For anyone still using SW2.51 and experiencing issues with video

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For anyone still using SW2.51 and experiencing issues with video

Postby donnieclark » 4 years 3 months ago (Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:46 am)

Hello guys,

I use 2.51 for work, and have been doing so for years. The recent versions are nice, but lots of things in them are broken, and others just don't work the same way (the text field, for one), and I have things set up just so for 2.51. My problem is that, especially after the switch to Windows 7 years ago, I've had to struggle on each fresh Windows install with getting the program to display video properly.
This is partly to do with the specific files I work with, WMVs that are 352x288, which (as I've discovered through days of trial and error) the program has a problem with.
Video would either not show up at all, and I'd have only audio, or it would show up for an instant and then disappear, or it would play normally until I'd switch to a different window, and then the image would freeze.
I've tried various codec packs and the configurations thereof, and in the end, what worked for me was this.

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