust happened so the Wannsee Conference was about killing Jews and since the Wannsee Conference planned the killing of Jews it proved that the Holocaust happened.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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